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Background Layouts

Drive-Thru Director provides a variety of drive-thru background layouts:

  • Single Lane

  • Dual Lane (Y-Layout)

  • Pickup Window Only

The following drive-thru configurations are also available for each background:

  • Left-to-Right (USA)

  • Right-to-Left (UK)

When the Dual Lane (Y-Layout) is configured, the speed of service for each menu board is tracked separately, but displayed as one average on the idle screen and in reports.


Available background layouts and drive-thru configurations are limited by the Parent Brand and/or location.

The Layout Configuration Menu (Ctrl+L)

Have the following on hand:

  • A USB-attached keyboard

To update the Drive-Thru Director Background Layout:

  1. Connect the USB-attached keyboard to a USB port of the Drive-Thru Director Media Player (controller).

  2. On the keyboard, press Ctrl+L.

    • Use Tab to navigate through the menu fields.

    • Use the Up/Down Arrows to scroll through the options in each dropdown.

  3. From the Brand dropdown, select the Brand.

  4. From the Vehicle Type dropdown, select the Vehicle Type.

    • Left-Hand Drive (USA, etc.)

    • Right-Hand Drive (UK, etc.)

  5. From the Lane Configuration dropdown, select the Lane Configuration.

  6. Use Tab on the attached keyboard to navigate to Save and Close.

  7. Press Enter on the attached keyboard to select Save and Close.

    • Alternatively, use Tab to navigate to Cancel and press Enter to select. This action exits the configuration menu without saving changes.


Drive-Thru Director arrives fully configured using the guidelines set by the Parent Brand. Configuration changes made by the site may not abide by the specific rules and regulations set by the Parent Brand.