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2023-01-31 | IRIS 5.0.70

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 5.0.70.

New Features


POS Availability Editor

Added ability to capture an Item Availability Change Reason in the Availability Editor.

POS Config Option

  • MM_SAVE_ITEM_AVAILABILITY_CHANGE_REASON (1243) - If this setting is turned ON, the Availability Editor displays a list of Item Availability Change Reasons when the user is prompted to save changes.

    An audit trail is recorded in tblIRISEvents.

    Define the Item Availability Changes Reasons in tblMsg with MsgType = 18 (Item Change Reason).  



Modified xsPOSServer to send online orders that arrive through the POI to an OCB device in both single and multi-lane environments.

POS Commands

Use the following commands to disable and enable communications between xsPOSServer and the OCB, allowing the POS to take over updates to the device.

In a multi-lane environment, a popup pad is displayed to allow the user to select the target lane:

  • Disable POI OCB (348)

  • Enable POI OCB (349)

xsPOSServer Settings

Add the following settings to a new OCB section in xsPOSServer.ini:

  • DefaultOCBLane - (Default is 0) Set the default OCB lane in a multi-lane environment.

    In a single lane environment, this setting is ignored.

  • EnableOCBForOrderPoints - (Default is NULL) xsPOSServer sends order data to the OCB from the specified order points.

    Identify the order points in a comma-delimited string.

POI Settings

Added the following elements to the OrderHeader sections of POI functions, CreateOrder and SubmitOrder:

  • SendtoOCB

  • OCBLaneNumber

The following functions were added to the POI protocol: OCBDisplayOrder, OCBDisplayTotal, OCBClearOrder, OCBCancelOrder, OCBClaim and OCBRelease.



Update to require the user to select a reason for IUT Out and IUT In transactions with a Reason code in order to provide management with better insight into why inventory is transferred between units.

The user selects the Reason code from the Reason dropdown on the IUT editor.

The selected Reason code is included on the IUT Report.

Inventory.ini Settings

Add the following setting to the [InvTrans] section of Inventory.ini:

  • TransferReasonRequired - If this setting is set to 1, the user is required to select a reason for inventory transfer transactions performed using IUT.

tblMsgType Settings

  • IUT In Reason (16)

  • IUT Out Reason (17)

Define the specific reason code messages in tblMsg.


Customer Loyalty

Added support for Punchh Loyalty Customer Identification using a VeriFone Point payment device.

POS Commands

Added support for the following Verifone Point commands:

  • CREDIT_APP - Identify customer by swiping a Loyalty Card on the VeriFone Point device.

  • LOYALTY - Identify customer by entering a phone number on the VeriFone Point device.

IrisAuthSrvr.ini Setting

Added the following setting to the [SCADevice] section of IrisAuthSrvr.ini:

  • LoyaltyPromptType - Identifies the method to collect the customer loyalty information:

    • 0 - (Default) Only a phone number can be used to identify a customer.

    • 1 - A phone number or a card swipe can be used to identify a customer.

For more information, see LoyaltyPromptType.



End of Day

Updated Business Date Monitor so the OverrideStoreHours parameter is supported with manual EOD.

OverrideStoreHours forces the business date to advance regardless of the rules defined in tblStoreHour.


System Performance

Improved bitmap display handling to decrease POS menu load time.



Kitchen Bump data is now added to the Xenial order object that is sent to endpoints on the Xenial Data Stream feed.

  • Added kitchen_timing to Xenial Order JSON.

  • Added WaitForBumpedFromAll options to reduce the number of sends to Xenial Cloud.

The kitchen_timing is populated using IRIS tblOrderKitchenTimes and tblOrderItemKitchenTimes.

Enable the tables in Kitchen when running IRIS Kitchen or running KitchenBumpEvents for XKM. Configure Archiver to archive the tables.



Update to support the application of multiple discounts / coupons to the same order when the discounts have the same criteria.


Xenial Adapter

Update to ensure IRIS transitions orders to a PAID state after a Touchless payment type is applied by Xenial Touchless Payment.


PayType Reporting

Addressed an issue with PayType 9999 that was associated with orders after an upgrade to version 4.1.1250.


S3 Bucket

A custom script was created to send the TLOG file and a CSV export to an S3 bucket for each store during EOD.



Daily Sales Report (DSR) - MarketPlace Facilitator Orders are now reported as expected.

IRI-36320, IRI-36359


Daily Sales Report (DSR) - Surcharges are now included in the report totals as expected


Print System

Enhancement to generate the check digit of a Punchh customer loyalty barcode to enable the system to print the full barcode in plain text and allow for manual entry. This data may also be used in a QR Code.

Print Form Control Code

Implemented the following Print Form Control Code:

  • ean13chk - Prints the value of the variable defined on the next line followed by its calculated check digit.


Register Update

Updates to Register Update:

  • Added Retry option to UpdateClient.exe.

  • Updated ApplyRegisterUpdate.vbs to retry for /stage in the event there are issues communicating with the Back Office.


Xenial Online Ordering (XOO)

Updated XenialSync and Data Server to address an issue that resulted in an unexpected order state, which caused the Checkin operation to fail.



Corrected the CalculatedLabor calculation that is communicated to Xenial Mobile Manager (XMM).


End of Day

Addressed the following BoReport Error that was encountered during EOD processing: “Cannot view/print report while EOD is under way”



Corrected the Labor percent calculation on the Payroll report, Detail Hours Wages (RPY_Detail Hours_Wages).


Print System

Update to POI to not print receipt before CommitOrder to address issue with multiple printed receipts.



Corrected the Kiosk Transactions calculation in the Sales by Origin section of the Daily Store Report (DSR).


Drawer Assignments

Addressed an issue where a new drawer assignment was created each time the cashier signed back on to a drawer after it timed out.

Adoopt.ini was updated with a [KBE PROVIDER] section with settings similar to [XSPOSSERVER PROVIDER].



Updates to XenialDMBSync:

  • When a value is not defined for ExternalItemNum, then only output records that have a mapping.

  • Only items that have a defined price are included in the output.



To address issues with xsPOSServer crashing during Register Update, xsPOSServer was updated to terminate its connections similarly to the POS.


Suggestive Sell

Beginning with updates to Suggestive Sell processing that were introduced in IRIS 4.1.1138.600, the expected menu and prompt were not displayed.

To resolve the issue, this update ensures Suggestive Sell is evaluated as items are added to the order.


Xenial Timekeeping Import

IRIS now populates the BreakTimeId field in the database with the time of day when the employee breaks out.


Payment Devices

VeriFone Point: The POS was updated to properly handle scenarios where a SAF transaction was tendered at a different register than the register where it was entered.


Electronic Journal

Beginning with updates to surcharge processing that were introduced in IRIS 4.1.1302.100, the Electronic Journal experienced stability issues when the user pressed the arrow function buttons.

2022-10-31 | IRIS 5.0.32

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 5.0.32.




Updated BusinessdateMonitor.exe to support manual EOD with the /OverrideStoreHours parameter.

/OverrideStoreHours forces the business date to advance regardless of the rules defined in tblStoreHour.



Implemented the following Data Stream updates for Kitchen:

  • Added Kitchen_Timing info to Xenial Order JSON.

    Related IRIS tables: tblOrderKitchenTimes and tblOrderItemKitchenTimes.

  • Added WaitforBumpedfromAll options to XenialSync.ini to reduce the number of sends to the Xenial Cloud.


Payment Devices

Verifone Point - Added configuration settings to restrict the transactions that are performed from a particular terminal.

Implemented the following configuration files:

  • Engage_IrisuthSrvr.ini

  • Non-Engage_IrisAuthSrvr.ini

Implemented the following IrisAuthSrvr.ini settings. Please reference the IRIS wiki for setting descriptions.

  • ForceCreditForVoidOnDifferentRegister

  • ForceVoidOnSameRegister

  • VoidEBTCash

  • VoidEBTFood


Inventory Transactions

Added Reason dropdown to the Inventory Transactions editor enabling the user to select the applicable reason for performing inventory transfer in/out transactions.

This feature provides site managers better insight into the reasons for each transaction.


CCA Deprecated

Updated the IRIS system to prohibit Credit/Debit/EBT transaction requests to CCA.

Gift card and stored value card transaction requests are allowed.


Surcharge Editor

Multiple Surcharges can now be configured via the Surcharge Editor.

Only one item is designated as a ‘Surcharge’ item in OrderInt.ini via the Surcharge_Item setting.


Inventory Transactions

To address an issue where ITE was locked after EOD was processed, a new column InventoryEditorLockTime was added to tblEODProcessed.

Related Inventory.ini settings:

  • EnableEditorLock

  • EnableEditorLockTime


Cashier Toolbar

The Cashier Toolbar is now configurable by time period.

Implemented the following POS Config Option:

  • 1242 - Enable SelCheck.ini section overrides

Implemented the following SelCheck.ini settings:

  • ScreenName.Concept_n

  • ScreenName.TimePeriod_n

Please reference the IRIS wiki for setting descriptions.



XenialSync now defers processing orders that are in the current Archive cycle.


Register Update

Implemented the following updates to the Register Update feature:

  • Added Retry option to UpdateClient.exe.

  • ApplyRegisterUpdate.vbs continues to retry for /stage in case issues are encountered communicating with the Back Office.



Updated the Calculated Labor value that is communicated to Xenial Mobile Manager.



