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Back Office Reports

Back Office reports provide details pertaining to various site operations such as sales, labor, product mix, and discounts.

  1. Select Reports.

  2. Select the required report icon.

  3. Make any date range, filter, or sorting adjustments via the toolbar at the top of the page and select View Report in the upper-right of the report window.

  4. Print or save the report using the toolbar below the report date range and filtering options.



Sales Detail Report (SDR)

Displays gross and net sales for specific date or date range, with columns for Date Range, Week-to-Date, and Period-to-Date. The report can be grouped by daypart, drawer, employee, or POS terminal.

Sales and Labor Report

Displays the relationship between sales and labor hours, broken down by time intervals, and includes the option to include day parts in the segmentation. This report can be run for a specific date or date range.

Product Mix by Category

Displays Menu Mix for a specific date or date range and for specified menu item categories. The report displays the item name, prices, and percentage of sales.

Cancelled Items

Displays a list of cancelled items and who cancelled them for a specified date or date range. The report is broken down by employee and includes the date, order numbers, and item numbers.

Cash Drawer History Report

Displays information about all closed cash drawers for a specified date or date range. The report can also be filtered by a given Revision Number which will display only drawers counted that many times. The report includes closed date and time, counted date and time (if applicable), drawer number, cashier, counted total, drawer total, pull total, over/short, and revision number.

Sales Reduction Report

Displays all discounts, coupons, voids, refunds, and overrings for a specified date or date range. Each record in the report provides the time and person who performed the action.

Discount Report

Displays all discounts and coupons for a specified date or date range. Segmented by date, the report includes the order number, employee name, manager name, quantity, amount, and type of discount.