Drive-Thru Director

2.13.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: January 12, 2021

New Features

SPM-12, DTD-1944

The Additional Goal Times feature is available. The Additional Goal Times feature allows up to five (5) goal ranges and is configurable in The Portal.


Drive-Thru Director now has the ability to display Summary Screen information on a secondary screen. The output configurations for the media player's primary and secondary output ports are available on The Portal. Secondary output configurations are included in synchronization.

DTD-1779, DTD-1885

Added new logo options for Valued Brands.



The Play icon on the Audio Alerts Configuration screen, now appears as expected.


Internal software improvements to enhance site-level Portal configurations for unique site numbers. Previously, unique but similar site numbers held the potential to influence data reporting.


Introduce new error codes for more informed error reporting.

DTD-1738, DTD-1757, DTD-1758, DTD-1806, DTD-1824

AutoMagicate during device upgrade performs as expected.

DTD-1794, DTD-1778

Additional device information and configuration options added to internal support commands.

DTD-1780, DTD-1781, DTD-1782, DTD-1783, DTD-1775, DTD-1777, DTD-1787, DTD-1792, DTD-1825, DTD-1984

Artisan commands are now available for internal support, removed outdated commands, and created internal documentation.


Updated SSL certificates for v2.6 and v2.12


Improved geography data determination.


Improved Drive-Thru Director synchronization process.

2.6.2 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: February 18, 2020



Refined DTD API data communications.


Time Indicators and Backgrounds for the Summary Tiles and Vehicle Bubbles now reflect the appropriate Goal-Met color of Green or Red.


Restaurants that use the Pick-Up Only layout are now able to label restaurant-specific dayparts via The Portal.


If a Goal-Time is not set by Your Brand, Drive-Thru Director displays Time Indicators and Backgrounds for Summary Tiles and Vehicle Bubbles in grey tones.


Updated available Brand Logos.


Updated software translations for the following supported languages:

  • French [France]

  • French [Canadian]

  • German

  • Hungarian

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

2.6.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: January 28, 2020



The Pickup Window is now labeled as “Window” on the Daypart and All-Day tiles, as requested by a Valued Brand.


The 24-hour clock is now the default setting for Russian, Polish, and Hungarian languages.


New alert type and screen for GPIOD time synchronization.

Older Releases

2.6.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: September 10, 2019

New Features


Drive-Thru Director 2.6 now supports custom configuration of your Daypart and All-Day tiles. The details and benefits of this new feature are:

  • The order of appearance and prominence of the drive-thru segments displayed on the Daypart and/or All-Day tiles of Drive-Thru Director are now customizable. The available drive-thru segments are:

    • Greet-Time

    • Menu Board

    • Menu Board without Greet-Time

    • Payment Window

    • Pick-up Window

    • Guest Engagement

    • Guest Engagement with Payment Window

    • Total-Time

    • Total-Time without Greet-Time

    • Total-Time without Menu Board

    • Line Only

  • Brand-set goal time displays are now customizable and may appear on one, several, or all of the drive-thru segments displayed on the Daypart or All-Day Tiles.

  • Drive-thru segments appearing on the All-Day Tile may now differ from those appearing on the Daypart Tile, allowing restaurants to customize their focus.

  • Vehicle indicator bubbles may now display one or all of the available options of: segment time, segment text, and/or overall line-time.

  • Brand logos may appear on any of the available Drive-Thru Director restaurant buildings, allowing for a more enhanced experience.

  • The “Relatively High Vehicle Time” icon now appears as the Drive-Thru Director Stopwatch Timer. This icon appears green when goal-times are met and red when goaltimes are missed.

2.5.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 29, 2019

New Features


Drive-Thru Director has implemented a new Pay Window segment. The details and benefits of this new feature are:

  • New layouts that feature a wider building that includes the Pay Window area—Layouts are accessible through the Ctrl+L Layout Menu.

  • When Pay Window is implemented, a new “At Pay Window” vehicle indicator bubble appears. The indicator bubble displays time tracking for the Pay Window and the Overall Total-Time.

2.3.0 - 2.4.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 29, 2019

New Features


An animated screensaver with the Drive-Thru Director Logo now appears during a Restaurant’s inactive hours.


Implemented processes to replicate device-level configurations on the Portal in preparation for an upcoming release allowing portal integration.


Configuration screens formerly accessible at the device-level are now read-only and accessible on the Portal.



The Rack-n-Stack Leaderboard now compares Pick-up Window or All-Day times, as expected.

2.2.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: March 18, 2019



Each segment of the Daypart and All-Day tiles are now customizable, as of Version 2.1.0.


Audible alerts are now available and configurable through the keyboard-attached Ctrl+B Audio Alerts Configuration Menu.


The Vehicle Indicator text displayed at the Menu Board of “at menu” or “waiting for greeting” is now optional.


Additional backgrounds and layouts are available through the keyboard-attached Ctrl+L Layout Menu.

2.1.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: April 22, 2019

New Features


Daypart and All-Day Tiles are now even more customizable.

  • The Goal Time for each segment appearing on each Tile is configurable to either show or hide.

  • The Percentage Met for each segment appearing on each Tile is configurable to either show or hide.

  • The "Exceeds Overall Wait-Time" Stopwatch Timer is now configurable to the goal set by Your Brand.

  • The Stopwatch Timer is now able to display either the percentage, number of vehicles, or number of minutes.

2.0.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: December 17, 2018

New Features


Lengthy Custom Restaurant Names now display without word-wrap on Rack-n-Stack or Weekly Leaderboards.

2.0.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: April 25, 2018

New Features


New Backgrounds | Drive-Thru Director now supports new backgrounds, including brand-specific backgrounds, for single-lane and double-lane (also known as "Y" layout) drive-thrus.


New Background Configurations | Backgrounds are now configurable for left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) drive-thru layouts.


Fast and Slow Vehicle Indicators | Drive-Thru Director now displays Fast or Slow Vehicles based on the the goals set in place by Your Brand and the performance of Your Restaurant. DTD displays Fast Vehicles when goals are met and Slow Vehicles when goals are missed.


Audible Vehicle Notification | Drive-Thru Director now provides a configurable option to play a sound when a vehicle first arrives in the drive-thru.


Weekly Leaderboard | The Weekly Leaderboard, similar to the Rack-N-Stack feature, displays the weekly speed-of- service average for the current daypart.


Performance Enhancements | Updated the DTD Controller OS and underlying components for optimal performance.



Backgrounds now scale for larger or smaller screens.


Additional time zones recognized.