Updated the format of Labor % in RPY_Detail Hours_Wages.rdl.

Older Releases

2022-09-06 | IRIS 5.0.14

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 5.0.14.

Beginning with IRIS 5.0.14, the IRIS Credit Card Applications (CCA) are no longer supported for debit or credit card transactions. Gift card processing though CCA is still supported.



Order Queue Time

The QueueTime value is now communicated by IRIS to Xenial Kitchen Management (XKM).

The QueueTime value is an order timestamp that indicates when the order was added to a queue, such as a Drive Thru Lane.

This feature is configured in the XKM.ini file. See the XKM.ini file for more information.


Log Files

Updated IRIS log files to include the correct Windows version information.


Sales Reports

Added KIOSK Sales to the Daily Sales Report (DSR) to provide a separate section for in-store kiosk sales information.


Cash Management

Update to ensure there is only a single record for each cash drawer in tblCashManagement for the given business date no matter how many times a drawer is suspended/reopened or moved to different terminals.



An order-level discount is now distributed to each order item. This allows for the removal of the discount from the NetSales calculation.


POS Devices

(Genius) Non Store and Forward error messages are now displayed to the cashier.


POS Devices

(Verifone Point) If a transaction is sent during the current session, a SESSION FINISH command is now sent when the order is completed.



Updated purge process for terminated and transferred employees to ensure employee records are deleted properly.


Credit Cards

Swiping a credit card using the MSR device on the POS terminal is now prohibited. Employee badge, gift card, and loyalty card swipes are still allowed.


Credit Cards

The dialog previously used for credit card swipes and/or manual entry is now disabled. The dialog now displays the following message to the cashier: "Use payment device for credit card entry".


Sales Reports

Updated Net Sales calculation to correctly account for "Free Delivery" discount.

IRI-36229, IRI-36267

Paid In/Out

Updated Paid In/Out system message to cashier when there are insufficient funds in the cash drawer.


Print Form

Update to how conditional statements are evaluated for character strings.



Prevent the generation of large SCALIF.dat files, which can interfere with EOD processing.

IRI-36280, IRI-36304

Xenial Adapter

Improved performance stability of Xenial Adapter.



Updated IRIS installation to look for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 Redistributable in C:\Windows\WinSxS.


Xenial Sync

Paid Break values now match the values in Xenial Mobile Manager (XMM).


POS Devices

(Genius) Updated employee tip calculation as follows:

  • If the amount contains more than two decimal points, then only the first two decimal points are used.

  • If the amount does not include a decimal value, then the amount is recognized as cents.

2022-07-29 | IRIS 4.1.1350

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.1350.

New Features


House Account Tender

Added a POS menu object that displays all active house accounts as individual tender buttons:

  • House Account List (MOBJ_HOUSE_ACCOUNT_LIST (85))


Drink Ticket Printer

Identify a specific printer for 'Drink Ticket' printing.

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to the [Grill] section of PrtDev.ini:


Online Sales Report

Implemented a new report that lists online orders received from one or more online ordering platforms:

  • Daily Online Sales (RSA_Daily Online Sales.rdl)

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to tbl_SalesDetail_CalcOptions:

  • DeliveryItemNums - Comma-delimited list of menu items to include on report.

  • MobileOrderPoints - Comma-delimited list of order points to include on report.

Added a new stored procedure: sp_RDL_SA_OnlineOrders.




Implemented the following setting to address issues with blocked messages that surfaced with IRIS build 4.1.1070.500.

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to the [Monitors] section of Kitchen.ini:



The MenuMix_ByMajMin_Coupon report now includes donation totals.

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to tbl_SalesDetail_CalcOptions:

  • DonationsMajorCatID - Identifies the ID of the Donations Major Category.

Updated stored procedure: sp_RDL_MenuMix_ByMajMin_Coupon.sql.


Xenial Adapter

Update to properly process mobile orders with kitchen messages that are not assigned a fixed menu item ID. This update ensures the mobile orders are not displayed twice on the kitchen display.



  • Update to prevent zero quantity items when splitting items with a quantity of one.

  • Update to correct Replace Dollar discount when discounting an item with a quantity greater than one.



Updated calculation for California Labor to properly calculate overtime hours and consecutive days.

Added new stored procedure xspSetCaliforniaLaborRulesConfig to IRIS mainline code.



Surcharge items are now properly reflected in Net Sales.


Combined Items

The Item QTY is now updated correctly when items are combined and then modified.


Advanced Refunds

The ClosedTime in tblOrder is now populated correctly for Advanced Refunds.


Customer Loyalty

Punchh Loyalty discounts are now properly processed when a reward is redeemed.



Non-resettable totals (NRT) is now calculated correctly when an order total is reduced to $0.00 via an applied coupon/discount.


Microsite / Touchless Payment

Confirmed Saved orders are updated to Paid status after JSON is received through XCC/Xenial Adapter.



Physical Count - Column headers on the Variance screen now include an up/down arrow that allows the user to sort data in ascending and descending order.


Xenial Adapter

Updated the Commit and Checkin functions for mobile orders to resolve an issue with grill ticket printing.


Kitchen Cubby

Update to resolve issue with duplicate orders appearing on the kitchen prep screen.


Payment Processor

Genius - When the SCA Tender Button is pressed, the countdown timer begins immediately.

The SendConfirmationTimeout setting is no longer supported with Genius payment processors.


Payment Processor

Verifone Point - Resolved funding issue with POS Approved Credit Card transactions and Approved Voids.


Payment Processor

Genius - Display Store and Forward Device Error Messages

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to the [SAFAPI] section of Genius.ini:



Update to address latency issues by eliminating 86-count API calls when the feature is disabled.


Online Orders

Update to address issue where XOO closed orders too soon after the order was committed.

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to the [WaitForCheckIn] section of XenialSync.ini:

  • Enabled - Set to 1/0 to turn On/Off.

  • Origin - Comma-delimited list of origin names.

  • OrderSource - Comma-delimited list of order source names.

  • MaxWait - Maximum number of minutes before sending the order if a checkintime is still undefined.



Update to address issue with retry of bump events.

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to the [WaitForCheckIn] section of Kitchen.ini:

  • BumpTimeHours - Specifies the number of hours the data must exist before it is ignored. Any bump data older than this setting from the current system date/time is not queued. The default value is -1.

    If this setting is not present, LiveTransDays in SystemMaint.ini is used.

  • SendBumpCount - Specifies the number of records, or bump events, to send in each batch. The default value is 250.

  • SendBumpFrequency - Specifies the number of seconds between batch data send attempts. The default value is 5.

  • SendBumpSleep - Specifies the frequency in milliseconds at which to send data packets to DataServ. The default value is 500.



Update to prevent obfuscation of payload and config tags to ensure XenialSync operates as expected.


Mobile Orders

Update to address issue where CashierDrawNum and CashDrawerNum were undefined for Mobile Orders in tblOrder.


SCA Devices

Improved card brand identification for SCA devices.

IRIS now uses additional information from the transaction response from Verifone Point to determine the card brand.

Configuration Settings

Added an optional [CardBrandTranslation] section in IrisAuthSrvr.ini where IDs for individual card brands are specified.


Split Orders

Resolved issue with invalid order item attachments after a Split Order was initiated.


Kitchen Cubby

eKitchen - Addressed issue where orders with an order destination that did not require Kitchen Cubby information could not be bumped from the monitor.


Payment Processor

Verifone Point - Socket lost codes are now displayed correctly in log files.


Payment Processor

Verifone Point - Addressed MFC application error that was encountered following a pairing issue with the payment device.

2022-04-30 | IRIS 4.1.1302.100

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.1302.100.

New Features


Customer Loyalty

Added support for XenialArcher Loyalty Adapter.


Customer Loyalty

Integrated RBI Loyalty with IRIS - Xenial Loyalty Controller.

POS Command

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to the [Loyalty] section of Appini.ini:

Print Form Variable

  • LoyaltyCustomValue# (where # is the sequence number for the variable)



Added ability to import time punches for midweek conversions from IRIS to Xenial.

Employee punch records are sent for the current and previous Payroll Period to Xenial through Staff API.


Customer Loyalty

Implemented a Custom Message Prompt to remind the cashier to ask the guest about their membership to the Loyalty Rewards program.

POS Config Option


House Account Pay Type

Implemented House Account pay type.



Added support to display the Inventory Vendor ID on Counts and Reports.

The Inventory Transaction Report and the Inventory Variance Report now display the Vendor ID in lieu of the Inventory Item ID.

The ExternalItemID to assign to the Primary Vendor is defined in the [Purchase] section of Inventory.ini.

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to the [InvTrans] section of Inventory.ini:

  • ShowVendorIDonReports - If enabled, the Vendor Item ID is displayed on Inventory Reports.


Sales Reports

Added TaxExemptMgrID to the Tax Exempt Sales Report (RSA_Tax Exempt Sales.RDL) to capture the ID of the manager who approved the tax exempt transaction.


Xenial Kitchen Management

Added the element OrderLifecycle to the XKM (XKS) feed to set the following string values:

  • EDITING - The order is being updated.

  • IDLE - The order state transitioned to one of the following: Saved, Paid, Voided, Parked, Cleared, Deleted, Refunded, Post Adjust, Post Void, Post Add and Item Refunded.

    In a Saved order state, the element value changes to EDITING during an Adjust Check transaction.


