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Service Pack 76 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: September 06, 2023


Employee Onboarding

The Employee Maintenance form now allows an exception for employees imported with only State information and no other address information when the option Require Employee Address is OFF.


Inactive Reasons

Added the ability to flag a default Inactive Reason in the Inactive Reason Configuration form.


Security Users

Visibility correction of the Command Line User configuration within the Security Users feature.


Emails to Inactive Team Portal Managers

Inactive Team Portal Managers were receiving registration emails.

With this update, only Active Team Portal managers receive emails while inactive Team Portal managers do NOT receive emails.

Service Pack 75 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: August 17, 2023


California Labor Laws

Updated the total hours worked calculation to exclude unpaid breaks in order to apply California Labor Law penalties as expected.


Detailed Hours Calculations Report

Added a punch exceptions footnote to the report.

The following footnote is now displayed if there are punch exceptions for stores / employees during the timeframe specified in the corresponding "parent" report section:

  • WARNING: There are punches during this timeframe that are invalid. For more information, review the Punch Exceptions report.

From the footnote, select the "Punch Exceptions" link to open the Punch Exceptions report to view the stores / employees and the associated timeframe.


Labor Reports

Aligned labor reports to report overtime for semi-monthly payroll.


Employee Import

If a birthdate is not specified on an employee record, then their birthdate is set to the current date when the employee is imported using the Employee Import Service or Command line.

Older Releases

Service Pack 74 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: July 31, 2023


Punch Edit Preservation

By default, all existing punches for a store/date are overwritten with the punch data imported from the POS.

With this release, the application can now be configured to preserve employee punch updates made in RTI when punch data is imported from the POS.


SOS Export Timezone Update

The SOS Export now uses the appropriate timezone when exporting data.


Sales by Point of Purchase Report Update

Adjusted the layout of the Sales by Point of Purchase report to ensure the full POP description is displayed in the Point of Purchase column.

Service Pack 73 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: July 07, 2023


Cashier Report

When the Cashier Report is generated for all stores, the appropriate store is now identified in the header of each page of the report.


Inventory Value Report

Updated the Combine Item Cases (CIC) inventory calculation so that it accurately reflects and supports the corresponding values on the Detailed Inventory Item Usage Report.

The values in the CIC Quantity column on the report are based on:

  • The Unit of Measure (UOM) for CIC Inventory Items that contain other CIC Inventory items.

  • The Order Unit for individual CIC Inventory Items.


Team Portal

Added a Profile page to Team Portal to enable employees to maintain a personal profile that includes the following:

  • First Name.

  • Last Name.

  • Email Address.

The Profile page also includes the following option:

  • Other employees can see my schedule - If selected, other employees can view this employee's labor schedule.

Service Pack 72 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: May 31, 2023


Labor Reports - Added a punch exceptions footnote to the following reports:

  • All Estimated Pay reports

  • Multi-Store Employee Pay

  • Punch Recap

The following footnote is now displayed if there are punch exceptions for stores / employees during the timeframe specified in the corresponding "parent" report section:

  • WARNING: There are punches during this timeframe that are invalid. For more information, review the Punch Exceptions report.

From the footnote, select the "Punch Exceptions" link to open the Punch Exceptions report to view the stores / employees and the associated timeframe.

The verbiage of the existing footnote has been updated on the following reports to conform with this new footnote:

  • Payroll Hours

  • Weekly Hours

  • Transmittal



Food / Inventory Reports - The following reports are now available to be added as stock reports in Report Manager under Food/inventory:

  • Inventory Item Listing

  • Menu Item and Recipe Listing

Prior to this update, these reports were only accessible via their respective menu commands.



Labor Reports - Resolved an issue with the following reports, which generated an error after the store database was converted to the Semi-Monthly timeframe:

  • Estimated Pay (by Store)

  • Payroll Hours


Punch Processing - The Default Date Range is now set to the expected date range when the user opens the Punch Processing form.


Dashboard - Updated Web report handling to ignore the report when the associated store is not open for business.

Service Pack 71 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: April 28, 2023


In all labor law reports, the term "Child" is now replaced with "Minor". The following reports are updated:

  • Minor Labor Law Violations

  • Minor Labor Law Warnings


Addressed an issue with eOrders where the specified item quantity was not saved if the user typed an updated item quantity, and then immediately closed the item search filter and sent the order.

eOrders is updated to ensure the updated quantities for all items returned by the search filter are saved before the order is sent.


The following Payroll Lockdown option was added:

  • Payroll Lockdown Method - From the dropdown, select the desired method:

    • Edit x Number of Days Back - Specify the number of previous days of employee time punches the user is allowed to edit. This is the default method.

      The "x" in the method name is defined by the Number of Days Back to Edit option. The default value is 365.

    • Edit Previous Payroll Period - If selected, the user is allowed to edit employee time punches from the previous pay period.


Users who are granted the Punches > Override Lockdown internal security task are allowed to edit any time punch from any day.


On all menu login forms, replaced the Powered by SICOM image with the Powered by Xenial image.

Service Pack 70 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: March 31, 2023


Added the following footnote to the Schedule Variance Cost Analysis (Detail) report:

"Any shift outside of [# of minutes early] and [# of minutes late] will not display on this report."

The following describes how the number of minutes in this rule are calculated:

  • [# of minutes early] = [Twenty (20) minutes + "Grace Minutes Employee Can Clock In/Out Early"]

  • [# of minutes late] = [Twenty (20) minutes + "Grace Minutes Employee Can Clock In/Out Late"]

The system administrator defines the following parameters:

  • Grace Minutes Employee Can Clock In/Out Early

  • Grace Minutes Employee Can Clock In/Out Late

Select the footnote link from the report to access the product documentation.


Added the following Payroll Export Format:

  • Generic - Canada Premium - This format has the same structure as "Generic - Canada" with an additional column named "PremiumHours", which specifies the number of hours from Employee Punches that are deemed as "premium" (e.g. excess hours worked over 12 hours in British Columbia).


The Detailed Inventory Item Usage report has been renamed: Actual Usage Detail.


The Shift Variance report has been renamed: Scheduled vs Actual Hours.

Service Pack 69 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: February 27, 2023


Updated inventory integration with the US Foods vendor to ensure the business date that is associated with invoices is reflective of the actual delivery date.


Added ability for employees to logon to the Encounter POS without clocking in.

The General tab of the Employee Detail editor now includes the following setting:

  • Encounter Log On w/o Clock In - When selected, the user is not clocked in when the user logs onto the Encounter POS.


