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Drive-Thru Director

3.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: April, 2022



Behind the scenes preparation for DTD software with OS4 on MP-10.

2.15.4 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: July, 2022



Improved date/time synchronization between DTD and Xenial NTP server.

Older Releases

2.15.3 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: December 2, 2021



Update logo for Valued Brand.


Created new background option for Valued Brand.


Speed of Services times displayed on the Rack and Stack Leaderboard appear green when under brand-det goal times, and red when service times exceed the set goal.

2.15.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: October 18, 2021



DTD respects Portal configurations for Fast Car Options.


DTD respects Portal configurations for Leaderboards, including Rack and Stack.

DTD-2291, DTD-2294

Added brand types and logo options for Valued Brands.

02.15.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 25, 2021



The Pay Window average speed of service respects vehicles that move directly to the Pickup Window.


Improved displayed data for the Rack-n-Stack and Daily Leaderboard features.


DTD timing reporting respects close time configurations for closing after midnight.

02.14.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: June 21, 2021



Additional Brand logos are available.


Provided the ability to select Brand logo.


The network configuration help screen is accessible directly from DTD when a network or internet connection is not available.


Pay Window statistics are available for the summary screen display.


The Portal sync refreshes the DTD screen only once, as expected.


The Portal sync respects the value for operating hours.


Seasonal time changes are respected.


Provided the ability to select Brand logo for the layout screen.

2.13.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: January 12, 2021

New Features

SPM-12, DTD-1944

The Additional Goal Times feature is available. The Additional Goal Times feature allows up to five (5) goal ranges and is configurable in The Portal.


Drive-Thru Director now has the ability to display Summary Screen information on a secondary screen. The output configurations for the media player's primary and secondary output ports are available on The Portal. Secondary output configurations are included in synchronization.

DTD-1779, DTD-1885

Added new logo options for Valued Brands.



The Play icon on the Audio Alerts Configuration screen, now appears as expected.


Internal software improvements to enhance site-level Portal configurations for unique site numbers. Previously, unique but similar site numbers held the potential to influence data reporting.


Introduce new error codes for more informed error reporting.

DTD-1738, DTD-1757, DTD-1758, DTD-1806, DTD-1824

AutoMagicate during device upgrade performs as expected.

DTD-1794, DTD-1778

Additional device information and configuration options added to internal support commands.

DTD-1780, DTD-1781, DTD-1782, DTD-1783, DTD-1775, DTD-1777, DTD-1787, DTD-1792, DTD-1825, DTD-1984

Artisan commands are now available for internal support, removed outdated commands, and created internal documentation.


Updated SSL certificates for v2.6 and v2.12


Improved geography data determination.


Improved Drive-Thru Director synchronization process.

2.11.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: April 08, 2020



Improved DTD Stopwatch [Relative High Vehicle Time] status reporting.


The Brand Logo now remains visible, even when the background building is changed.


Vehicle order remains consistent, even when a slowpoke vehicle is removed from the digital drive-thru.


Vehicle Indicator Bubbles, for sites that use a Double Lane [“Y”] Layout, now display at the Menu Board as expected.


The Menu Board Vehicle Indicator Bubble now displays the total time spent at the menu board.


The Greet-Time Vehicle Indicator Bubble now reflects elapsed time, as expected.


When changing background layouts, the PU Only Layout now displays as expected.


Upon start of day, Vehicle Indicator Bubbles now initialize with green background and text.


Custom Dayparts now sync through The Portal as expected.


Drive-Thru Director now adjusts Custom Dayparts to end 00:00:01 second before the start of the next daypart.


Switching between the Main Drive-Thru screen and the Rack-n-Stack Leaderboard is now seamless, as expected.


Switching between the Main Drive-Thru screen and the Scorecard is now seamless, as expected.


Improved configuration update communication between the Portal and the Drive-Thru Director media player (controller).


When the Daypart changes, Vehicle Indicator Bubbles continue to display elapsed time, as expected.


For sites that use the Double Lane [“Y”] Layout, vehicles now display at Menu Board 2, as expected.


Streamlined communication between the Portal and the media player (controller).