Online Orders

When orders are tendered with a credit card, the customer name is now captured in tblOrderPay.CustomerName.


Sales Reports

Detailed Sales Report (DSR) - Added support for multiple 'Marketplace Facilitators'.

Sales Detail Calculation Options

Added following options to tbl_SalesDetail_CalcOptions:

  • MobileDeliveryItems

  • WebDeliveryItems

  • 3rdPartyDeliveryItems


Payment Devices

Verifone Point - Added support for auto-pairing feature.

POS Config Options



Configuration Setting

Added the following [SCADevice] setting in IrisAuthSrvr.ini:

  • AutoPair

Command-line Option

Added the following SCADeviceBatch Utility command-line option:

  • Pair




Update to retain all necessary tags when updates to only specific information is sent to the POI.

  • GetOrderInformation returns all the information.

  • ChangeOrder is updated when present in ChangeOrder XML.



Added ability to HeartSIPUtil to send AppID on a Full Download request.

Command-line Option

Added the following HeartSIPUtil.exe command-line option:

  • /AppID


Log Service

Added option to SysLogSvc to NOT roll logs at midnight. The default value is FALSE (disabled).

  • SOFTWARE\XPIENT Solutions\SysLogSvc\DailyRoll


Database Export

Updated dbextract.exe to handle and report errors.



Extended item price is now archived correctly when adjustments are made to the price for merchant taxes.


Customer Loyalty

Punchh Coupon codes that are 10 digits in length are no longer recognized as phone numbers.



Updated Automatic Discounts to not create a negative balance due.


Advanced Refund

Added support to accommodate payment processors that require Sale, Credit and Post Adjust Tip commands to send the Card Expiration Month and Year with the Card Token.

Configuration Setting

Added the following [SCADevice] setting in IrisAuthSrvr.ini:



Discount Offers - When the Quantity field is set to 0 (zero) the discount applies to all items in the category.


Redundant Dataserver

Update to allow Employee Drawer assignments when in Redundant Dataserver mode.


Online Orders

Updated XenialSync to correctly report daily XOO order counts.

IRI-35647, IRI-35791

86 Count

When an item is disabled the item count is now displayed consistently across all menu buttons on all applicable menus.


86 Count

Extended 86 Count functionality to combo meal items.


Store and Forward Transactions

Updated DataServer to synchronize SAF transactions from all registers.



Added support to SCADeviceBatch.exe and HeartSIPUtil.exe to switch Wifi/Ethernet devices.



Added ability to sequence modifiers by type (e.g. bun modification, sauces, add-ons) on the kitchen displays and Grill Tickets.

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to the individual monitor sections of Kitchen.ini:



Added ability to handle a kitchen_sent time value of NULL.


Advanced Refund

Update to ensure the refunded order tax doesn't exceed the original amount.


86 Count

Update to allow an item refund when the item is disabled via 86 Count.


Payroll Reports

Modified report settings to ensure all content is visible on the printed Clock Audit Trail Report.



Update to include hidden discounts when the discount list is requested by a macro.



Menu Item Discount calculations are now balanced across all database/report columns.


Tax Exemption

Added the following Surcharge Editor option to disallow a surcharge on tax exempt orders:

  • Disallow surcharge if order is Tax Exempt


Inventory Transaction Editor

Update IUT transaction to NOT allow a 0 (zero) count. A 0 (zero) count remains a valid value for a Physical Count.



Designate an item as ineligible for the employee discount but still deduct the item cost from the employee paycheck when purchasing the item using the employee purchase pay type.


Post Adjust Tender

Update to clear the m_pOrderKey in Order Entry once a Post Adjust transaction is complete. This ensures the POS does not reopen an order that was Post Tender Adjusted.



Reduced the timer update delay that occurred when the application checked for a shutdown event.



Whenever xsPOSServer received a createorder or submitorder command, any previously uncommitted orders would then automatically be set to a deleted state and sent to Kitchen. This has been corrected to only send to Kitchen if the order had been previously sent.



XenialSync.ini is automatically created with default values if it doesn't already exist.


Mobile Orders

Added grill ticket configuration option for mobile orders.

Order Destination Config Option

  • 29 - DCFG_NO_PRINT_GRILL_TICKET_ON_COMMIT - Do not print grill ticket on commit.



Updated flag that indicates the current status of the Kitchen instance that is currently sending orders to the remote kitchen.


Xenial Adapter

Updated kitchen and grill ticket settings for mobile orders.

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to the [PARAMETERS] section of XenialAdapter.ini:

  • Sendtokitchenoncommit

  • Sendtokitchenoncheckin

  • Printgrillticketoncommit

  • Printgrillticketoncheckin

  • Printreceiptticketoncommit

  • Printreceiptticketoncheckin


Payment Processor

Genius - Added indicator to use SAF Processing on the device.

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to the [SAFAPI] section of Genius.ini:

2022-01-20 | IRIS 4.1.1250.100

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.1250.100.

New Features


Digital Menu Board

Created XenialDMBSvc.exe to send item prices and calorie values to Digital Menu Board.


DTD Integration

Implemented DTD MANAGER dialog, which provides a list of the vehicles currently waiting in the drive-thru lane(s).

POS Command

  • 346 - BTN_CMD_DISPLAY_DTD - Open the DTD MANAGER dialog.


Suggestive Sell

Added Suggestive Sell to order details that are sent to the cloud.


Customer Loyalty

Loyalty Offers received in an Identify Customer response are now added to the order.



Implemented a custom report and export for royalty sales (RSA_Royalty.rdl).


Customer Loyalty

Punchh - Implemented ability to customize discount names.

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to the [Loyalty] section of the Appini.ini file:

  • UseCustomDiscountNameForOrderLevelDynamicDiscount - If this setting is ON and the Punchh loyalty discount is an order-level dynamic discount, POS uses a custom discount name set in XLC.

    If this setting is OFF and the Punchh loyalty discount is an order-level dynamic discount, POS uses a dynamic discount name.


Customer Loyalty

Optionally display a prompt to remind the cashier to ask the customer about Customer Loyalty.

POS Config Option

  • 1239 - MM_LOYALTYID_REMIND_PROMPT_DISPLAY - If this option is turned ON, display a prompt to remind the cashier to ask the customer to associate the transaction with their Customer Loyalty account.


Payment Processor

Payment Type Result Codes 2708 - 2735 are now recognized as "Decline". These codes are returned when the SAF transaction could not be approved offline.


Payment Processor

HeartSIP/HPA: Added support for the Diagnostic Report Format that implemented with HeartSIP 3.3.14/5.0.2.



Customized the Labor Forecast Report:

  • Changed Labor % column to Actual Labor $.

  • Changed Forecast Labor % (Total) column to Forecast Labor $.


Xenial Adapter

Implemented ability to breakout card types on mobile order payments (e.g. Mobile Pay - Visa, Mobile Pay - MC).



Credit Cards

IrisAuthSrvr now routes the transaction appropriately when the cashier changes a credit card to a different pay type.


Customer Loyalty

Punchh Loyalty - Updated Split Check transaction, and situations where Identify Customer is evoked multiple times, to ensure only a single redeemable bar code is generated.



Implemented the following changes:

  • Archive XenialOrderItemID.

  • Populate missing XenialOrderID and XenialOrderItemID in IRIS database, so historical data has consistent IDs.

  • Added XenialOrderItemID to VerMgmt.exe for POSTrans.mdb.



Kiosk - Donation amounts are now included in the order subtotal.

Configuration Setting

Xenial Adapter references the following setting in the [Donation] section of the OrderEnt.ini file:

  • DonationItems - Identifies the IDs of donation items.



Updated the rounding calculation to ensure discount totals match the respective discount item totals.



Invoices - The following files were updated to address scenarios where sp_SplitInventory rereads tblInventoryStatus after a purchase rule is applied.

  • sp_InventoryPurchaseRules.sql

  • tblCostHistory_ITrig.sql

  • tblInventoryStatus_AITrig.sql


Data Server

If the [Provider] and/or [Dataserv Provider] sections for Data Server are missing from the Adoopt.ini file, they are now automatically created.

If Payroll uses a SQL Server provider, this value is copied to PosCfg if the PosCfg setting is missing. This ensures Xenial order data is not missed.


Payment Processor

Citcon - Updated POS cancel requests to ensure transactions that are canceled at the POS are also canceled on Citcon's end.

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to the [General] section of the OrderEnt.ini file:

  • CancelRetryTimeout - Number of seconds to wait for a reply to a cancel request before timing out. The default is 3.

  • CancelRetryCount - Number of retry attempts to cancel a transaction.  The default is 3.


Clear Data

Updated ClearData.vbs to clear Poslive.sqlite on the Back Office Server. Empty provider sections are now skipped in the Adoopt.ini file during the purge process.



Updated Simple Employee Master to allow for the renaming of the "SSN" and "Employee ID" fields.



Updated Kitchen to handle reported conditions that disrupted the operation of the application.


Payment Processor

Verifone Point/Genius: Updated interface to ensure any funds added to a gift card are reversed if the transaction times out.


Mobile Ordering

Updated Xenial Adapter to respect the PrintReceiptOnPayment setting in XenialAdapter.ini. When this setting is set to false, a receipt is NOT printed on payment.


Cash Management

When EOD is performed by Xenial Adapter, a drawer count transaction (11020) is automatically added to tblCashManagement when a drawer is closed.

