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View Suite Catering Report

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Reports SUITE CATERING

To view a Suite Catering report:

  1. Navigate to the Xenial Cloud Portal Reports area.

  2. In the menu on the left, select SUITE CATERING.

  3. From the SUITE CATERING menu, select a report.

  4. In the report editor, use the provided fields to define filtering criteria.

    The filtering criteria determine which information is displayed in reports. Different reports have different fields, as shown in the table below, in alphabetical order.





    Suite Order Summary and Account Invoice reports



    Except for the Notes and Questions report

    The Calendar field shows the time range of data collection. This field auto-populates based on the order dates of selected events. It sets the start time to the earliest order date and the end time to the latest order date among these events. If only one order exists for the selected events, the Calendar field will only show the start time. In the absence of any orders for selected events, the Calendar field remains blank.

    Due Date Range

    Account Invoice report

    When selecting Unnamed ranges, the report displays invoices with their Due Date Range set to None.


    All reports

    Production, Notes and Questions, and Suite Payment reports support one event only, whereas Account Invoice, Suite Order Summary, Suite Tip, and Suite Item Sales reports support multiple events.

    Invoice State

    Account Invoice report



    Suite Order Summary report


    Order State

    Suite Order Summary report


    Payment Method

    Account Invoice report

    When choosing the payment method 'Credit Card,' invoices with payment methods containing 'credit' or 'card' in their names will be picked out. Additionally, other payment methods for these invoices will also appear under the 'Payments' field in the report.


    Suite Order Summary report

    The Question dropdown provides two options: Show and None. Show indicates that questions are displayed on the Suite Order Summary Detail page, and None indicates that questions are not displayed on that page.

    Sales Type

    Production and Suite Item Sales reports



    Suite Order Summary and Account Invoice reports


    Suite Attendant

    Suite Tip report


  5. Select Submit.

    • If the Calendar field is empty, the Submit button will be disabled.

  6. View the report in the area on the right of the report editor.