About Us

Xenial (pronounced zee/nee/ul) comes from the ancient Greek word for hospitality, and our namesake drives our obsession to power your enterprise's hospitality success. You want your enterprise to provide great customer experiences and become a loved brand. All the technology stuff? That's our bread and butter.

Xenial is a single technology platform that offers enterprise-ready restaurant and food service management solutions, customer engagement tools, and global reach.

We're innovative, but we're not new. When smart phone tech and cloud computing came on the scene, we took our 30+ years of industry experience and came up with new technology solutions for your enterprise. Our platform is powered by the cloud, friendly technologies, and intuitive design. Reliability, innovation and experienced know-how for your enterpriseā€¦ that's Xenial.

Xenial is the powerhouse combination of Xpient, SICOM, Nextep Technologies, and RTI, supported by our parent company, Global Payments (NYSE: GPN). Over 51,000 restaurants and 110,000 merchants worldwide choose our plug-and-play technology solutions to help deliver positive customer experiences. With Xenial, you can focus on providing good food, great service, and growing your business every day - we'll take the technology off your plate.