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Cashier Reporting

Use the Cashier Reporting utility to generate cash accounting reports for a specific cashier or for all cashiers from selected stores. Choose the items to include on the report, such as Gross Sales, Discounts, Paid Outs, and Manager Voids. For each item, define an optional currency amount threshold.

Cashier Reporting Form Overview

Cashier Reporting - Instructions

Step by step instructions for Cashier Reporting are provided here:

Search Cashier Reporting

Cash Cashier Reporting

To search Cashier Reporting:

  1. From the Stores / Dates field in the upper-left, select the stores and/or store groups.

  2. From the Custom field at the bottom, select the calendar icon to choose a date range for the search.

  3. From the calendar popup, define the date range, and then select Apply.

    It is also possible to select Period / Week, Today, or Yesterday as the search date or date range.

View Cashier Reporting

Cash Cashier Reporting

To view Cashier Reporting:

  1. Search for the store cashier list using the techniques outlined in Search Cashier Reporting.

  2. Select the desired cashier options:



    All Cashiers

    Toggle Yes to generate a report for all cashiers associated with the specified store.

    Toggle No to generate a report for a specific cashier.

    If multiple stores or a store group are selected, then this toggle is automatically set to Yes and cannot be changed.


    From the dropdown, select the cashier for the report.

    This dropdown is only available when All Cashiers is toggled to No.

  3. From the Description column, select the items to include on the report.

  4. (Optional) In the Threshold field, type a currency amount threshold for the corresponding cash item.

  5. From the upper-right of the screen, select View to generate and view the report.