A change in Daypart now displays immediately, even if a vehicle is active in the drive-thru.


The DTD Stopwatch [Relatively High Vehicle Time] indicator now displays as expected, for sites that use the Pickup Only layout.


Time zones indicated in the Portal are now respected by the media player (controller).

2.6.2 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: February 18, 2020



Refined DTD API data communications.


Time Indicators and Backgrounds for the Summary Tiles and Vehicle Bubbles now reflect the appropriate Goal-Met color of Green or Red.


Restaurants that use the Pick-Up Only layout are now able to label restaurant-specific dayparts via The Portal.


If a Goal-Time is not set by Your Brand, Drive-Thru Director displays Time Indicators and Backgrounds for Summary Tiles and Vehicle Bubbles in grey tones.


Updated available Brand Logos.


Updated software translations for the following supported languages:

  • French [France]

  • French [Canadian]

  • German

  • Hungarian

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

2.6.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: January 28, 2020



The Pickup Window is now labeled as “Window” on the Daypart and All-Day tiles, as requested by a Valued Brand.


The 24-hour clock is now the default setting for Russian, Polish, and Hungarian languages.


New alert type and screen for GPIOD time synchronization.

2.6.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: September 10, 2019

New Features


Drive-Thru Director 2.6 now supports custom configuration of your Daypart and All-Day tiles. The details and benefits of this new feature are:

  • The order of appearance and prominence of the drive-thru segments displayed on the Daypart and/or All-Day tiles of Drive-Thru Director are now customizable. The available drive-thru segments are:

    • Greet-Time

    • Menu Board

    • Menu Board without Greet-Time

    • Payment Window

    • Pick-up Window

    • Guest Engagement

    • Guest Engagement with Payment Window

    • Total-Time

    • Total-Time without Greet-Time

    • Total-Time without Menu Board

    • Line Only

  • Brand-set goal time displays are now customizable and may appear on one, several, or all of the drive-thru segments displayed on the Daypart or All-Day Tiles.

  • Drive-thru segments appearing on the All-Day Tile may now differ from those appearing on the Daypart Tile, allowing restaurants to customize their focus.

  • Vehicle indicator bubbles may now display one or all of the available options of: segment time, segment text, and/or overall line-time.

  • Brand logos may appear on any of the available Drive-Thru Director restaurant buildings, allowing for a more enhanced experience.

  • The “Relatively High Vehicle Time” icon now appears as the Drive-Thru Director Stopwatch Timer. This icon appears green when goal-times are met and red when goaltimes are missed.

2.5.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 29, 2019

New Features


Drive-Thru Director has implemented a new Pay Window segment. The details and benefits of this new feature are:

  • New layouts that feature a wider building that includes the Pay Window area—Layouts are accessible through the Ctrl+L Layout Menu.

  • When Pay Window is implemented, a new “At Pay Window” vehicle indicator bubble appears. The indicator bubble displays time tracking for the Pay Window and the Overall Total-Time.

2.3.0 - 2.4.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 29, 2019

New Features


An animated screensaver with the Drive-Thru Director Logo now appears during a Restaurant’s inactive hours.


Implemented processes to replicate device-level configurations on the Portal in preparation for an upcoming release allowing portal integration.


Configuration screens formerly accessible at the device-level are now read-only and accessible on the Portal.



The Rack-n-Stack Leaderboard now compares Pick-up Window or All-Day times, as expected.

2.2.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: March 18, 2019



Each segment of the Daypart and All-Day tiles are now customizable, as of Version 2.1.0.


Audible alerts are now available and configurable through the keyboard-attached Ctrl+B Audio Alerts Configuration Menu.


The Vehicle Indicator text displayed at the Menu Board of “at menu” or “waiting for greeting” is now optional.


Additional backgrounds and layouts are available through the keyboard-attached Ctrl+L Layout Menu.

2.1.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: April 22, 2019

New Features


Daypart and All-Day Tiles are now even more customizable.

  • The Goal Time for each segment appearing on each Tile is configurable to either show or hide.

  • The Percentage Met for each segment appearing on each Tile is configurable to either show or hide.

  • The "Exceeds Overall Wait-Time" Stopwatch Timer is now configurable to the goal set by Your Brand.