Addressed an issue with the Report Designer to ensure the "next day" qualifier is only displayed once for each applicable time frame identified on the Labor - Summary line of reports.


Addressed an issue with the Report Designer where employee time punches from the next calendar day were not reflected on the Labor - Department line of reports.

To resolve the issue, the list of time slots that are available for selection in the report setup is now extended.


Updated the report period definition for the Transmittal and Payroll Hours reports for bi-weekly payroll.

If the Pay Period Length setting is set to Bi-Weekly, then:

  • The "Begin Date" is set to the first day of the week that the selected Begin Date occurs.

  • The first day is determined based on the "Date of the First Day in Any Payroll Lockout Interval" setting. The weekday of that date is identified as the first day of the work week.

  • The "End Date" is set to a date two (2) weeks from the "Begin Date".

Service Pack 68 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: January 31, 2023


Added the following option to the General tab of the Store editor:

  • Enable Team Portal Notifications - Select this option to receive email notifications for Team Portal at the store-level.

    If this option is not selected, email notifications are suppressed.


Implemented On-demand Cloud-based Import functionality to enable the user to import device data from a selected store and business date.


Addressed an issue that prevented the print job for the Daily Schedule report from printing all pages.


Updates to the Estimated Pay (By Store) report include:

  • Corrected the Other Pay calculation.

  • The Description field is now displayed from the drill-thru instead of the Short Desc field.

Service Pack 67 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: January 03, 2023


From the report selection screen, the user is now able to define the date ranges for the following reports.

Prior to this update, the date ranges were based on the First Day of Week setting.

  • Estimated Pay (By Store)

  • Estimated Pay (Consolidated)

  • Estimate Pay (Summary)

  • Multi-Store Employee Pay

The date range for the following report is now based on the start date specified by the user.

The actual start date reflects the payroll period start date. The end date is determined by the Pay Period Length setting (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Semi-Monthly).

  • Transmittal


Updated reports to ensure custom timeout settings are respected and the related reports are generated as expected.


Implemented the following options for the Schedule Variance Cost Analysis (Detail) report:

  • Grace Minutes Employee Can Clock In/Out Early

  • Grace Minutes Employee Can Clock In/Out Late


Updated employee maintenance to allow the user to add a new store to an employee via the Primary Store dropdown.

Service Pack 66 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: November 10, 2022


Labor Law Reports - Employees without time punches are now excluded from child labor law violations and labor law warnings reports.


Custom reports now support Locale Premiums.

From the Labor - Summary column, select Actual - Locale Premium.


Payroll exports - Updated the calculation to accommodate situations when the export time frame does not follow the business week.

Service Pack 65 | RTIconnect

Implementation Date: October 7, 2022

Posting / GL and Purchases

  • Added an export format for Posting/GL and Purchases named QuickBooks - Tab.

  • Renamed the existing Quickbooks export format to Quickbooks - Comma.

  • Both exports perform the same function. The only difference is the delimiter that is used: tab or comma.

Billing Reconciliation

  • Added an option named Client Billing Code to the Misc Tab.

  • Added a field named Billing Code to the Store form.

  • Users with applicable privileges can update both billing code values.


Renamed the XenialJobCode field on the Employee Aggregations controller to XenialJobId.

Service Pack 64 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



Updated Employee Pay reports to only display a footnote about multiple pay rates when an employee has multiple pay rates in a particular store during the reporting period.


Increased the gap height of the print job footer to ensure all pages of lengthy print jobs are printed.


Updated the payroll reports to respect the selected store filter and only include the user-selected stores on the report.


Removed an unneeded comma from the Generic Punch Recap export file.

Service Pack 63 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.


RCN-3777, RCN-10801

Custom Reports: Added ability to generate reports for individual stations.

The SOS Information tab on the Report Designer: Line Attributes form now includes a Stations dropdown.

  • From the Stations dropdown, select the specific station to include on the report. To include ALL stations, select All Stations End To End.

  • For all existing reports with an SOS Data Type, the Stations dropdown is automatically set to All Stations End To End.

The Data Type dropdown option Average Time End to End is renamed to Average Time.


Payroll Export: Added a new Export Payroll - File Format option named Generic - Local Premiums.

This new export file format allows for custom payroll calculations that include local premiums (i.e. additional penalties for labor law violations).


Reports: Updated the copyright notice to 2022 on all report templates.

Service Pack 62 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



The Break Length and Paid Break values on the Punch Recap report are now displayed in HH:MM:SS format (hours, minutes, and seconds).

The Short Break value and the related Totals in the Schedule Variance Cost Analysis Summary and Detail reports are now displayed in MM:SS format (minutes and seconds).


Added the following option to Paychex Flex exporting:

  • Export Payroll - Paychex Rest Break Desc - Define the label for Minimum Rest Break violations.

Updated PayChex to export Locale Premiums.


Updated the Paid Break and Dept Hours column headers on the Punch Recap report.


Updated Payroll to properly enforce California Meal Break time restrictions.


  • Added a tooltip (mouseover) to the description of dashboard notifications to enable the user to read long notifications in their entirety.

  • Improved the issue description included in the notification for schedule approval deadlines.

Service Pack 61 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



Updated the Calculate Order function in Food > Orders to not divide an item quantity by zero (0) when transferring items.

Service Pack 60 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



To improve usability, the following California Meal Break Waiver options have been renamed. The option summaries have also been revised to make their functionality more clear.


Updated Name

Updated Summary


California: Apply 6h Meal Break Waiver

When enabled, the penalty for missing a meal break is not applied for a shift up to 6h.


California: Apply 12h Meal Break Waiver

When enabled, the penalty for missing a second meal break is not applied for a shift up to 12h.


Added missing counties to Add Employee form in Employee Maintenance.

Service Pack 59 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



Updated the Employee Import format for Workday to allow for the importation of the Employee Email Address (when provided).


Added new Speed of Service (SOS) engine to perform all SOS calculations.


Updated Export API with SOS data.

Added the following API endpoints:

  • stores/{storeId}/dayParts - Returns all configured day parts for a given site (employee must have access to the site).

  • /speedOfService/transactions - Exports all SOS transactions for a given date range and site (employee must have access to the site). The user must have access to the SOS internal security task in RTIconnect.

  • /speedOfService/stations - Returns all configured SOS stations. The user must have access to the SOS internal security task in RTIconnect.

