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Chef Recovery

By default, the settings that allow Chef to interact with the POS and PHUs are preconfigured. However, Xenial Support may need to perform a recovery of the Chef default data.

Accessing Recovery Mode

To access the Chef recovery mode:

  1. In the lower-right corner of the Chef unit, press the power button..

  2. Connect a USB keyboard to any USB port on the Chef unit.

  3. Press Chef's power button to turn the unit on.

  4. As the Chef unit is booting, the screen displays two options: boot Chef or Recovery Chef.

  5. From the keyboard, Press the down arrow to highlight Recovery Chef, then press Enter.

  6. Highlight Continue and press "Enter" when asked "Are you sure you want to do a factory reset?"

  7. A prompt to enter a Recovery Code displays.

  8. Enter the code provided by Xenial Support.

  9. Highlight Restore and press "Enter".

  10. Chef begins to run the recovery phases.

  11. When prompted, reboot the Chef.

  12. Enter the settings in the recovery settings section (detailed in Post Recovery Settings) to complete the process.

Post Recovery Settings

After Chef reboots, follow the prompts to complete the process.

  1. Select the language of the Chef unit.

  2. Save the language option chosen.

  3. Select the time format from the following values:

    • AM/PM

    • 24-hour

  4. Select the Date format from the following values

    • Big-endian (year, month, day)

    • Little-endian (day, month, year)

    • Middle-endian (month, day, year)

  5. The Chef unit attempts to connect to the internet. Upon a successful connection, select Save settings and Proceed.

    • Currently, this setting advises network setting to be properly formatted, not that connection to the internet has been successful. If the settings are not properly formatted, a prompt with display to review the network settings.

    • If the settings are not properly formatted, troubleshoot the device's settings for the DHCP server, such as the Xenial manager's terminal, or enable the manual IP settings by selecting the toggle at the top of th editor.

  6. Select the POS Vendor that the Chef will query for its product projections

  7. In the Enter store number prompt, use the keyboard to type the site number of the location.