  • The Stopwatch Timer is now able to display either the percentage, number of vehicles, or number of minutes.

2.0.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: December 17, 2018

New Features


Lengthy Custom Restaurant Names now display without word-wrap on Rack-n-Stack or Weekly Leaderboards.

2.0.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: April 25, 2018

New Features


New Backgrounds | Drive-Thru Director now supports new backgrounds, including brand-specific backgrounds, for single-lane and double-lane (also known as "Y" layout) drive-thrus.


New Background Configurations | Backgrounds are now configurable for left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) drive-thru layouts.


Fast and Slow Vehicle Indicators | Drive-Thru Director now displays Fast or Slow Vehicles based on the the goals set in place by Your Brand and the performance of Your Restaurant. DTD displays Fast Vehicles when goals are met and Slow Vehicles when goals are missed.


Audible Vehicle Notification | Drive-Thru Director now provides a configurable option to play a sound when a vehicle first arrives in the drive-thru.


Weekly Leaderboard | The Weekly Leaderboard, similar to the Rack-N-Stack feature, displays the weekly speed-of- service average for the current daypart.


Performance Enhancements | Updated the DTD Controller OS and underlying components for optimal performance.



Backgrounds now scale for larger or smaller screens.


Additional time zones recognized.

1.10.6 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: Fenruary 27, 2017

New Features


Provided DTD functionality in the following languages: French, Hungarian, Russian, and Spanish.



Addressed an issue where if the DTD's browser was reset during a Slowpoke event, then that Slowpoke alert may remain on the display after the reset.

1.10.5 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: February 27, 2017



Addressed an issue where the DTD may display incomplete information because the GUI starts before the database is ready to display data.

1.10.4 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: February 27, 2017

New Features


Added the Greet Time Feature - The DTD can now be configured to measure "Greet Time." Greet time is the length of time that a vehicle waits at the menu board before the drive thru order taker's headset is activated. Tracking this time lets you know if your staff is promptly greeting your customers as they arrive in your drive thru. If enabled, you'll see a "Greet" section added to your DTD's summary windows.


Allowed for Tracking of Individual Limits - In addition to showing the percentage of vehicles that did not meet your configured Total time limit, the DTD can also show a count of vehicles with times that exceed a limit determined by your parent brand.



Addressed an issue where the DTD UI may not load if the DTD Service is not running when the UI starts.

1.10.3 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: January 2, 2017

New Features


The DTD Can Now Communicate Vehicle Statuses to the Outdoor DMB.

The DTD can now send its vehicle status to Outdoor Digital Menu Boards. If your DTD does not sense a vehicle at your menu board for over a minute, full screen takeovers can be configured to appear during idle times in your drive thru.

DTD-776, DTD-807, DTD-812, DTD-813, DTD-820, DTD-841, DTD-876

Improved automated test case functionality, which allows SICOM QC to more consistently generate test causes, pause these test cases in progress, and record and monitor the results.


Consolidated the records in the DTD database that govern day parts.


If the DTD is unable to reach the DTD data servers, then it will not display Rack & Stack information until that connection is restored.


Optimized DTD queries to improve performance and prevent potential strains on system resources.


DTDs now inform SICOM's DMB portal if they have the Rack & Stack feature enabled.


Goal time warnings, such as times displaying in red, will now appear one second after the configured goal time has been elapsed, as opposed to when the vehicle icon reaches that goal time. Let's say your menu board goal time was set to 45 seconds. Before this software version was introduced, your vehicle icon times would begin displaying in red at 45 seconds.


Provided DTD functionality in the following languages: German, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.


Provided an advisory popup that notifies you when the DTD is undergoing database maintenance.


Hardcoded day parts have been removed. If day parts are not configured for a DTD, the day part title will appear as Day part N/A.



Addressed an issue where the DTD's database may become unresponsive when the DTD attempts to load its configuration.


Addressed an issue where complete daily leaderboard statistics may not appear after a day part change.


Addressed an issue where if two or more restaurants have the same total time, then they would show the same ranking in the Rack & Stack statistics popup.


Addressed spacing and text formatting issues in the Rack & Stack layout.


