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Par Stock Order Details

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Suite Catering Orders Order List

Select an order to access the Par Stock menu located on the left.

Par Stock Order Details

List Header


Suite Order

For details, see Suite Order in General Details.

Par Stock Template


  • This section is not visible to temporary guest orders.

  • Clicking on an invalid item does not trigger any response.


ID of the product


Formal name of the product

Qty in Template

Quantity of products specified in the template

Manage Par Stocks

Used to manage par stocks

Par Stock Items

For details, see Advanced Day Order Items in Advanced Day Order Details.

Order Summary

For details, see Order Summary in General Details.

Refunded Par Stock Items

This section appears when any par stock item is refunded.


The Par Stock Template area is hidden:

  • in orders for temporary guests and rental suites

  • if no template is allocated to the suite of the order. For details about how to create a par stock template and allocate a template to a suite, see Create New Template and Assign Template.