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Define Role Permissions

Xenial Cloud Portal User Management Roles

To define role permissions for a Xenial Cloud application:

  1. From the menu pane on the left, select the Xenial Cloud application. The permissions for the selected application are listed in the main area of the screen.

    • Next to each application and permission category are two numbers in parentheses.The first number is the number of permissions that are currently enabled. The second number is the total number of permissions that exist for that application or category.

  2. Drill down/expand a category to view the subcategories and the individual permissions in that category (where applicable). A description of each subcategory and individual permission is displayed in the Description column.

  3. To enable a permission, toggle Allowed to Yes.

Notes about Roles

  • Next to the category name, toggle Allowed to Yes to enable ALL the permissions in that category.

  • in the upper-right of the screen, select the vertical ellipsis to perform the following:

    • Expand All - Expand all the listed permission sections.

    • Collapse All - Collapse all the listed permission sections.

    • Enable All Permissions - Enable all the listed permissions.

    • Disable All - Disable all the listed permissions.

    • Enable View Only Access - Set all the listed permissions to "View Only".

    • Set All to Role Default - Set all the permissions to the default value for the role.

  • In the upper-right of the screen, select Undo Last to undo the last operation.