Addressed an issue where "Car missed goal" alerts may not display the configured time duration that the car had surpassed.


Addressed an issue where the timebox would not completely encapsulate the time when a vehicle icon is at the pickup window.


Addressed an issue where vehicle animation may not completely match a vehicle's loop events, resulting in valid vehicles potentially being treated as unexpected enters or slowpokes.


Addressed an issue where "Missed day part goal" and "Sensor issue" alerts may not appear even though their requirements had been satisfied.


Addressed an issue where the Canada/Newfoundland time zone was not available to select.

1.8.3 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 15, 2016



Updated Rack & Stack logic to better handle ranking of restaurants which have identical total times.

1.8.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 5, 2016

New Features


Introduced DTD Rack & Stack Feature - With this optionally licensed feature enabled, you'll be able to see how your restaurant's timing performance compares against other restaurants within your franchise.

1.7.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: June 9, 2016



Addressed an issue where dual lane sites may not record senses from the second menuboard.


Addressed an issue where the DTD user interface can experience a slight lag. This had no impact on recorded times.


Addressed an issue where the API key is generated using the local timezone rather than UTC.


Addressed an issue where the DTD may not properly resolve DNS.

1.7.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: March 21, 2016

New Features


The DTD can now be configured to display in languages other than English.

DTD-300, DTD-669

The DTD can now be configured with different goal times for each daypart.


The DTD will now use UTC format to track its times, allowing it to better address timing events during Daylight Saving Time.


Improved the process by which the DTD accounts for drifts in system time.

DTD-577, DTD-700

Enhanced the GPIO board's method of interpreting and retaining sensor information, allowing for increased stability and the ability to replay collected senses in case of an issue with the DTD server itself.



Audited DTD processes and functions for speed and responsiveness, refactoring those which took too long to complete.


Addressed a grammatical error in a submenu option.


Addressed an issue where the DTD would not retain its configured day parts.


Addressed an issue where the DTD's display may flicker during a "Vehicle Stuck in queue" message.


Addressed an issue where the vehicle animation may be delayed when using the "pickup window" only layout.


Addressed an issue where the DTD may re-upload previous days' information to the DMB portal upon upgrade or a connection resumption after a prolonged offlined period.

1.6.2 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: December 11, 2015

New Features


Addressed punctuation issues in "Sensor Issue" advisory messages.


Adjusted the polling schedule of the DTD controller in order to send data more efficiently.


Enhanced the "Check In" utility with more descriptive error messages.


Improved the internal DTD troubleshooting utility to display the DTD's current layout and daypart to the technician.



The update process has been refined to preserve a target site's logo/trademark images.


Addressed a memory issue caused by internal logging.


Addressed reporting and polling issues which may result from DTD controllers with configured timezones other than EST.


Addressed delayed vehicle animations caused by background processes overtaxing system resources.


Addressed an issue where vehicle times could not be recorded correctly during changes in Daylight Saving Time.

DTD-640, 648

The word "Problem" in advisory messages has been changed to "Issue."


Addressed an issue where a blank white idle screen may display following an upgrade.


Addressed an issue where switching to a "Pickup Only" layout can cause a white box to appear if a vehicle animation appeared on the menu board loop.

1.6.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: September 25, 2015

New Features


Enhanced the ability of the DTD to post previous days' data if it has been offline for an extended period of time.


Enhanced the ability of the DTD to receive and process needed software upgrades at any time of day.


When staging a DTD controller in-house, if the controller reports the same credentials as another local DTD controller has reported in the last 30 minutes, the DTD will prompt the person staging the controller to re-check these credentials before the staging process can proceed.


Enhanced DTD logging that advises if a DTD controller did not successfully process an update.


Introduced the ability to have the DTD monitor your pickup window time exclusively.


Added the ability for multiple DTD controllers to provide their timing information from the same restaurant.



Addressed an issue where the DTD may not recognize its display's resolution after a reboot.


Addressed an issue where if the DTD were displaying the alert that there is a sensor problem, it would prevent the alert that notifies that the DTD cannot in fact communicate with the GPIO board.