This ensures cash drawers that should not be counted do not appear in Cash Management.


Payment Processor

Configuration Setting

Added the following setting to the SCADevice section of the OrderEnt.ini file:

  • ResponseDisplayTimeout - Number of milliseconds to wait for a Gift Card Add Value or Balance Inquiry before timing out. The default is 6000 milliseconds.



Implemented order pickup settings for the Order Pickup Cubby feature.

Configuration Settings

Added the following settings to the individual monitor sections of the Kitchen.ini file. These settings allow for control over the readability of the Pickup Code Prompt.

  • PickupPromptFontName - Font type for the Pickup Code Prompt. The default is MS Shell Dlg.

  • PickupPromptFontSize - Font size for the Pickup Code Prompt. The default is 14.


System Performance

To improve performance, Kitchen no longer uses the PosPend file for kitchen bump messages.


Customer Loyalty

When a Discount Offer and the 4-digit item number is added, the POS now disallows the drink or side to be upsized.



Added logging options for the JSON data that is communicated between IRIS and the Xenial Cloud.


Customer Loyalty

The order subtotal is now updated correctly when the order includes an applied Loyalty Offer.


Payment Processor

HeartSIP: A RESET command followed by a LANE OPEN command are now sent prior to an Gift Card ACTIVATE or ADDVALUE command.



Updated IRIS Replication to validate the default value setting for the RepGUID and Replicated database columns.



Updated Kitchen to ensure quantity values are non-zero for child kitchen messages in the JSON. This ensures kitchen messages assigned to items are displayed appropriately.


Gift Cards

Updated the POS to recognize the XML tags HeartSIP 3.3.11 returns for the remaining balance on an EBT Card "AvailableBalance" and a Gift Card "BalanceAmount".

This ensures the EBT and Gift Card Balance is printed on receipts when configured.


Mobile Orders

By setting destid=256, configvalue=0, and configid=28 in tblDestinationConfigvalues, online Drive-Thru orders are no longer immediately fired to the Kitchen and printed.


Training Mode

Set 86 Count, the 86 Count editor and the Item Availability editor no longer update tblAvailableItem when the POS is in Training Mode.


Customer Loyalty

To improve overall system performance, the POS now connects to the XLC Loyalty Controller in the background on a timer.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [Loyalty] section of the Appini.ini file.

  • XLCConnectCheckInterval - Specifies the interval (in seconds) between attempts to connect to the XLC Loyalty Controller. The default is 180.


Advanced Refund

If the original order included a discount, then the Discount line is now added when an Advanced Refund is performed.


Print System

When an order is split, the parent item quantities are updated appropriately regardless if the child item components match or not.

2021-10-29 | IRIS 4.1.1196.100

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.1196.100.

New Features


Online Orders

Pickup Code Prompt for Paid Online Orders

This feature is useful in environments where customers (or a delivery service) pickup their orders from a labeled shelf or cubby hole.


Customer Loyalty

Loyalty Rewards Without Item Mapping

Support has been added to process customer loyalty rewards that are not mapped to specific items.


QR Codes

Display QR code on POS Terminal

Configure Drive-Thru terminals to display a scannable QR Code.


QR Codes

QR Code Order Details Sent to the Xenial Cloud

POS Config Option

  • 1238 - MM_SEND_ORDER_TO_XENIAL_ON_QRCODE - If this option is turned ON, QR Code order updates are sent to the Xenial Cloud.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [OrderEnt_Timer] section of the OrderEnt.ini file.

  • SendOrdertoXenial - Specifies the interval (in milliseconds) at which to send QR Code order updates to the Xenial Cloud. The default is 750.




Inventory Transaction Editor - An IUT transaction involving large number of items is now supported.


Print System

If two or more printers are offline at the same time when the POS sends a print job to both of them, a reroute prompt is now displayed.



Applied discount amounts are no longer updated after another eligible item is added to the order.



VeriFone Point - The LAST_TRAN request is now processed successfully by the POS.



VeriFone Point - IRIS was previously restricted to using the last five digits of the order number to populate the invoice field on the VeriFone Point device.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [SCADevice] section of the IrisAuthSrvr.ini file.

  • SupportsFullInvoiceNum - If this setting is turned ON, the device is supplied with the full Invoice Number. Otherwise, it is supplied with a truncated Invoice Number.


Xenial Adapter

ActiveBatch alerts for Non-Resettable Totals (NRT) issues have been resolved.



The Page function now responds properly when a Parked order flows to the next page.



Optionally sort child item modifiers to appear on the line below their parent items within the kitchen cell.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the individual monitor sections of the Kitchen.ini file:

  • SortChildModifiersBelowParent - If this setting is turned ON, modifier child items are sorted to appear in the cell on the line below their parent item. Order summarization (OrderSummHow) must also be turned ON.


Online Ordering

Kitchen messages are now accepted by XKM regardless of the quantity of the associated order item.



The discount totals calculation has been updated on the Daily Store Report (DSR) to accurately reflect discount transactions with an applied quantity greater than one.



Security has been updated to ensure a store manager cannot view the salary of another store manager in the Employee Editor.



If tblEmployeeBenefitHours doesn't have a value for the employee's pay rate, the Employee Editor will use the value from tblEmployeesJobs.

This ensures employee pay rates are calculated correctly when the PAY file is created.



The LMAP.exe log viewer and SysLogSvc.exe service are now installed with eKitchen.


Data Server

RedundantDataserver.exe will now log when the health of the application changes.



Updated Production Report (RIN_Production Report.rdl) to exclude items that are not within 1, 2, 3, or 4-hour time intervals.



The RetryVoids setting is now disabled by default for VeriFone Point and HeartSIP.

This setting is enabled by default for Genius devices.



The following setting instructs Logon.vbs to pause for UpdateService to ensure software upgrades and RegInfo updates are processed successfully.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [POS] section of the Appini.ini file:

  • LogonUpdateServiceWait - Number of seconds to wait for the UpdateService to run before performing upgrades and RegInfo updates. The default value is 45.


Xenial Adapter

The following settings were implemented to ensure accurate kitchen bump times are recorded for each order.

Configuration Settings

Add the following setting to the [XKSn] section of the KitchenBumpEvents.ini file (where n is the sequential number for the server).

  • MultipleClients - If this setting is true, then kitchenbumpevents subscribes to all [XKSn] connections defined in kitchenbumpevents.ini.

    If this setting is false, one [XKSn] connection is used. If it fails, the next [XKSn] connection is used. The default is false.

  • ResyncTime - Number of seconds between checks to determine if any bump records in the POSPend file need to be sent to Data Server. The default is 15.


Xenial Adapter

When orders are queued in the XKM feed, updates were made to ensure modifiers are displayed with their appropriate order item on the kitchen monitor.


Print System

The Grill Sort Similar to Kitchen feature is updated to improve compatibility with the DetachModifierChildCategories setting.



VeriFone Point - The syntax of the Response Text to the SAF QUERY command has been updated to prevent duplicate charges.



Genius - Offline sales configuration settings have been added to support Genius Store And Forward v2.

Configuration File

Please see Genius.ini for descriptions of the configuration settings and their valid values.



Sales Detail Report (SDR) - DataKeys have been updated to accommodate situations where multiple sources call stored procedure sp_SDR.


Advanced Refunds

Tendering Advanced Refunds using the services of our Valued Partners is supported.



Daily Store Report (DSR) - Stored procedures were updated to add Valued Partner Delivery Fees to the the Delivery Fees that are added to the Sales Amount.

2021-07-30 | IRIS 4.1.1138

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.1138.

New Features


Cash History

A new Cash History feature has been implemented for the Drawer Close function, and the Cash Drawer screen, Open Order, and Sales Reduction reports.

This feature tracks employee responsibility for Open Orders and Overrings.

New Reports

  • WABR_OpenOrders_With_Order_Audits.rdl

  • WABR_RSA_Cash Drawer Screen_With_Order_Audits.rdl

  • WABR_Sales_Reduction_With_Order_Audits.rdl

Configuration Settings

Add the following setting to the [Order] section of the DataServ.ini file.

  • SaveSummaryOnOrderSave - If this setting is turned ON, the snippet of order summary information is saved at the time the order is saved. If order is saved multiple times, the order blob will contain multiple snippets. The default is 1 (On).

Add the following setting to the [Stepn] section of the Archiver.ini file (where n is the sequential number of the step). This is typically the same step as "OrderBlob=Yes".

  • SaveSummaryOnOrderSave - If this setting is turned ON, the snippet of order summary information is archived to database table, tblOrderSaveAudit.



This update provides the ability to disable retrieval of the Duplicate Check and Day Summary reports from the Verifone Point device.

Configuration Settings

The following configuration settings have been implemented for the SCA DUPCHECK at EOD command.

Add the following settings to the device-specific section of the IrisAuthSrvr.ini file.

  • SupportsDupCheckReport - If this setting is turned ON, the device supports the Duplicate Check (DUPCHECK) report. Set the value to 0 to disable the report. The default is 1 (On).

  • SupportsDaySummaryReport - If this setting is turned ON, the device supports the Day Summary (DAYSUMMARY) report. Set the value to 0 to disable the report. The default is 1 (On).

The following settings are related. These settings are located in the device-specific section of the IrisAuthSrvr.ini file.