  • /pops - Returns all configured points of purchase. The user must have access to the SOS internal security task in RTIconnect.

Additional updates:

  • Moved the Speed Of Service Cross Reference and Speed Of Service Stations internal security tasks under a new Speed Of Service root task.

  • Renamed the Points of Purchase internal security task to Edit Points of Purchase and moved the task under the Points of Purchase root task.


API /api/v1/stores/{storeId} - Added BusinessEntityId as a required field to the endpoint in the StoresController class.


PMix API - Update to handle cases when a field value is DBNull.


Updated the Daily Tender Detail report to recognize time zones outside EST and changed the datetime mode to Unspecified.

Service Pack 58 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



Added new Schedule lockdown options:

  • Enable Schedule Lockdown - If enabled, Schedule lockdown functionality is enabled, which restricts edits to the previous week's schedule once the specified grace period is expired.

  • Schedule Lockdown Grace Days - Total number of days from the start of the current week during which the user is able to edit the previous week's schedule.

    Once this grace period expires, the previous week's schedule is locked down and cannot be edited.


When a discount is voided, the currency amount is subtracted from the total and the cost is voided to $0.00.


If multiple shifts are scheduled for an employee on the same date, Manager Fixed Schedules is updated to only consume the first shift.

Service Pack 57 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



The minimum number of hours worked before requiring a meal break in RTIconnect is updated to accommodate the California labor law.

In California, an employee may not work more than five (5) hours per day without a break of thirty (30) minutes, unless the total shift length is no more than six (6) hours.

If the total shift length is no more than six (6) hours, the employee and employer can agree to waive the meal break.

Service Pack 56 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



Dashboard - The name of the "Order Needed Today" notification type has been changed to "Order Due Today".

The "Order Due Today" notification now specifies the time of day the order is expected to be placed.


Added "Store Operating System Report", which contains the following for each site:

  • The operating system version.

  • TLS 1.2 readiness.

Service Pack 55 | RTIconnect

Supplemental Information

This release is not dependent on another component update.



First/Last Transaction Report - Updated the TLD import to ensure the correct date/time is applied.


Nevada Overtime - The pay rate that was effective for the employee at the time of the shift is now used to determine whether the employee qualifies for overtime.


Employee Export - Reverted the Employee Export to its original format and removed unused columns.

Service Pack 54 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Catchweight Item Quantity Persisted on Order Save

When an order is saved and opened again, the quantity of catchweight order items now matches the quantity that was originally entered for the items.

Service Pack 53 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Brink Non-Revenue Item Reporting

Non-Revenue items imported from the Brink system are now reported correctly and are no longer reported as Voids.


Nevada OT Eligibility

The minimum wage that was used to determine who qualifies for Nevada OT was updated.

Service Pack 52 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Order Guide - Copy Function

Order Guides now include a Copy function that enables the user to copy a store's Order and Purchase sequence to another store or store group. Store access permissions are enforced.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Restrict Email Domains

Use the Internal E-mail Domain option to restrict email registration for challenge codes to specific email domains. In the provided field, type the valid email domains separated by a comma.


Employee Export - Column Layout

The Cashier column is relocated to its original position on the generic Employee Export.

Service Pack 51 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Enable/Disable SMS Feature

The User Group form now includes an Enable SMS for MFA option. Select this option to enable the SMS feature for Multi-Factor Authorization for the User Group.


Detailed Inventory Item Usage Report - Create Adjustment Feature

Drilling through to orders on the Detailed Inventory Item Usage report and using the Create Adjustment feature generated an error. This has been corrected and no longer generates an error.


Hourly Sales Import for Delivery POP

An issue was resolved with the RTIStandard CSV importer where not all POPs were imported for Hourly Sales.

Service Pack 50 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Employee Export Format

A new Employee Export Format was added that prints employee timecard information for any selected store even if the store is not identified as the employees' Primary Store.


POP Holdings - POP 4091 -  Errant Paid Out Data on SICOM split tills

Paid Outs are now correctly calculated when POS data is imported.


Invoice Register Reports - Date Range Capture

An issue was resolved where the selected date range was not applied when drilling down to the Transfers Search page of the Invoice Register reports.

Service Pack 49 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Product Mix Estimate Optimizations

Product Mix Estimate has been optimized to better accommodate large amounts of data.


Weekly Sales Analysis Report - Menu Item Reporting Groups

An issue has been resolved where some menu items were appearing in the wrong Menu Item Reporting Group.

Service Pack 48 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


SICOM POS - Capture Additional Discounts

Updated the SICOM importer to include additional discount information.

Service Pack 47 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Bulk Employee Record Updates

Added ability to update pay rates for multiple employee records simultaneously.


Canada Payroll: Saskatchewan

Overtime calculations are updated to account for 24-hour workdays.


Canada Payroll: Alberta

Overtime calculations are updated to use whichever overtime value is greater: Weekly OT or Daily OT.


Brink Importing - Refunds in Tills

Updated Brink Importing to include Refund information at the till-level.


Canada Labor Laws: Saskatchewan

Added Warnings and Violations when an employee does not have more than eight (8) consecutive hours of rest in a 24-hour window from the time they start a shift.

This update only applies to employees who are assigned a School Calendar.

Service Pack 45 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Added the ability to import Credit Card Counts from IRIS - POS.


The transaction time provided in the First/Last Transaction report now correctly reflects the store's time zone instead of the user's local time zone.


Added the ability to import Misc Income from SICOM POS.


Updated the Weather widget to display both the high and low temperature for each day.

Service Pack 44 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Sales and Cash Management Recap Report - Now reports the total Customer Count at the Pick-Up Window instead of the Total Customer Count.


GL Account - The maximum field length for Account Number is increased from 15 to 100 characters.


Added new employee setup options to enable View Only permissions for pay rates.


Resolved issue where Combined Item Cases were included in a Purchase.


Estimated Pay Report - Spread of Pay $ is no longer reported for exempt, non-hourly employees.

Service Pack 43 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Inconsistent results in report drill-through - Under certain circumstances a drill-through on a Custom report opened an incorrect report or generated an error. This has been resolved.


Payroll export - A new Payroll Format was added for one of our Valued Partners for use when exporting Payroll data.


Inventory Count validation - Performing validation on Inventory Counts too quickly sometimes resulted in inaccurate information. This has been resolved.


Tax import - An error could occur when importing tax information from one of our Valued Partners that did not exist in the data. This has been resolved.


