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Projections Report

The PortalChefAdmin Options

To generate the Chef Projections Report:

  1. From the Site Hierarchy dropdown, select specific sites or managers.

    For more information, see Report Site Selector.

  2. From the Date dropdown, select a date or date range. The default is Today.

    For more information, see Report Date Options.

  3. Select More Options for optional data parameters.

    For more information, see Report More Options.

  4. Select Run Report -OR- select the dropdown for additional output options. The default output is PDF.

    For more information, see Report Output Formats.

Projections Report: Report Detail

The PortalChefAdmin Options

The Chef Projections Report displays the following data:

Table Header



The time for the data row.


The predicted amount to prepare in order to meet forecasted sales. This projection is based on historical sales.

Ingredients Slider

The percentage increase/decrease configured in the Chef Projection Menu. Unadjusted ingredients appear with a value of one (1).

  • A 100% increase results in a value of two (2), while a 100% decrease results in a value of zero (0).

For more information , see Projection Configurations.

Trend Factor

Projections are initially based on historical sales. The Trend Factor also takes the percentage reflected in the Ingredients Slider and actual sales into account.

(Forecast * Ingredient Slider) / Actual Sales = Trend Factor

The Trend Factor field does not populate if a Forecast is not projected for the item.

Adj. Forecast

The adjusted forecast for the day. The adjusted forecast is determined by multiplying the item Projections and the Trend Factor.

Minimum On-Hand

The configured Minimum On-Hand quantity.

For more information, see Minimum On-Hand Quantity.


The amount of product actually sold during the time period.

Starting On-Hand

The amount already in the holding unit at the beginning of the time period.

Cook List New

The amount added to the cook list during the time period.

Cook List Remaining

The amount in the cook list at the beginning of the time period that was carried over from previous projections.


The amount of expired product for the time period.

Loaded Manually

The amount of product manually loaded into the holding unit for the time period. Chef did not project a need for this product through the Cook List.

Loaded from Chef

The amount of product projected through the Chef Cook List and loaded into the holding unit(s).

Qty Emptied

The amount of product removed or emptied from the holding unit for the time period.

Remaining On-Hand

The amount of product remaining in the holding unit for the time period.

Starting Amount + Pans Loaded - Pans Emptied - Waste = Remaining On-Hand

Projections Report: More Options

The PortalChefAdmin Options

The additional options for this report are listed in the table below:




Select the item for the report.

  • The list is in alphabetical order.

  • The default selection is the first item that appears in the list.

For more information, see Report More Options.