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Xenial Back Office and Restaurant Management Video Series

For new and existing managers and employees, these videos provide context to the work being done every day in the restaurant. Use them to help clarify concepts related to Back Office and Restaurant Management.

What is Back Office? | Overview

Introduces what comprises Back Office and clarifies who uses the components.

What is Back Office? | In Store

Defines the in store tools for Back Office, including Inventory, Labor, Sales and Cash, and Reporting functions.

What is Back Office? | Above Store

Defines the above store tools for Back Office and who uses them.

Why is Back Office Important?

Introduces restaurant management concepts and why using back office tools is crucial to running the business.

Food Cost Basics

Introduces the concept of Food Cost, including Actual and Ideal. Defines controls for inventory shrinkage and loss.

Food Cost - Waste

Expands upon Food Cost concepts. Introduces waste, both raw and menu waste, and the impact on food cost.