Child Labor Law Violations Report - Improved performance of the Child Labor Law Violations report, which allows for more stores and larger date ranges to be defined.


Daily Usage and Inventory Summary Reports - The drill-throughs on the reports sometimes generated an error when the reports were run as Store Groups. This has been resolved.


Added CA Premium Pay for Split Shift and Second Meal Break - Meal Breaks and Split Shifts for CA are now accounted for and appear on the Estimated Pay Reports and some Payroll Export formats.


Export Data: Tender - An error was sometimes generated when the user attempted to Export Tender Data. This has been resolved.

Service Pack 42 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Updated the Till import process to handle additional scenarios when importing tills as "Counted".

A new Option was added for this update.  Please contact Xenial Support to have this new Option enabled.


Added the ability to filter transactions from the First/Last Transaction Report if the transactions contain negative sales or do not meet a specified threshold of total cash.

New Options were added for this update.  Please contact Xenial Support to have these new Options enabled.


Resolved an issue that occurred when the operator attempted to update an expired password.

Service Pack 41 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Resolved an issue that prevented the What If Analysis report to print.

Service Pack 40 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Resolved an issue where the export file was not generated when a single date was defined for the export operation.

Service Pack 39 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


When performing a Schedule Export for a specific employee who works at multiple sites, only data from the selected site(s) is exported.


Resolved an issue that prevented the import of punches with a POS Description that exceeded 20 characters.

Service Pack 38 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Updated the minimum wage for Nevada.


Updated the following Indiana Child Labor Laws for 16-17 year olds:

  • Increased maximum hours per school week from 30 hours to 40 hours.

  • Increased maximum hours per non-school week from 40 hours to 48 hours.


Resolved an issue with duplicate records when exporting Time Punches.

Service Pack 36 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Resolved an issue when trying to borrow an employee with limited security access.


Corrected the behavior of the SICOM Employee Import when importing into the Employee External Reference field.


Updated the behavior of the Minor notification to always use the Minor setting located in Employees.


Resolved an issue with printing the TLD report.


Increased the number of characters allowed for the External Reference Number in the Paychex payroll export format.


Added an option to prevent salaried employees from clocking in via Timeclock.


Added an option to prevent punches for salaried employees from being entered in Punch Processing.


Resolved an issue with Nevada OT for employees who work in multiple stores.

Service Pack 35 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Improved the performance for calculating Orders.


Resolved an issue with column header order in the SOS Export file.


Increased the Order Delivery MaxValue Limit up to 16 weeks for Vendor Delivery Schedules.


Resolved a timeout issue when previewing the Employee Changes report.


Added the ability to export only approved schedules for the Schedule Export.


Resolved a display issue when printing Custom Reports.


Resolved an issue when writing to the Store Audit Log.


Resolved an issue with the Schedule Export where employees were being duplicated.


Resolved an issue with the SICOM importer causing errors in certain scenarios.


Resolved an issue with the TLD Report caused by large Check Numbers.


Added a new report, called First/Last Transaction, that identifies when the first transaction and last transaction of the day occurred.

Service Pack 34 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Resolved an issue importing blank Sales data with the SICOM Importer.


Resolved an issue where multiple employees were being assigned to the same shift.


Resolved an issue with adding schedules due to large amounts of TLD

Service Pack 33 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Resolved an issue with Canadian Holiday Pay for employees who work in multiple stores and then work the Holiday in their non-primary store.


Updated the SICOM importer to import additional Cash information by Till.


Added School District to the Employee Roster report for Employees who have School Districts assigned.


Resolved an issue where meal breaks were not accounted for when calculating violations for Minors regarding maximum hours worked during a summer week.


Resolved an issue where meal breaks were not accounted for when calculating violations for Minors regarding maximum hours worked during a school day.


Resolved an issue where meal breaks were not accounted for when calculating violations for Minors regarding maximum hours worked during a summer day.


Resolved an issue where meal breaks were not accounted for when calculating violations for Minors regarding maximum hours worked during a non-school day.


Added new export format, named Tenders, for RTIconnect. This currently only works for stores with SICOM POS.


Updated information that is collected for the W4.


Updates performed to support the following Pennsylvania Child Labor Laws:

  • Violations will be calculated for employees ages 14-15 who work more than 18 hours in a school week, Monday-Sunday combined.

  • Violations will be calculated for employees ages 16-17 who work more than 28 hours in a school week, Monday-Sunday combined.

  • Violations will be calculated for employees ages 14-17 who work more than 8 hours on Saturday or 8 hours on Sunday during a school week, Monday-Sunday.


Resolved an issue on Brink DRI importing with duplicated special characters - such as apostrophe, percent, and asterisks - in Revenue Center names.


Updated eInvoices for Sygma to correctly calculate Catchweight items.

Service Pack 32 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Updated Web Reports to ensure proper display of Custom Reports.


Modified the Payroll export to increase performance.

Service Pack 31 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Resolved an issue with unassigned employees when calculating Nevada overtime on Custom Reports.


Updated the SICOM Importer to import DeliveryID as part of TLD.


Updated Till imports to correctly handle Paid In/Out items on split tills.


Resolved an issue when a Custom Report is assigned to a Report Macro button.


Updated payroll calculations to increase performance.


Added a new Employee Import format, called Workday, which has the ability to handle employee inactivation.


Added Order Guide format for Digistics.


Added eInvoice format for Digistics.


Added eOrder format for Digistics


Updated Custom Reports to correctly handle Hourly Sales and Projected Sales when using the "Current Local Time" setting.


Resolved an issue with inaccurate calculations on the Employees Approaching 40 Hours report.


Updated the X12 eOrder format to include a unique Group Control Number.


Updated the X12 Order Guide format to include the ability to distinguish file types without using the file extension.


Updated the Generic Transfer Export format to include a column for the SPCID.


Updated Brink and Brink Classic POS systems to import Refunds by Destination along with the Total Refund Amounts.

Service Pack 30 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Updated the Progressive PSI format to include POS Employee Name when Importing.


Added a new eInvoice format - Standard X12 EDI 850.


Added a new eOrder format – W2 Generic.


Added new time zones for Canadian stores.


Resolved an issue where PMIX could not be edited after being imported.


Updated Labor Laws to correctly handle breaks when calculating weekly hours.

Service Pack 29 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Updated the NY minimum wage value for future years.


Updated the date format for all date fields in the Employee export file.


Updated the SICOM Employee import to improve the employee import process.


