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Order Explorer

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Reports Order Explorer

Use Order Explorer to lookup and view specific orders to:

  • Gain context over a customer-reported issue.

  • Research potentially problematic transactions.

  • Email copies of order receipts to a customer or other party.


Submit the following parameters to lookup the order(s).


From the Site Selector, select the sites to search.


Select the calendar icon Calendar_Icon.png to select the period/dates to search.


Search for a specific order, payment card, or table number:

  1. From the dropdown, select the type of order information to locate.

  2. In the provided field, type the specific order information.

Select Submit to view a list of orders that meet the search criteria.

To view details about a specific order, select the order from the list.

Email Customer Receipt

To email a customer receipt:

  1. Select the order from the list.

  2. Select Email Receipt.

  3. In the provided field, type the recipient's email address. If this information is already captured, this field is automatically populated.

  4. Select Send.