  • SupportsCutoverReport - If this setting is turned ON, the device supports the CUTOVER report. Set the value to 0 to disable the report. The default is 1 (On).

  • SupportsSettlementReports - If this setting is turned ON, the device supports the PRESETTLEMENT, SETTLEERROR, and SETTLESUMMARY reports. Set the value to 0 to disable the reports. The default is 1 (On).



When using a wireless device, such as the Verifone Point e285 or HeartSIP iSMP4 or Link2500, the payment device battery may run low. This update allows the cashier to switch to a new payment device with a different IP address.

POS Config Option

  • 1237 - MM_CONFIRM_SCA_DEVICE_PROMPT_ON_STARTUP - If this option is turned ON, the cashier is able to select from a list of substitute payment devices in the event the current device needs to be replaced. The default value is 0 (OFF).

Configuration Settings

The list of replacement devices are defined in the [DeviceList] section of IrisAuthSrvr.ini. Each listed device name is also the name of a new section of IrisAuthSrvr.ini that contains the respective device address and port number.

The following is a setup example:












This update provides the ability to change the TID and AppID on a HeartSIP device using HeartSIPUtil.

Command-line Option

This update introduces a HeartSIPUtil.exe command-line option:

  • /NoUpdateTID - HeartSIPUtil opens enabling the user to execute the UpdateTID function.

The /NoUpdateTID suboptions include:

  • NoQuerySAFUpdates - Skip processing any remaining Store and Forward transactions.

  • NoRetryLIFVoids - Skip processing any remaining Lost In-Flight transactions.

  • NoSettle - Skip the process that closes the batch on the device.

The following is a command-line example:

HeartSIPUTil.exe /NoUpdateTID=NoQuerySAFUpdates,NoRetryLIFVoids,NoSettle


Mobile Orders

This update is related to OLO ASAP Carry Out orders.

Destination Config Option

  • 28 - DCFG_SEND_TO_KITCHEN_ON_COMMIT - When enabled, orders are sent to the Kitchen and the printer upon commit to POI. This option is used only by IRIS POI and XenialAdapter.



This update is related to the Inventory Transactions Editor (ITE).

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [InvTrans] section of the Inventory.ini file.

  • SkipPostRecordWithZeroQty - When this setting is turned ON, IUT records with a 0 (zero) quantity are NOT posted to tblInventoryStatus.




An issue was resolved where the POS prompted for device pairing with the P400 terminal after rebooting the POS.


Order Entry

An issue was resolved where child items were separated from their respective parent items after the user deleted parent items with a quantity greater than 1.



In a store environment where P400 terminals are used, installers no longer experience a crash and see the message "It is recommended that you manually reboot your system".


Print System

Prtdev.ini setting DetachModifierChildCategories specifies the items, modifiers and/or non-modifiers that are to be detached from their parent items and printed as base level items.

This setting is now respected on receipts.


Payroll Reports

Employees who will no longer be minors after a birthday later this year are now reported correctly on the Hours Summary report.

Configuration Option

The following configuration option has been added to tblPayrollSetupOptions.

OptionID: 53

OptionDescription: Minor employee age

iOption: 16 (Default)


Cash Drawers

An issue was resolved where multiple drawer assignments were open with the MutliTill setting enabled.

Configuration Setting

In response to this issue, the following Dataserv.ini setting has been implemented. Add this setting to the [DRAWER] section of Dataserv.ini.

  • CheckDrawerAssignments_UseEmpNumAndRegNum - When this setting is turned ON, both the employee number and the register number are references when checking drawer assignments.



An issue was resolved where Redundant Kitchen was not taking over due to a crash error.

A Dr Watson dialog is no longer displayed if a fatal exception occurs.


Tender Operations

IrisAuthSrvr now routes correctly when switching from a Credit Card pay type to another pay type.



The "Fee_Config" object is now added to SubmitOrder requests on orders that contain donation items.

Please ensure the donation item numbers identified with the OrderEnt.ini setting DonationItems are delimited by a comma.

Setup Example





If Primary and Redundant Kitchen crashed or were manually stopped, AND the eKitchen.exe program was not running on any controllers, an "out of memory" error was generated when Primary Kitchen and the controller were restarted.

A pair of variables in eKitchen were not initialized, which sent random screen sizes to Kitchen. This caused the latter application to start allocating resources until it ran out of memory. This issue is resolved.


Gift Cards

A Gift Card pay type is now properly removed on Void/Reversal.



This update improves the performance of Kitchen logging.

Logging configuration for Kitchen has been updated (the default values are enclosed in parentheses):

[Monitors] ; newly introduced settings: LogBufSize(4194304) ; 2048*2048 = 4MiB ; settings left in use: Logging(0) LogFilter(0) ; deprecated settings: LogThreadId(1) LogWriteBuffering(0) LogFileAlwaysOpen(0) StopTime(1000) LogCount(50) LogFilename("..\Log\monitor.log") EventLogging(0) EventLogFilter(27) [Debug] ; deprecated settings: SeparateCommLogging(1)

IrisProcComm logging configuration used in OldKPServ and Kitchen has been moved from Kitchen.ini [Debug] or [Monitors] and [RegXX] (depending on the now deprecated [Debug] SeparateCommLogging value) to Prtrs.ini [Monitors] and [RegXX].



The POS has been updated to send item short descriptions to Xenial Kitchen Management (XKM).

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [XKS] section of Appini.ini.

  • ItemName - Identifies which Item Master property to use when displaying item names on the kitchen display in XKM. If this setting is not defined, the long description defined in the Item Master is used.

    Valid values: shortdesc, longdesc, monitordesc, receiptdesc, itemdesc, printerdesc

    A comma-delimited list of Item Master properties may be used. The first Item Master property that is defined for the item is displayed on the kitchen display.

Setup Example




Customer Loyalty

An issue was resolved with Paid mobile orders where scanned barcodes were not sent to the Punchh loyalty provider.

2021-04-29 | IRIS 4.1.1070.200

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.1070.200.

New Features


Order Scheduler

CCPA Implementation - Customer information is now masked in the log files.


Customer Loyalty

Punchh Loyalty users can sign up at the POS using their email address, phone number, or Loyalty ID.

When the cashier looks up a loyalty user and the user does not exist, the POS offers the option to create a new account.

POS Command

The following Loyalty-Sign up Customer command has been added.

  • 314 - BTN_CMD_SIGNUP_CUSTOMER - Enables the operator to sign up a new customer in the Customer Loyalty program using Phone Number, Email, or Loyalty ID.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [Customer_Detail] section of Appini.ini.

  • SignUpCustomer_MenuID - Specifies the MenuID of the Sign-up Customer Form.


Customer Loyalty

Banked Rewards Redemption - During order entry, the user can redeem banked rewards available from their account.

POS Config Option

  • 1229 - MM_ENABLE_ENTER_BANKED_REWARDS_AMOUNT - Enable Banked Rewards amount entry

If this option is turned ON, and the loyalty customer has a Banked Rewards balance, the cashier can select Banked Rewards from the reward list popup, and the system prompts the cashier to enter the discount amount.

If this option is turned OFF, and the loyalty customer has a Banked Rewards balance, the cashier can select Banked Rewards from the reward list popup, and the entire balance is automatically applied to the order.


Customer Loyalty

Assign Punchh menu item types for non-menu order item sales:

  • S - Non-sales items (e.g. service charges, non-sales generating delivery fees, gift cards/certificates, charitable donations)

  • P - Payments on a POS check

  • T - Taxes

  • D - Discount amount

  • M - Sales items

Configuration Settings

Add the following settings to the [Loyalty] section of Appini.ini.

  • SendItemTypeExDetail - If this setting is ON, POS sends non-sales items with the tag LineItemTypeExDetail with a "NonSales" value to XLC.

    Punchh adapter sends non-sales items with predefined menu item types to the Punchh loyalty provider (see menu item types above).

  • NonSalesGeneratingCategory - Identifies the item categories that are non-sales items.

  • NonSalesGeneratingItemNum - Identifies the items that are non-sales items.


Customer Loyalty

Punchh “Bounceback” module - Convert non-loyalty users who are targeted with Punchh Coupons offers.

Print Form Variables

The following Print Form variables are used in the LOYALTY_PROMO section to support printing the "Bounceback" campaign message.

  • PromoCode

  • PromoExpDate


Customer Loyalty

Send the OLO order transaction ID as part of the POS guest check details that are sent to Punchh as check menu items.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [SPECIAL_ITEMS] section of Orderent.ini.

  • EXTERNAL_ORDERID - 3 values separated by a comma:

    m: ItemNum of an item in tbl_ItemMaster designated to represent OLO Transaction ID

    n, l: Format to parse out shortExternalOrderID from ExternalOrderID

    n: Parse starting index (default: 1, first character of ExternalOrderID)

    l: Parse length (default: ExternalOrderID n + 1)


Xenial Adapter

To reconcile Delivery orders with the RSI Portal, the third party vendor's order number and order source are injected into the POS.

IRIS supports two external Order ID values:

  • XenialOrderID

  • ExternalOrderID



2020 W-4 Change Request - The Employees Master is updated to capture the current W-4 requirements.

The Withholdings tab of the Employees Master now includes a Use newer 2020 W-4 Form option.

Select this option to include all data entry points from the revised form.