Updated the Brink Importers to support the importing of Cash Back from the POS. Cash Back is the sum of all non-cash transactions where change was provided at the register.


Modified the Weekly Schedule to print the correct number of pages when various display options have been configured.


Updated the SICOM Importer to correctly handle ignored Departments during the Punch import.

Service Pack 28 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Updated the Brink importer to correct the calculation for Revenue Center DRI/Cash Items.

RCN-2123; RCN-2122; RCN-2120

Implemented additional Canadian provinces (Newfoundland, Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia) for Holiday Pay.

Service Pack 27 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Resolved a file formatting issue with the Export ReportingItems.TXT file that caused stores to not have data.


Expanded the Department PR External Reference field to support up to 50 characters.


Updated the Dashboard Notifications (Overtime and Excessive Overtime Hours) to correctly calculate hours for current day shifts.


Resolved an issue where an employee worked in multiple departments during the day and Overtime was being applied.


Resolved an issue in Transaction Level Detail data where transactions were being duplicated in some cases.


Updated the Posting Ledger and expanded the "Totals for all stores printed" field to correctly display values up to 99,999,999.99.

Service Pack 26 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


RTIconnect has added the functionality to import Modifier items for Encounter POS when importing transaction level detail data.


Resolved an issue where using specific Daypart/Close times could cause the Total Car Count on the Day Part Summary to calculate incorrectly.


Resolved an issue with importing Hourly Sales when using the new Brink importer.


Increased the max wait time when submitting an order. This should help Clients with reduced internet speeds have an easier time sending orders.


RTIconnect has added functionality to properly import punches from a terminated employee if enough information is available in RTIconnect to identify the employee.


Labor Laws updated to provide a 30-minute break for minors in LA if they work more than 300 minutes. Previously this was set to a required 20-minute meal break if they worked over 311 minutes.

Service Pack 25 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


RTIconnect supports pulling two new data fields when you import data from the Encounter POS: Adjusted Tax and Casino Comp.


Employee External Reference instead of Employee Number.


RTIconnect supports pulling the Non Reset-able Gross Sales field when you import data from the Encounter POS.


RTIconnect supports pulling the Net Non Food Sales field when you import data from the Encounter POS.


Brink now uses the Last Modified Time in the Brink API as the API Request Time.

Service Pack 24 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


RTIconnect features a new Schedules Export format that replaces job id with HR external reference.


The Fast Track – Use Alternate Queue Time Calculation option has been added to resolve an issue when Queue is not the first station in the sequence.


Bin charts that contain deleted inventory or menu items can be properly modified or deleted.


Raw Item Groups and Item Roll-Up no longer prevent users from exporting when using Food Variance Exporting.


The QBI Best Opportunity Variance Report uses standard cost when Reporting: Use Standard Cost for QBI Reports is enabled. Average cost is used when the option is disabled.


Intacct Generic Cash Export is now able to utilize wildcards (special characters) in file names.


Other Pay hours are added to PayChex and PayChex V2 payroll exporting formats via a new option, Export: Export Payroll – PayChex Export Other Pay Hours. Enabling this option allows other formats to properly export those hours.


Including dashes in an employee number no longer prevents Employee Importing from working.


Resolved an issue where an error occurs when importing Paid Out amounts greater than zero for the SICOM Point of Sale (POS).


Resolved an issue where the Estimated Payroll Export calculates the NY Spread of Hours at the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25 rather than the minimum rate of $12.75 for NY employees.


Importing an employee who was terminated in a SICOM POS no longer imports them with the incorrect Department.

Service Pack 23 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Labor Law Violations report now filters inactive and terminated employees that have an invalid school calendar. Inactive and terminated employees with other violations still appear on the report.


RTIconnect has added functionality to calculate holiday and stat pay for the Canadian Alberta providence.


RTIconnect features a new Cash report. The Cashier Summary report displays summarized cashier data by store.


RTIconnect features a new report: Reopened Checks. This report displays the Cashier, #Reopened, Total, and %reopened fields.


A new option allows for overtime to be calculated on the Labor Tracking report.


A new option allows for overtime to be calculated on the Schedule Summary report.


Auto generation of Employee External References are not updated correctly when employees are added using the Employee Import process.


Labor Laws updated to allow Minors in New York to work 8 hours on Fridays.


A new report called Cashier Summary Report has been added. The report allows users to view standard Cash/Till items by Cashier.


New York’s Minimum Wage updated to $12.75. This affects the Spread of Hours calculation.


Resolves an issue with the PAR Brink importer where punches import 5 hours off from their entered time.

Service Pack 22 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Daily Schedule Report no longer displays the incorrect total number of pages during print.


Improves how Daily Labor Variance and Sales, Cooking, and Labor reports calculate hours for shifts started after midnight.


RTIconnect has added functionality to calculate holiday and stat pay for the Canadian British Columbia providence.


RTIconnect has added functionality to calculate holiday and stat pay for the Canadian Quebec providence.


Canadian Clients now have the option to export Payroll without Vacation %.


Visual Schedule 1 Report for Daily Schedule is now replaced with the standard Daily Schedule Report for Visual Schedule 2. This change affects all clients.

Service Pack 21 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Visual Scheduler 1 is retired. Visual Scheduler 2 is now a required update for all clients.


RTIconnect no longer requires admin privileges.


The required .Net Framework is now version 4.7.2.


RTIconnect now uses Microsoft Report Viewer version 15.

Service Pack 20 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Implemented Canadian Holiday Pay for shifts occurring on a holiday in Ontario.


ADP export format now includes the Temp Dept column for Salaried Managers.


Updated eOrder process to better handle FTP.


The Till Flow to Deposits form now handles scenarios where an “x” button is used to close a screen instead of the Cancel button.


Improved timeout functionality to overcome connection issues with vendors.


Multi Unit Transfers are now possible when no Transfer Groups exist.


Improved Ontario Overtime calculation.


Files in the RTIconnect Cache folder are now removed after 30 days.


Improved how the SICOM Employee import handles modified records.

Service Pack 19 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Improved how Credit Card values are imported into the Brink Poller.


The Punch Recap Report now displays the correct time in the Time Column when total time is greater than 24 hours.


There is now an internal security task to prevent users from being able to rehire ineligible employees in RTIconnect.


There is now an option to allow the user to determine what check time is displayed when reporting Transaction Level Detail (TLD) data.


Updated Aloha importer to include additional Cash items.


Improved how the SICOM POS importer calculates tax in the TLD.


