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Reporting Settings

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Data Management Reporting Report Options

The following describes how to configure the Xenial Reports menu bar and define options for individual reports.

Configure the Reports Menu Bar

Use the Report Options editor to configure how report categories and the individual reports are sorted on the menu bar of the Reports module.

To configure the Reports menu bar:

  1. From the Report Menu Layout screen, select and drag the square to the left of the category names to sort them in the desired sequence.

  2. To sort the individual reports within a category:

    • To the left of the report category name, select the arrow to view the report list.

    • To the left of the report names, select and drag the control to sort the reports in the desired sequence.

Define Report Options

Use the Report Options editor to define options and date/period specifications for each report in the Xenial Reports module.

To define options for a report:

  1. From the Report Menu Layout field, locate the report category that contains the report.

  2. To the left of the report category name, select the arrow to view the report list.

  3. From the report list, select the report.

  4. In the Options section, define the following:



    Custom Navigation Title

    Type a custom navigation title for the report.

    Custom Report Title

    Type a custom title for the report.

    Execute Automatically

    Set the toggle to Yes to automatically execute the report when selected using the specifications defined in the Date/Period section below.

    Report Category

    From the dropdown, select the category for the report.

    The report is assigned to the selected category on the Report Menu Layout screen and the Reports menu bar.

  5. In the Date/Period section, define the specifications to apply when the report is executed automatically:



    Calendar Type

    From the dropdown, select the calendar type.

    Default Date

    From the dropdown, select the date option.

  6. In the Product Tags section, select Add Tags to filter the products included on the report by their respective tag.

  7. In the Report Layout section, define the layout of the report.

    • Select and drag the control to the left of the section names to sort the report sections in the desired sequence.

    • Set the Enabled toggle to Yes include the respective section on the report.

    • To edit a section, select the vertical blue ellipsis, and then select Edit from the dropdown. From the Edit window, edit the section name, enable/disable the section, and hide/show sales totals in the report section (where applicable).

  8. In the Report Views section, define additional parameters for custom views of the report and identify the employee roles that may access them.

  9. Select Save.


The following sections are not available for all reports:

  • Product Tags

  • Report Layout

  • Report Views