PayPal: Support for keyboard wedge scanner

This change allows the QR Code Scan dialog to receive input from a keyboard wedge scanner. This is required for tablets, such as the Panasonic FZ-G1.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [scanner] section of AppIni.ini.

  • ScanQRCodeKeyboardWedge - If this setting is turned ON, keyboard wedge scanner support is enabled. Use the PrtDev.ini settings in the device-specific section to filter scanned data and remove unwanted characters.

This setting is not required for OPOS devices. Using OPOS devices is strongly recommended.



Log Files

IRISAuthSrvr Log is now purging properly each day.

FileLocks.exe is a new application that determines what causes a file to lock up and lead to issues with IRISAuthSrvr.


Parallel Order Interface

Resolved issue with accessing checks that span business dates.


Print System

The Kitchen Bump form now supports printing the item food, entree, beverage, category item, and category counts.

Print Form Variables

The following Print Form variables have been added for the Kitchen Bump form:

  • FoodCount

  • EntreeCount

  • BeverageCount

  • CatItemCount<n>

  • Cat_<n>


Customer Loyalty

Loyalty information is retained when the POS updates the Punchh Loyalty Location Configuration.



After upgrading to 4.1.600.900, the Check Sum validation prevented the manual entry of produce items.



xsPosServer supports the SubmitAllOrders feature.

When POS Destination Config Setting (10, DCFG_SUBMIT_ALL_ORDERS) is ON for the order destination, and the order point is identified in the configuration setting, SubmitAllOrdersOrderPoints, then xsPosServer sends SubmitOrder requests to the Loyalty Controller for all orders regardless of customer loyalty membership.

xsPOSServer.ini Setting

Add the following setting to the [Loyalty] section of xsPOSServer.ini:

  • SubmitAllOrdersOrderPoints - Order points where SubmitOrder requests are sent to the Loyalty Controller regardless of customer loyalty membership.



The POS crashed when the IRIS builds were mismatched.



When the Verifone Device was not present in IRIS 4.1.728.500, the terminal crashed.



Print System

The following issues with the centering, highlighting and justifying of the receipt text.

When NCR OPOS printing is used and the Print.Frm is configured to print text that is centered with a nored attribute that is following a line of centered text with a red attribute, the second line appeared as red.

The second issue is for IRIS OPOS printing in general (includes EPSON and NCR printers) where if a line is right justified followed by a line that is centered, the centered line will print as being right justified. This latter error exists as far back as the baseline.

PrtDev.ini setting UseEPSONEscapeCodes must be set to 1 (On) to allow for the red/nored fix to work with NCR OPOS printing.



Post Adjust Tip on Genius device.

With this update, if PostAdjustTip is performed where the previous transaction was a successful SALE, then the new AdjustTip command is used on the Genius device.



IRIS 4.1.806.700 upgrade issue with BOH and POS.



IRIS 4.1.806.300 upgrade issue with POS1.


Pay Types

The settings in the IrisAuthSrvr.ini ROUTER section are no longer case sensitive.



Issue with the application of the Automatic Discount.



Family Bundle issues with macro commands.

POS Config Option

  • 1232 - MM_PERFORM_QTY_ON_MACRO - If this option is turned ON, commands in macros are performed a 'quantity' number of times.

    POS Config Option 1177 - MM_PERSIST_QTY_ON_MACRO must also be turned ON.



HeartSIP 3.3.12 / IRIS 4.1.904.300 – GetLastResponse now notifies the main thread after getting a RESET Response.



Register Upgrade issue - UpdateService is now launched appropriately.



Added installation parameter to identify specific customer.

Example: /customer=wabr



Inventory Depletions - Updated stored procedure sp_InvDpl_DepleteForDateRange.sql to create the datetime parameter length.



Hours Summary report now reports minors correctly when their birthday is later this year.



Inventory Transaction Editor - IUT# configuration.

Configuration Settings

Add the following settings to the [ITESetup] section of Inventory.ini:

  • IUTReportName - The report name.

  • AutogenerateIUT - Generate automatically?

  • HidePrintButtonOnTransfer - Hide the Print button when performing a transfer.



Inventory Transaction Editor - Count Entry should limit to Quantity column

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [ITESetup] section of Inventory.ini.

  • LimitTabStopToQuantityOnly - If this setting is turned on, then pressing Tab on the keyboard moves the cursor to the next Quantity column on the form. This setting does not apply to Purchases.



Adjusted modifier summarization to include the Child setting in the SummHow configuration flags of Kitchen.ini.


Select Check

ConfigFileExporter.exe issues with Selcheck.ini.


Log Files

Improved logging for POS function PayTips.

Configuration Setting

Add the following setting to the [CONFIG] section of Adoopt.ini.

  • LOG_ORDERTIP - If this setting is ON, advanced logging is enabled for POS function PayTips.


Print System

Touchless: The POS receipt did not match the emailed receipt.



HeartSIP 3.3.12 / IRIS 4.1.904.300 – Added logging in IrisAuthSrvr.log to indicate when RetryVoids is turned OFF in IrisAuthSrvr.ini.



When configured to sort grill tickets similar to Kitchen, the IRIS print system was detaching child items marked as modifiers where the Kitchen system was not factoring in the modifier flag when detaching these child items.



Orders no longer appear in the kitchen when the order is checked out (before finalizing and tendering the order) online.



SCA Reversal Response Not Recognized

On transaction cancellation, IrisAuthSrvr waited for LastTran request response and received "Reverse Last Trans Failure" and continued to wait for a response until the ReversalTimeout occurred.



DSR 'UseNRTForGrossSales' - Gross calc issue when this value is 0.

Updated stored procedure sp_DatakeyValues_Custom to resolve this issue.


Gift Cards

Pin Entry Requirement for Activate/Reload

PayType Config Options

Added the following PayType Config Options to prompt for a PIN (aka CID) for Gift Card Activate and Add Value.



PayType Config Option 5131 PT_CONFIG_REQUIRE_CID is no longer supported.


Visual Dashboard

Destination Sales issue - Stored procedure sp_Dashboard_DestSales had debug print functions that prevented Destination Sales from being updated on the Visual Dashboard.

2021-02-02 | IRIS 4.1.976.100

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.976.100.

New Features


Clock In/Out

Employee Engagement dialog time out

When POS Config Option 675 - Enable Employee Engagement on Clock Out is turned ON, when an employee clocks out, the application displays an Employee Engagement on Clock Out dialog.

With this update, the employee remains Clocked In if this dialog times out before the employee responds.



Optionally exclude Delivery items from reports

With this update, Delivery order items can be optionally excluded from the following reports:

  • Dashboard

  • Sales & Labor by Time

  • PreShift

  • Product Mix

Additionally, the Daily Store Report (DSR) has been updated to reflect Delivery order items differently.

The following files have been updated with this enhancement:

  • IRIS_4.1.sql

  • sp_Dash_SalesAndLabor.sql

  • sp_RDLMixedResult.sql

  • sp_RDL_SA_Sales_Labor_By_Time.sql

The following files have been created with this enhancement:


  • sp_Dashboard_DestSales.sql

  • sp_RDL_SA_PreShift_Sales_Labor_By_Time.sql

  • xsp_Dashboard_Top5ItemSalesWB.sql

  • xsp_ProjectSalesLabor.sql

Configuration settings

The following settings have been added to tbl_RptConfigValues in the IRIS database:

The default ConfigValue for each setting is 0. Set the ConfigValue to 1 to exclude Delivery items from the respective report.

  • ReportName=RSA_MixReport , ConfigID=1070

  • ReportName=RSA_PreShift , ConfigID=1070

  • ReportName=RSA_Sales &amp; Labor By Time , ConfigID=1070

  • ReportName=DASHBOARD , ConfigID=1070

Set the ConfigValue for the following settings to the applicable category ID.

  • ReportName=DeliveryChargeItemMajorCatID , ConfigID=1070

  • ReportName=DeliveryChargeItemMinorCatID , ConfigID=1070


Parallel Order Interface (POI)

Print on Check In configuration settings

The POI is modified to follow the destination configuration settings in printing a receipt and/or grill chit upon customer check-in.

Configure the following POS Destination Config Settings in tblDestinationConfigSettings in the IRIS database. These settings are turned OFF by default.

  • 26 - DCFG_PRINT_RCPT_ON_POI_CHECKIN - If this setting is turned ON, Print Receipt On POI Check-In.

  • 27 - DCFG_PRINT_GRILL_ON_POI_CHECKIN - If this setting is turned ON, Print Grill On POI Check-In.



Verifone Point and Chase Paymentech Host Interface (CPHI)

IrisAuthSrvr.ini is updated to disable the original SETTLE and Report commands sent from IRIS to VeriFone Point during EOD, and send CUTOVER instead.

The following configuration settings have been implemented. Add these settings to the [SCADevice<n>] of IrisAuthSrvr.ini.

  • MaxReportRecords - Specifies the number of records to send for element MAX_NUM_RECORDS_RETURNED. The default is 800.

  • SupportsSettle - If this setting is turned ON, send the "SETTLE" command to VeriFone Point when the routine CloseDeviceBatch()  is called. This setting is turned ON by default.

  • SupportsSettlementReports - If this setting is turned ON, call these routines from GenerateReports().