Addressed an issue where the "Vehicle stuck in queue" advisory message would prevent access to keyboard command submenus.


Addressed an issue where changing the timezone on the DTD controller would result in the advisory message for "vehicle stuck in queue."


Addressed an issue where the vehicle icon would not fit in the pickup window's container box.


Addressed an issue where vehicle icons may overlap in a "Y" drive thru configuration.


Addressed an issue where the DTD's idle summary screen may display incomplete totals.


Addressed an issue where a vehicle's animation may be slower after a browser reload.


Addressed an issue where a slowpoke advisory message may clear vehicle icons from the line until the next drive thru event.


Addressed an issue where the "Unable to Read Sensor Information" advisory message may appear even though sensor information was being correctly transmitted to the DTD.

1.5.4 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: September 01, 2015

New Features


The DTD API output has been reverted to its prior format, version 1.


Posted drive thru timing data will now be reconciled against the DTD's local drive thru timing data in order to ensure accuracy.


Addressed an issue where GPIO board mapping which had a "0" mapped in the first position may not interpreted senses correctly.

1.5.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: August 4, 2015

New Features


The DTD will now report its current patch level in the software version.


Upon upgrade, the DTD will sync its in-restaurant configuration with SICOM's DMB Portal. This ensures that updates from the DMB Portal match the local configuration on the DTD.


The DTD will now display an advisory message while undergoing an upgrade.

Please do not turn off or reset the DTD controller while the upgrade is in progress. No drive thru times will be recorded while this advisory message displays.



Added new millisecond field to DTD API, which is now at version 2.


Addressed an issue where car transitions from the line to the pickup window would not animate smoothly.


Addressed an issue where the report configuration menu would incorrectly report an error upon saving the configuration.


Addressed an issue where an unexpected enter on the pickup loop may cause the next car icon to not appear correctly on the display.


Addressed a typo in the "Sensor Problem" advisory message.


Addressed an issue where the timezone may be incorrectly set to Eastern Standard Time during an upgrade.


Addressed an issue where negative times would not be removed.

1.4.1 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: May 20, 2015

New Features


Suppressed GPIO advisory messages during the in-house update process that occurs before shipping a DTD controller.


Enhanced randomized sleep/wake times for portal reporting in order to reduce the risk of data traffic congestion.


Added the ability for the DTD controller to check for remote VPN capability, and fetch the remote VPN configuration file if it does not exist.

1.4.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: April 20, 2015

Along with having each enhancement or addressed issue listed individually, there are significant changes in the DTD's configuration and behavior that are explained in detail at the beginning of these release notes.

Updated Rules and Behaviors for Drive Thru Transactions

With this release, there have been multiple criteria added that influence how drive thru senses are tracked and validated. These criteria include: roll-up delays, roll-off delays, and a minimum total time.

  • Roll-up Delays - A roll-up delay is the minimum amount of time that a sensor must be triggered before counting as a valid sense. If a vehicle does not trigger a sense for the length of time configured here, then that vehicle will not register as a valid drive thru event, and its time will not appear on reports.

  • Roll-off Delays - Roll-off delays are designed to aid in sensor continuity. If a sense stops and resumes, or "flickers" for less than the amount of time configured in this setting, then the original sense will continue to count up as a single sense. The default length of a roll-off delay is one second. So if a sense begins, then stops for less than a second, then resumes, it will still count as a single sense, not two individual senses.

  • Minimum Total Time - Drive thru events must have a default minimum total time of 15 seconds in order to count as a valid event. If an event does not have a total time of 15 seconds, it will not appear on your reports.

Overlong Senses

If a loop sense endures past the default time of 15 minutes, this may indicate a malfunctioning loop sensor. Traditionally, this would display a "Sensor Problem" message.

This message will now display information that can help the user diagnose and clear their sensor status.

Developed a Drive Thru Director API

Developed a JSON-RPC API to interface with your DTD to obtain timing information directly from the unit.

New Features


Vehicle senses will not be valid unless they've triggered the sense for a default time of at least 4 seconds. All recorded times will still include these initial 4 seconds.


Enhanced logging and failsafes to prevent incorrect configuration settings from causing the DTD to not accept keystrokes.


