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Edit Payment Record

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Suite Catering Orders Order List

Only edit invoice payments without invoice numbers and credit card payments in the Awaiting Tip state, and edit one at a time.

To edit a payment record:

  1. Navigate to the Suite Catering Orders area.

  2. Select the order in one of the following ways:

    • Directly from the Orders List, or

    • From the menu on the left, select Payments.

  3. From the Payments List, select the checkbox of one invoice payment record or one awaiting tip credit card payment record.

  4. From the Actions dropdown in the upper-left area of the Payments List, select Edit.

    • The Edit option is hidden if multiple payment records are selected or when the order has been fully paid.

  5. On the Edit Payment popup, edit the amount, tip, or notes of the payment.

  6. In the lower-right corner of the Edit Payment popup, select Capture.

    • Alternatively, in the lower-left corner of the Edit Payment popup, select Cancel to revoke the edition.