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Navigating the IRIS Back Office

The IRIS Back Office Shell is the customizable toolbar, typically located on the right side of the Back Office computer. It is used to access utilities and applications necessary for day-to-day business operations beyond order taking.

To log into the IRIS Shell:

  1. If the initial Sign On prompt is not available, select Sign On from the IRIS Shell tool bar, located near the top.

  2. Type the employee id and password that is also used to sign into the POS terminal and select Ok.

Buttons on the IRIS Shell are customizable. However the buttons described below are the most typically included.



System Status

Used to Monitor the services between the POS terminals and the Back Office as well as to edit the actions and appearance of the IRIS Shell.

Sign Off/ Sign On

Used to log on and off the IRIS Shell. This button indicates the name of the employee currently logged into the Shell, if applicable.

Version and Store information button

Indicates software version and information such as site name, number, address, and phone number.


Used to view standard in-site reports

Payroll and Reports

Access utilities used to manage employees, make clock adjustments, edit payroll information, and view payroll-specific reports.

Inventory and Reports

Access utilities used to manage site inventory, item records, recipes, and view inventory-specific reports.

Cash Management

Access utilities used to manage and reconcile money in the store.

Update Registers

Distribute updated configuration files to the POS terminals with minimal down time.


Generally only accessible by support and maintenance personnel, this provides access to tools used to troubleshoot and maintain site operations.

Electronic Journal

Accessible on the Shell as well as the POS terminals, this utility allows search and displays all transactions from each terminal.

Labor Pro

Used to create employee labor schedules.


Access to the IRIS Shell and the Buttons and Utilities within the Shell are limited by user authentication and security level.