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The Portal Chef Tools Gear Configuration Advanced


The Chef Tools Gear is found in the lower-right of the Chef screen.

The options in the Tools Menu include: Overview, Build Cards, and Configuration.

The Advanced tab is used to manage the connectivity of any number of devices at a site.

Field Name


Serial Device Count

The number of serial devices that the Chef controls


The physical port on the Chef for connecting devices


Instructs Chef how to communicate with a connected device. The current available protocols are:

  • ICC Black Box

  • CastNet (the protocol used for serial Prince Castle brand PHUs)


Connected devices control up to 3 warmers to prepare a specific type of product (burgers, speciality, etc.)


The brand name of the POS vendor sending sales information to Chef


The LAN IP address of the POS database that retrieves sales information


Saves the current configuration settings

Force Bar Update

This feature is reserved for future use

Updating PHU Firmware


The manufacturer, model, and hardware version of the PHU is required in order to update the firmware.

  1. Locate one of the USB ports on the bottom of the Chef unit.

  2. Plug in a USB device to the port.

  3. In the respective fields, type the make and model of the PHU.

  4. The latest firmware version of the PHU downloads to the USB.

Configuring the USB to Update PHU Firmware


Previous data on the USB drive will be erased during this process.

  1. In one of the USB ports on the bottom of the Chef unit, plug in a USB drive

  2. In the lower right corner of the screen, select the tool menu, then select Configuration utilities

  3. Select the Advanced tab

  4. In the PHU firmware section, select the button labeled Create PHU Firmware update on USB device

  5. In the pop-up window, select from a list of available PHU firmware updates for to following:

    • Manufacturer

    • Model

    • Hardware version

    • Firmware type

    • Path of your USB drive


    A error displays if there was no USB drive inserted or the USB drive was not detected. If this happens, plug in a USB and press the reload button.

  6. In the lower right of the screen, select the Start button

  7. Acknowledge the confirmation, select Yes to continue

  8. Wait for the firmware to update

  9. Acknowledge completion and remove USB

  10. The USB drive is now ready to update the PHU