Canadian counties in each province/territory are now added to RTIconnect.


Improved how the SICOM POS importer handles Uber Eats values.


Focus POS Importer now imports the Tax Exempt Total Field and Count.


School District Calendars now account for all summer days.


Improved how Daily Schedule prints when Detailed Projections are turned on.


Improved performance of Security.


There is now the ability to exclude Charity Sales for the Brink Poller.


Improved how the FTP process in eOrders sends files.

Service Pack 18 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Updated the Nevada OT calculation.


Updated the Toast POS importer.


Updated the Mass Deactivation screen to correctly modify the Employee record.


Improved security for Transfers.


Passwords are no longer visible on the Vendor screen.


Improved data handling of Brink Poller for more optimal performance.


Passwords are no longer visible on the eInvoice and Order Guide Audit Logs.


Brink Poller is updated to handle taxable/non-taxable sales.


Connecticut OT calculation is updated to handle employees with no shifts but with other pay.


The Daily Schedule is updated to show Job Positions as intended.


The Employee Inactivity check now examines both Punches and Schedules to determine if an employee is inactive.


The Daily Schedule now prints all pages.


The Till Search screen now provides a prompt to the user if the record they selected no longer exists.

Service Pack 17 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


Brink Poller has been updated to be TLS 1.2 compatible.


Updated the SICOM V2 importer to include Transaction Level Detail Totals.


Updated the Punch Import process to include employee punches when an employee has been set to Inactive.


The Connecticut OT calculation has been updated to improve calculation time.

Service Pack 16 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Focus POS Importer no longer imports fully discounted items with a negative price.


W-4 is updated for 2018.


Improved Employee Search Filters so no issues occur on the Employees Screen when searching Active and Terminated employees.


Updated Connecticut Overtime (OT) calculation to include all employee data when determining the 7th consecutive day.


Updated the Focus POS Importer to display Paid Outs.


Weekly Schedule now displays shifts that are set as To Close on the schedule.


Printing a Custom Report for a Store Group that includes the Actual or Ideal Usage columns no longer results in an error.


Planned Hours are now updated on the Daily Schedule.


Improved how Transaction Level Detail Reports calculate totals.


I-9 Updated to print all settings as intended.


Making changes in Options no longer results in an error when OK is pressed.


There is now an Inactivity Check when adding or changing employee records.


Brink Importer now features a configurable timeout.


Updated the Inactive Employee check to improve how it handles employees who are Active and have never been on a schedule.

Service Pack 15 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements

RTIconnect is now fully integrated with speed of service solution, Drive-Thru Director.


The reCAPTCHA was updated on the MyJobToGo registration page.


The Employee Import Service now handles SFTP for integration with talentReef.


The Focus POS importer is updated to import Paid Ins/Paid Outs.

Service Pack 14 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements

RCN-501; RCN-668

Overtime calculations for Nevada are updated to address additional labor scenarios involved in 24 hour workdays.


The PAR Brink importer is updated to import additional refund items without tax included.

RCN-504; RCN-509

The MyJobToGo website is updated to direct users with questions to the appropriate resource. In addition, the MyJobToGo reCAPTCHA was updated.


Overtime calculations were added for Connecticut.

Service Pack 13 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Employee Termination screen is now titled Inactive Reasons. This new functionality allows for employees to be categorized as Inactive for a variety of reasons (maternity leave, sabbatical, etc.) rather than just terminated.


A new report—Inactivity Report—was added that displays any employees not included on the schedule for a pre-determined number of days and are therefore considered inactive. This report is available to print with the Report Macro.


The Employee Search screen is updated to include searches of Inactive Employees.


The Mass Employee Termination screen is updated to allow for employees to be labeled Inactive in addition to Terminated.


The Employee Export screen is updated with new options to allow Inactive Employees to be exported.


The Employee Maintenance screen is updated to label employees as Terminated or Inactive based on the selected Inactivity Reason.

B-04329, B-04327

The Employee Changes report and the Store Audit Log now include the ability to set employees to Inactive.


The following new Labor options were added for using the new employee termination functionality:

  • Termination Warning Enabled: This option must be enabled for the termination functionality to work.

  • Termination Warning (Schedules) and Termination Warning (Employees): These options enable the termination functionality on the Schedules and Termination forms.

  • Termination Warning Thresholds: This includes three levels of warnings with fields for the number of days before the warning displays. The final threshold is the Termination Stop Threshold that prevents users from adding a schedule or employee until the issue is resolved.

Additional Options:

  • New Internal Security options allow for the termination functionality to be overridden. The new option—Override Inactivity Check—was added to the Employees and Schedules sections.

  • A new Reporting option—Termination Program Link—was also added that, when enabled, links to the desired URL and displays on the new Inactivity Report.

When these new options are enabled, employees who have been inactive for a predetermined number of days will be included in the Inactivity Report.


A new eInvoice format—RTIStandardCSV—was created as the new standard eInvoice format.


A new order guide format—RTIStandard—was created as the new standard order guide format.


The eVendor service is updated to use secure FTP for increased security.

Service Pack 12 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


MyJobToGo is now updated to SICOM branding.


For overtime calculations, several scenarios involving 24-hour workdays are now accounted for—including the timing of the 24-hour workday when shifts cross midnight and when an employee has multiple shifts within a 24-hour workday.

B-04163, B-04087

The new Visual Scheduler is updated to display quarter hour and half hour projections on the Projections line and the Daily Schedule report.

This is controlled by a new Reporting option—Daily Schedule – Display Projection Detail—that includes 3 settings: Qtr Hour, Half Hour, and Hour.

The selected setting will display when the cursor hovers over the Projections line in the Visual Scheduler. The current default is Hour. To change this option, contact SICOM support.


A new eOrder interface was added for Pocono Pro Foods, allowing users to place eOrders with the food distributor.


eOrders can now be submitted via secure FTP for increased security. This new option—SFTP—is available in the eOrdering tab on the Vendor setup screen. To enable this option, contact SICOM support.

B-04090, B-04091, B-04089

eInvoices can now be received via secure FTP for increased security.


Employee importing issues are now recorded in the store Audit Log rather than displayed as an error while importing. If the pop-up message is still desired, this is now available via a new Importing option—Employee Importing – Display Exceptions. To enable this option, please contact SICOM support.

Service Pack 11 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The I-9 form is now updated. This includes the consolidation of lines 2 and 3 in List C on page 3 into one line item. In addition, the text at the bottom of page 3 and the Revision Date on the form are also updated.


