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Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Reports

The Xenial Reports Dashboard provides a summary of the following sales information:

  • Net Sales

  • Order Count

  • Average Check

  • Post-Payment Voids

  • Refunds

  • Discounts

  • Guest Count

  • Guest Average

  • Graphical displays of Net Sales and the previous sales average are provided for the following:

    • By Date

    • By Hour

    • By Destination

    • By Day Part

Select Sites and Date

To select sites and date for the Xenial Reports Dashboard:

  1. From the upper-left of the Reporting homepage, select Sites.

  2. From the Site Selector, select the sites.

  3. From the upper-left of the Reporting screen, select the Calendar icon to select a date.

  4. From the right of the Calendar icon, select Submit.

Export Dashboard

From the upper-right of the Reporting homepage, select PDF or CSV to export the Xenial Reports Dashboard to a PDF or CSV file. The exported file is downloaded automatically.