    • GetDeviceReportPreSettlement(pTR)

    • GetDeviceReportSettlementError(pTR)

    • GetDeviceReportSettlementSummary(pTR)

  • SupportsCutoverReport - If this setting is turned ON, send 'CUTOVER' command to VeriFone Point when routine GenerateReports() is called. Call routine GetDeviceReportCutover(pTR) from GenerateReports().




XKM order events lost when kitchen server disconnected

When the kitchen server is disconnected, orders entered at the POS were not displayed in the kitchen when the server was reconnected.

In response to this issue, XKM data feed on POS has been enhanced to correctly recognize when the socket connection can no longer be established.

XKM will attempt to reestablish the connection before resending any pending order data.


POS MFC Application

Register lockup with MFC issue

A store reported that the message "POS MFC Application has stopped working" was appearing and causing a terminal to lockup.


Employee Charge

Employee Charge issue after upgrade

Employee Charge transactions were not accounted for on the Sales Detail Report or the House Accounts Details Summary.

This issue occurred on account PII data was replaced with blank spaces when flattened.



HeartSIP: Image download for HPA 5.0 (Lane 3000 and 5000)

The _xsHeartSIP.txt file (referenced by the IrisAuthSrvr.ini setting VersionFileName) has been updated to support a Default section.

The Default section is used to define the location of the images to use if either a matching section is not found for the device, or to support situations where the store wants to load the same images onto a device regardless of device type.



Inventory Transactions Editor (ITE) issues with posting and filters

Reported instances where Physical Count transactions did not post. Additionally, the "All" transaction filter was not returning all items on the main screen.

This issue occurred on account the transaction mode was not set on AddMode.


POS Performance

Item and Menu Cache excessive load times

POS load times are approximately 40 seconds faster with this update.



Sales Report discrepancies

Sites have reported discrepancies between the values on the SDR and the Sales and Labor report.

Stored procedure was updated to resolve this issue.



HeartSIP - Credit Card PayType 200 report issue

Reported instances where the Paytype is not populated correctly in tblOrderPay. The generic 200 Credit Card was reported instead of the specific type (201, 202, 203, 204).

This issue is resolved.



HeartSIP - Invalid LRC causing POS and HeartSIP to get out-of-sync

An unexpected response returned from a command caused HeartSIP to parse the incorrect response to SALE transactions.

With this update, when an unexpected response is received, the buffer is flushed and POS and HeartSIP are reconnected to make sure they are in sync.



VeriFone M400 and P400 Pairing issues

During the pairing process for both M400 and P400 devices, IRIS remained on a message box stating "Pairing is completing" and did not proceed beyond this message.

This issue is resolved.


Order Entry

Drive-Thru orders with additional charges

Additional charges were applied to combo meal components entered at a Drive-Thru terminal after modifiers were added to each bundle item.

This issue is resolved.



Sales Detail Report layout issue

The values from tbl_SalesDetail_Layout were no longer reflected on the SDR.

The following stored procedure was updated to resolve this issue: sp_SalesDetail


Register Update

POS lockup during Register Update

Buttons on register were unresponsive after the "update pending" message was displayed.

Configuration setting

The following configuration setting was implemented. Add this setting to the [POS] section of Appini.ini.

  • LogScan - If this setting is ON (1), logging is generated for scanner enable/disable functionalities. Turn this setting ON if the system is experiencing button lockup symptoms.



Inventory Transactions Editor (ITE) error on Physical Count

An error was generated when selecting Variance for a Physical Count for the Case measurement.



Open Refund issue

Attempting to perform an Open Refund using an VeriFone E285 caused an Invalid Field error.

Configuration setting

In response to this issue, the following setting has been implemented. Add this setting to the [SCADevice] section of the IrisAuthSrvr.ini file.

  • RefundEBTCash - If this setting is turned ON (1), EBT cash refund requests to VeriFone Point are accepted. The default vaue is 0 (OFF).



VeriFone and POS pairing

It would occasionally take up to 70 seconds to receive a payment prompt on the VeriFone E285 when pairing with the POS.

Pairing time is now reduced to approximately 7 seconds.


Xenial Adapter

Conditional Transformation of Order-Level Discounts

With this update, Xenial Adapter rolls item level discounts up to order level. Dataserver does not include discounts in the JSON orders that are sent back to the cloud.

Resolved an issue where the application tried to add an empty discount list and mishandled the error.

Resolved an issue where orders without discounts were rejected.



Valued Partner - Select Check screen lockup issue

When attempting to access orders from a Valued Partner, the Select Check screen would lock up.

Configuration setting

In response to this issue, the following setting has been implemented. Add this setting to the [PARAMETERS] section of DataServ.ini.

  • RestartArchiver - When this setting is turned ON, the Archiver is restarted if a database lock conflict occurs.


HeartPOS Integration

Banner and logo images not displayed

The images sent by the HeartPOS Utility were not displayed.

To resolve this issue, the ImageName parameters are now set on the Lane devices.


File Monitor

Site polling issue with DST

Sales could not be polled after the DST time change until File Monitor was restarted.

File Monitor has been updated to use UTC internally so calculations on the DateTime are handled properly.


Site Status

Xenial Site Status issue with Daylight Savings Time (DST)

Xenial stopped updating the SIte Status after the DST time change making all units look offline.

This issue is resolved.



KitchenBumpEvents.exe with IRIS printed multiple receipts

KitchernBumpEvents was printing item-level bumps instead of order-level bumps.

Configuration setting

The following KitchenBumpEvents.ini setting was implemented to resolve this issue.

  • PrintOnItemBump - When this setting is false, kitchenbumpevents does not send item-level bump events to the printer. The default setting is false.


Employee Breaks

'Break Enforcement' Manager Override issue from POS Functions

When POS Config Setting 859 - Force Manager Manager Approval is OFF, the POS was not prompting for manager approval to Break In/Out.



Sales & Labor by Time Report included Delivery Charges

With this update, the Sales & Labor By Time Report excludes Delivery Charge items (120001-120003).

The following stored procedures were updated in response to this issue:

  • sp_RDL_SA_PreShift_Sales_Labor_By_Time

  • sp_RDL_SA_Sales_Labor_By_Time

Configuration setting

The following setting was implemented for RSA_Sales & Labor By Time. Set the setting value to the category ID to exclude from the report totals.

  • ConfigType : 1071 (Exclude Category ID)

  • ConfigValue :  0 (Defaults 0,)



VeriFone Point: SCA reversal response not recognized

On transaction cancellation, IrisAuthSrvr waits for a LastTran request response. It received "Reverse Last Trans Failure" and continued to wait for a response until a ReversalTimeout occurred (Default 70 seconds). POS was unresponsive during this time.

To resolve this issue, the POS is updated to not wait the full Reversal Timeout period.



HPA 5.0.1: Update Ethernet Communication Code in HeartSIP.dll

The message "Processing End of Day on payment device" appeared when the POS was started.

In response to this issue, the Ethernet Communication was updated for HeartSIP.



Split Modify issue with multiple QTY Parent and Child

When applying a discount to a parent item with a quantity greater than 1, its child items were removed from the order.


Print System

Order items not printed on NGK delivery receipts (Dest 32 and 64)

Print on Bump issue with order destinations 32 and 64. Order item names were not printed.

With this updated, if the PrinterDesc value is blank, the MonitorDesc value is printed. If that value is blank, the ItemDesc value is printed.



HeartSIP: Unable to Post Adjust Tip

An error was returned when attempting to post adjust a tip on a credit card transactions.

Upgrading to IRIS 4.1.904.300 or later resolved this issue.


Xenial Adapter

Touchless: Business date rollover issue

Orders from a previous business date tendered with QR pay showed as Paid with the old business date.

Business date rollover is now only disabled for cases where the pickup_date_time is used for the businessdate on the order instead of the current IRIS businessdate.

2020-10-26 | IRIS 4.1.904.200

The information provided below includes the user experience, data, configuration, process workflow, reporting, and infrastructure improvements and updates for this production version of IRIS 4.1.904.200.

New Features



Marketplace Facilitator (MF) Taxes

IRIS now supports Marketplace Facilitator (MF) orders, which include specific taxes for which the MF is liable, and specific taxes for which the MF is not liable.

Xenial includes an additional marketplace_liable boolean on each tax object in the order to indicate which taxes are liable to the MF.

The calculation of the XenialMerchantTax bucket has been updated to only reflect the sum of taxes for that order that are marketplace_liable.

Configuration Settings

The following fields have been added to tblOrder and tblOrderItem in the IRIS database.

  • MarketPlaceLiableBuckets - An integer with bits 0-10 set for any tax bucket that has been flagged as a marketplace liable tax. This can be used for reporting to determine which taxes are marketplace-liable.

  • CollectedTaxAdjustment - The value from the "collected_exclusive_tax_adjustment" element if provided in the incoming JSON order at the item and order level.

Run Version Management on PosTrans.mdb and run the IRIS_4.1.SQL script on the IRIS database.


Mobile Orders

IRIS can now be configured to override the restriction that prevented the operator from marking an order as delivered before its defined Pickup Date/Time.

When an order is checked in, the operator can deliver it as soon as it is ready regardless of its Pickup Date/Time.

Configuration Setting

The following POS Config Option has been implemented:

  • 1231 - MM_DELIVER_STATUS_DISREGARD_PICKUP_TIME - When this option is turned ON, the Pickup Time defined for an order is ignored when setting the Delivery order substate.