Overtime calculations for Nevada are now updated to qualify hourly employees who work more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period. Any time over 8 hours will be considered overtime.


The Brink POS importer now imports the following items: Tax Exempt Sales, Deletes & Voids & Clears (cash and tills), GC Sold/Activated/Add Value, Till Total CC Values, Till tender Type, and Till GC redeemed.

B-03825, B-03826

RTIconnect and the RTIconnect mobile app are now updated to SICOM branding.

Service Pack 10 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Detailed Hours Calculation report now includes a new identifier for minors. An asterisk (*) now appears next to the names of any minors listed on the report.


On the Employee Maintenance screen, a confirmation message now displays when any employee information is saved for employees with changes to the Departments and Pay tab.


A new Import Parameter was added for all POS imports—Import Prior Day (No Punches). When selected, punches will not be imported for the prior day to avoid having punches overwritten.


A new option was added—Import Adjusted Punches via DataTrain.

When enabled, adjusted punches will be imported and override previous punches.

When disabled, adjusted punches will not be imported and punches will remain as previously imported.

To enable this option, please contact Client Services.


The Order Guide service now excludes all restricted items and Merge Success notifications from the Order Guide service log.

Service Pack 9 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements

B-03534, B-03562

In accordance with state paid break requirements, two new fields were added to the Labor Parameters tab on the Store Setup screen.

The first field—Paid Minutes During Break—is for the number of minutes during a break that the employee will be paid. For stores in California, the amount must be at least 10 minutes (the state requirement), but an amount greater than 10 can also be entered.

The second field—Unpaid Break Threshold—is for the threshold that, when exceeded, the time is no longer considered a break and the employee will not be paid for a break, even in states that require a minimum.

B-03569, B-03626

A new option—Enforce State Minimum Paid Break—was added under the Payroll tab. When enabled, this option requires stores to comply with any minimum paid break requirements in their state. By default, the value is set to 10 for California and 0 for other states.


The new paid break parameters on the Labor Parameters tab on the Store Setup screen are applied to all labor reports affected by the new parameters.


The Best Opportunity report is updated to print by store group. This report requires that Inventory Items have a beginning and ending inventory count in order to line up with all variance reports.


The interface for Posting to General Ledger now allows for store groups to be selected rather than only individual stores. If multiple store groups or stores are selected, the data will be combined and posted in one file.


In the Store Setup screen, the State field is now a required field and will now need to be entered for any stores in RTIconnect.


A new custom report format—Calculated Percent—was added to address scenarios when a percent of column did not have sales for last year and the percent value in the total sum would be incorrect.

In this new format, each percent is calculated from the column rather than the percent values, producing a more accurate method of calculating percentages.

Service Pack 8 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The columns on the GL Accounts tab on the Till/Cash/Daily Reporting Items Cross Reference screen now dynamically resize for increased visibility of the entire contents of the column.


When adding new Batch Items, the Concept will be automatically selected if there is only one concept in the list.


eOrdering now includes the ability to use the percentage in the FTP URL for sending to different folders based on the vendor’s store number.

B-03343, B-03344

A new vendor format was added for Southeastern Foods to include the order delivery schedule and order status files.

Service Pack 7 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Transaction Level Detail screen now contains a new filter—Minimum Discount Amount.

When selected, all discount entries below the minimum amount are filtered out. For example, enter $6.00 to see all discounts above that amount for quickly locating specific levels of discounts.

B-03023, B-03025

On the Daily Labor Variance Summary and Daypart and Peak Labor reports, the Standard Hours row is updated to display ideal hours, and is now labeled “Guide (Ideal).” This row also now displays both Service and Non-Service hours.


The Intacctv1 Cash Sheet export format is now labeled Intacct and updated to be more compatible for all Intacct users.


The FasFax WC Importer now imports online sales on the Cash Sheet.


The SICOM importer is updated to import Payroll ID into the External Reference field for employees. The updated Importing option—SICOM – Import into External Reference—now contains a drop-down box for selecting either Timecard, SSN, or Payroll ID.


For importing changes to existing employee information, two new Importing options were added—Prevent External Reference Override on Import and Prevent Time Card Override on Import.

When enabled, these options prevent the appropriate fields from being overridden during the employee import process, allowing users to enter custom numbers in the employee External Reference and Time Card fields and avoid having the numbers affected upon import.

B-02972, B-02971

A new report—Store Status—was added. This report lists any store status changes during the report timeframe and provides an easy way to see the status of all stores.

Service Pack 6 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Employee Turnover report includes a new column—TO%— that displays the percentage of employee turnover for each department on the report.


The Daily Schedule now includes the day of the week in the header next to the date for easy reference.

B-02741, B-02780

A new option in Reporting—Combo Item Sales After Totals—was added. When this option is enabled along with the Exclude Combo Item Sales from PMix Totals option, a new section is created in all Sales Analysis and Menu Analysis reports.

This new section—Combo Item Sales—groups combo items into a separate section after the totals. All menu items with the Special POS Combo Item option turned on will appear in this new section. To enable this option, please contact RTI Client Services.


The eInvoice interface with MBM Food Service is updated with the ability to list tax items as separate for any items with a tax. This is controlled by an option in Purchases—eInvoices – MBM – Summarize taxes—and is on by default. To turn the option off and list the tax items separately, please contact RTI Client Services.

B-02749, B-02771

The SICOM importer is updated to import tills even if the Paid In/Out does not have a date assigned to it.

B-02657, B-02778

The Hourly Data Report is now included in Report Manager and Web Reports for increased accessibility.


Two amounts in Credit Cards and Cash Sheets are expanded to allow for maximum amounts of $99,999.99 for credit card amounts and 9,999 for credit card counts.

Service Pack 5 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The email attachments sent via Automated Reporting now include the date range in the file name to identify reports easily. The reports also include additions in the file name to allow for the same report with different time frames. For example, reports that include current day information now include a “C” at the end of the file name.


The Employee Turnover report now allows users to run the report for store groups.


The Estimated Pay report is updated with the new minimum wage rates for New York state.


A new option—Restrict Punch Change—was added to restrict the ability to modify punches by department.

If this option is enabled and the security task—Allow Restricted Punch Change—is off, users will not be able to edit punches for that specific department. To enable these options, please contact RTI Client Services.


The Employee Setup screen is updated to alert the user when the default department field is left blank.


A new option—Import Only New Employee—was added to the Labor tab to only import new employees from command line or employee import services.