Allowed for enhanced timing data to post to up to the Burger BUS (BBUS).


Provided SICOM Support the ability to safely adjust a DTD controller's timezone setting via the command line.


Provided SICOM Support the ability to fully restore a DTD controller's software if an upgrade process did not complete.


Added the ability to configure a "max loop open time" for each individual sensor. Once a loop sense exceeds that time, the DTD will display a "Sensor problem" message.


Updated the phrasing of the alert that occurs when the DTD cannot read senses from the GPIO Board.


Updated formatting of the emails sent from the DTD when using the "Check In" feature during installation.


Added a "minimum total time" for a drive thru transaction to count as a valid timing event. If a drive thru transaction does not meet this minimum time, it is recorded as an "Unexpected Enter" or "Unexpected Quit" in the DTD's sensor data, but does not count as a valid drive thru transaction and is not included in reports.

DTD-334. 409

.Added the ability to individually configure DTD alerts. Alerts display on the upper right hand corner of your DTD:



Upgraded the DTD SQL database software to address recent CVEs.


Addressed an issue where the DTD controller would not register as present on the network when assigned a network address by DHCP.


Addressed an issue where vehicle animations may obscure other features of the DTD display.


Addressed an issue where "Slowpoke" events would cause previous dayparts' timing information not to display.


Addressed an issue where some alerts would remain displaying even after a reset.


Upgraded controller's PHP version to 5.6.6 to address CVE-2015-0235 (GHOST).


Addressed an issue where the pickup area may hold two vehicle icons at the same time after a possible drive-off was detected.


Addressed animation issues that may occur while vehicle icons are moving through a "Y" layout.


Addressed an issue where the DTD could display a black screen after a software upgrade until a reset occurred.


Addressed an issue where an upgrade may cause the DTD controller not to communicate with SICOM's DMB Portal.


Upgraded system software to address potential recent CVEs.


Upgraded OpenSSL to version 1.0.1l-r1.0


Upgraded controller's PHP version to 5.6.7 to address performance issues and potential CVEs.


Upgraded BASH version to 4.3-r34.0.


Addressed an issue where the second menuboard area of a Y layout drive thru would not display on the DTD after returning from a configuration menu.


Addressed an issue where the controller's timezone was not able to be configured via the keyboard shortcut.

1.3.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: March 19, 2015

New Features


Added the "Car stuck in queue" diagnostic message. If a vehicle has triggered a sense or been in line for more than 15 minutes, the DTD will consider this to be potentially incomplete timing data and display a red diagnotic message across the entire screen advising, "Car stuck in queue."

If you encounter this alert, please contact Xenial Support to troubleshoot the DTD sensor data. No additional timing data will be recorded while this alert is in effect.


Added a "Possible Drive-off Detected" countdown bar that shows when a vehicle may be considered a "Slowpoke" and will be pushed from the line.


Provided an API that allows users to retrieve matched pair data from the DTD database.



Addressed a graphical issue where the day part and sensor alerts could be made to unintentionally obscure the entire DTD display.


Addressed an issue where the maximum number of vehicles in line would revert to its default value after the DTD's browser was refreshed.


Addressed an issue where vehicles detected solely at the pickup window would be calculated as part of dashboard totals.

1.2.0 | Drive-Thru Director

Implementation Date: February 05, 2015

New Features


Added the ability for DTDs to be automatically configured and loaded with default settings.

DTD-59, DTD-109

Added the "Check-In" feature, which allows on-site techs installing a DTD to send an email with the DTD's current settings to SICOM Systems.


Enabled the DTD to receive upgrades automatically from SICOM's DMB Portal.


Improved the DTD's ability to communicate information to and download software updates from SICOM's DMB Portal.


Clarified and rephased DTD alerts.


Strengthened software response to multiple server connections in order to prevent disruptions in sensor event tracking.



Addressed an issue where a vehicle may be removed from the DTD's queue if the browser was refreshed.


Addressed an issue where the "Offline" warning message would prevent users from accessing hotkey menus.


Addressed an issue where the DTD would not correctly track vehicles after its server was restarted.


Addressed a CSS issue when displaying a "Y" drive thru configuration.