Delivery Orders

Custom TLOG

To accommodate their requirements for Delivery/To Go orders, a custom stored procedure, xsp_Custom_CKE_TlogSales_Updated, has been provided to one of our Valued Brands.


Delivery Orders

Pay Order Mode Update

When POS Config Option 201 - MM_PAYORDER_MODE is turned ON for a Drive Thru Cashier terminal , the POS remains on the Tender screen after the cashier tenders an order. The next order in the queue opens automatically on the Tender screen enabling the cashier to tender the order.

With this update, the following prompt is displayed after the operator tenders an order, if the next order in the queue is a PAID order:

  • "This order is paid and will be marked delivered."

The operator selects OK to dismiss the prompt, the PAID order is marked as delivered, and the next order in the queue opens on the Tender screen.

Configuration Settings


  • Set up a non-modifiable (PT_NOT_MODIFIABLE=5140) pay type for mobile drive-thru orders.

  • xsPOSServer order must set the check-in time (or define ShowCheckedIn=0 in Selcheck.ini).


Employee Breaks

Employee Break Enforcement Update

The POS can now be configured to require Manager Approval to Break-In when an employee break exceeds the specified maximum break length.

The employee is also warned if they attempt to Break-In/Out outside of their scheduled shift.

The Clock Enforcement Override report can be configured to include Break-In/Out records that required Manager Approval.

Configuration Settings

  • Turn ON POS Config Option 542 MM_CLOCK_CHECK_SCHEDULE - If this option is turned ON, Manager Approval is required when an employee Clocks In/Out outside of their scheduled time.

  • A new report configuration value IncludeBreakRecordsInReports has been added to tbl_RpyPC_ConfigValue with a default value of 0.  When set to 1, the Clock Enforcement Override report will include Break-In/Out records that required Manager Approval.

  • Add the MaxBreakLength setting to the [PAYROLL] section of the IRIS.ini file. Set the setting value to the maximum employee break length in minutes. Manager Approval is required to Break-In if the number of minutes since the Break-Out is greater than this setting value.



Exclude Delivery Charge Items from BOS Reports

BOS reports can now be configured to exclude Delivery Charge items. The BOS reports include:

  • Dashboard

  • Sales & Labor by Time

  • Pre-Shift Report

  • Product Mix Report

Configuration Settings

The following report config options have been added to tbl_RptConfigValues. The default ConfigValue for each option is 0.

Set the ConfigValue to 1 to exclude Delivery Charge items from the corresponding report.

  • Option #1 ReportName=RSA_MixReport , ConfigID=1070, ConfigValue=0

  • Option #2 ReportName=RSA_PreShift , ConfigID=1070, ConfigValue=0

  • Option #3 ReportName=RSA_Sales & Labor By Time , ConfigID=1070, ConfigValue=0

  • Option #4 ReportName=DASHBOARD , ConfigID=1070, ConfigValue=0

  • Option #5 ReportName=DeliveryChargeItemMajorCatID , ConfigID=1070, ConfigValue=0

  • Option #6 ReportName=DeliveryChargeItemMinorCatID , ConfigID=1070, ConfigValue=0

This update required changes to several stored procedures.

Please contact a Professional Services representative for information about these changes.



Genius Payment Solution Integration - Phase 1

As part of the effort to certify IRIS with Genius payment devices, a new INI file named Genius.ini has been implemented to allow IRIS to know which version of the Genius API to use.

Configuration Settings

Add the following setting to the [SCADevice] section of IrisAuthSrvr.ini:

  • API=C:\IRIS\INI\Genius.ini

This API setting specifies the file path for the Genius.ini file. Use the Genius.ini file to specify:

  • Merchant information

  • Device API versions

  • Genius API versions

  • PS1 API versions

  • Transport API versions

  • Store and Forward API information

Please consult the IRIS 4.1 wiki for additional information about the Genius.ini file.




Variance rules are now respected when inventory item depletions are processed.

The counted/purchased items are depleted rather than the parent items.



An uninitialized variable produced an index that was out of bounds for an internal data array. This has been resolved to prevent a Kitchen crash when this array is referenced.



XenialAdapter now sets the correct Business Date on orders when EOD is 12:00 midnight.



Bundle coupons can now be used more than once when more than one exists on the same order.

Please contact your Professional Services representative for more details.



An applied coupon from a valued partner is now removed if adjustments to the order cause the order to no longer meet the requirements of the coupon.


Menu Editor

The Monitor and Printer Routing settings defined for an item record remain intact when the item record is modified.



When a new Tax Exempt pay type is applied, proceeding through the transaction to tender removes tax from the submitted total.


Parallel Order Interface (POI)

The POI interface now respects POS Config Setting 126 - Auto Customer Count Based on Item Master.

xsPOSServer now updates the guest count for an order accordingly.



Audio alert when a mobile order is checked in.

  • The BeepNewArrivalCount_ setting is now compatible with NGEN SX/DX hardware.

  • Internal issues have been addressed with the BeepOnDestination functionality and the Select Electronics (OAsys, OAsys IPad, NGEN SX/DX) device interface.

  • Implemented a hard coded one second timer between beeps for the modulated beep functionality.

  • A new configuration option has been added to Kitchen. This new setting, BeepDelay, sets the time delay from the start of one beep to the start of the next beep.


Customer Display

The SEND doesn't work command is now compatible with Digital Menu Boards.

A new Prtrs.ini setting has been implemented: PauseBeforeSendTotal_MS - Specifies the number of milliseconds to delay sending the Tax/Total message to the customer display.



VeriFone Point: SCA SAF processing states update issue.

POS read SCASAF.dat without extracting the register number from the existing order number and replaced the order digits that corresponded to the register number with the current register number.

As a result, orders created on one register and paid on another register were missing the correct order numbers in SCASAF.dat.

POS now retains existing order numbers in SCASAF.dat.



Tax Exempt paytypes tax subversion issue

If the operator selects a paytype (e.g. SVC) that qualifies for tax exemption, enters an invalid card number (or the transaction is declined or fails to route), and then selects Cash and tenders the order, the tax exempt status is now removed and tax is collected.

Refunds/overrings also work correctly.


Online Ordering

XOO Marketplace Tax element name change for collected_tax_adjustment.

XOO has changed the JSON element name from "collected_tax_adjustment" to "collected_exclusive_tax_adjustment".

IRIS is now updated to consume element name "collected_exclusive_tax_adjustment" for the item and order-level taxes.



IRIS Installer issues - Prompts and Restart

This update adds the following configuration options to install.ini, which is used to configure automatic IRIS upgrades.

The following options are located in the [Batch] section of install.ini.

  • BatchDelay - Delay between finishing one batch and starting the next batch.

  • BatchTimeout - Timeout for a batch. If all registers in the batch have not reported as complete and the time to complete has exceeded this value, the BatchDelay for the next batch starts.

  • OfflineTimeout - Timeout for a register. If a register in the batch has not reported as online and the time to report has exceeded this value, the register is ignored when deciding if the batch is complete.

  • Batch1 - List of register numbers that should be upgraded in this batch.

  • Batch2 - List of register numbers that should be upgraded in this batch.

The following option is located in the [Install] section of install.ini.

Added option to suppress version message for a period of time after a new install.

  • VersionMessageWait - 60  (Time is in minutes and will override a global value if set)

Added global option to suppress version message for a period of time after a new install.

  • dataserv.ini [PARAMETERS] VersionMessageWait=60  (Time is in minutes and install.ini will override if set)

Changed the Software Update Message to do a logoff instead of a restart by default. To do a restart use:

  • appini.ini [POS] SoftwareUpdateRestart=1 (This will not be available until after POS is running the new version)

Added option to disable Version Message sent by Dataserv. 

  • dataserv.ini [PARAMETERS] DisableVersionMessage=1


Gift Cards

Tender a physical Gift Card for Rewards Member (CCA)

The capability to ID a rewards customer, then tender an order via a physical gift card (not their rewards account) has been restored.



Paid orders are no longer duplicated on Kitchen monitors when the ResequenceOrderOnPaid=1 setting is defined.

When updating screens where ResequenceOrderOnPaid was enabled, Kitchen was previously not accounting for orders already displayed.



Genius: Line item display Qty x Price value

IRIS now sends the single unit price for line items to the Genius line item displays.



Kitchen 4.1.806.500 upgrade issue on register three (3) is resolved.

The upgrade issue occurred when executing a staggered register update from a version of IRIS older than 4.1.730.


Gift Cards

A Balance Inquiry for "Stored Value Card" pay types is now routed to the correct CCA TPE.

An issue existed in the previous application version for this transaction when multiple paytypes were configured with the options:

  • 6019 PT_SVCARD


BTN_CMD_DISPLAY_BALANCE reads and includes the value for pay type option 6014 for whatever paytype ID is specified in the BtnData1 value for button 230 TN_CMD_DISPLAY_BALANCE.


Mobile Orders

Mobile Orders issue with BumpedFromAll flag in Kitchen.

The SendBumpTime portion of Kitchen is modified to suppress the BumpedFromAll flag from being set while an order is recalled on the display.


Mobile Manager

MobileManagerConnector now sends the appropriate sendcount value to Mobile Manager.


POS Error Logging

Message no longer displayed to cashier during auto-recovery of Abort-Button-Press.



tblOrderItem field values for Advanced Refunds now match the corresponding values of the original order item record.

tblOrder tax table amounts and destination are populated appropriately.