The PFG eOrder format is updated to include the UOM in the order file.

B-02494, B-02532

The HME Drive Thru Timer interface now supports Y-Lane configuration. This allows for multiple Station IDs to be linked to a single Station on the SOS Cross Reference form for the HME Timer.

B-02561, B-02567, B-02569, D-01323, B-02568

The SICOM importer now includes the following updates for importing employees:

  • Active employees with termination dates of 0000-00-00 are now included in the import.

  • Partial addresses are now allowed unless the Require Employee Addresses option is enabled.

  • Employees with termination dates greater than 60 days are no longer imported.

  • Fields that may contain Social Security numbers can now be masked on the import verification screen. This includes the Employee ID/Number, External Reference, and Timecard Number. This is controlled by new options and the number of visible characters can also be

  • Employees with the same Social Security number will not be imported since it cannot be determined which employee has the correct Social Security number.


In POS Importing, a new option—All – Import Only New Employees—was added to the Importing tab to only import new employees from POS systems that support importing employees.


A new version of the I-9 form was added. The new form is valid until August 31, 2019.

Service Pack 4 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Approaching 40 Hours option was moved from Options to Departments and renamed Approaching Overtime Threshold so the value can now be customized by department.


A new report—Excessive Overtime Hours—was added that displays any employees who worked more than 40 hours + the value set in a new Departments field—Excessive Overtime Threshold.

For example, if the threshold value is set to 5, the report will display all employees in that department working 45+ hours a week. The default is set to 0 for all departments. To use these new overtime features, please contact RTI Client Services.


A new option was added under Labor—Employee SSN Required. When enabled, the employee’s Social Security number is required on the Employee screen. To enable, please contact RTI Client Services.

B-02361, B-01798

The following security options were added for the Employee Setup screen:

  • Cannot Terminate Employee: If enabled, managers cannot remove the employee, even if the employee’s primary store is the same as the manager’s.

  • Cannot Terminate Employee From Non-Primary Store: If enabled, managers cannot remove an employee from a non-primary store. If the manager’s store is the same as the employee’s primary store, the employee can be removed.

To enable these options, please contact RTI Client Services.


A new notification was added that follows the same parameters as the Excessive Overtime Hours report.


The Labor Variance report now accounts for when Projections are made for a day the restaurant is closed, and the Projection for that day is changed to 0 after the schedule is created. The report previously included Ideal Hours for the closed day.

B-01751, B-01752, B-01750, B-01839

A new interface was created for PFG Gemini, which allows users to receive eInvoices, order guides, and place eOrders with the food distributor.


The Stores tab in the POS Setup screen for SICOM now includes a checkbox to allow users to choose if they want Paid Ins/Paid Outs to import to Tills.

B-01734, B-01735, B-01855, B-01737, E-01114

The SICOM importer now imports Paid Ins/Paid Outs and can flow to Tills. It also now imports Deposits and includes new functionality for importing employees.


The Department POS Cross Reference setup menu option was changed to Departments/Termination Cross Reference. In addition, the Stores tab was moved to the right.


The Departments/Termination Cross Reference screen now includes a new tab for cross referencing termination codes imported from SICOM.


The Till/Cash Daily Reporting Cross Reference screen now includes a new tab for cross referencing imported Paid Ins/Paid Outs with RTIconnect GL accounts.

Service Pack 3 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements


The Daily Schedule report is updated for improved readability and to reflect the appearance of the new Visual Scheduler.


The Aloha POS importer now imports Goods and Services State Tax.


The Daily Labor Variance Summary report is updated with a new format for improved readability.

Service Pack 2 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements

B-01243, B-01244

The Store Setup screen now allows for times to be entered directly on the Day Parts grid rather than selected in the drop down list.

Times can be entered in shorthand as well, such as (1p) for 1:00 p.m. or (22) for 10:00 p.m.


A new Sales Labor format was created for greater flexibility in viewing current sales and labor information.

Service Pack 1 | RTIconnect

Improvements and Enhancements

TD-25004, TD-25174

A new report—Invoice Register Trend—was added. This new report provides a summary of the Invoice Register report that allows for drill-through to Invoices, Transfers, and Paid Outs.

The report can be generated across time frames for stores or store groups.

TD-25337, TD-25339, TD-25336, TD-25335, TD-25338

The new Visual Scheduler allows for multiple job positions to be assigned to an employee in a single shift. As a result, the Daily Schedule and Weekly Schedule displayed employees with multiple job positions as having separate shifts, even if the shifts were back-to-back.

The Daily and Weekly Schedule now display this as one shift and the Daily Schedule also includes the job positions. If the employee truly has multiple shifts in one day, the shifts are now grouped together on both the Daily Schedule and Weekly Schedule.


On the Custom Crew Labor Calculation report, the “Crew Serve Drinks” column is now titled “Drinks.”

TD-25305, TD-25304, TD-25453, TD-24454

The Invoice Register report includes the following updates:

  • A new section to display Paid Outs. This section is controlled by a new option on the Food tab—Show Paid Outs on Invoice Register. To enable the option, please contact RTI Client Services.

  • When the option above is enabled, two fields will appear on the Paid Out Accounts Setup screen: Show on Invoice Register and Inventory Posting Account. These new fields determine whether or not Paid Outs from specific accounts will show on the Invoice Register report.

  • When the Show Date Entered option is enabled, the report uses the Date Entered field from Purchases as the criteria for showing Invoices in the Purchases section of the report.

  • The report can drill-through to Invoices, Transfers, and Paid Outs.

  • A new section that allows for Invoices from selected vendors to display separately from other invoices. This is controlled by a new option in the Vendor screen—Show in Special Invoice Register Section.


Summary Groups for the Invoice Register report can now be added in a new screen. Then they can be selected in a drop-down menu on the Inventory Posting Accounts screen for easy addition to the Invoice Register report.

TD-24100, B-01362

Purchases includes the following updates:

  • A new field titled Date Entered. This field captures the date a purchase was entered in the system since this date can be different from the actual invoice date.

  • The Date Entered field is controlled by a new option—Show Date Entered. When the option is enabled, the new field will display in Purchases and this information is used for invoices included in the Invoice Register report.

  • A new option was added on the Purchases tab—Date Entered – Lockdown Grace Days—that allows users to make changes to the Date Entered field.

  • A new security option was added—Override Date Entered Lockdown—that allows users to override the lockdown for the new Date Entered field.