Turbocharge kitchen efficiency, supersize profits.

Integrated kitchen efficiency systems streamline prep and avoid waste.

More than a visual display system, Xenial Kitchen Management is your ‘secret sauce’ for a smoothly functioning kitchen. Benefits include:

  • Reduce training time and labor costs.
  • Ensure order accuracy at high volumes.
  • Reduce mistakes while minimizing supervision.
  • Optimize kitchen operations for any volume.
  • Give customers fast, accurate food service at all times.

Restaurants that use Xenial Kitchen Management

Know How Much to Cook, and When.

Avoid food waste, fly through your next crunch time, and delight your guests. Xenial Chef turns your kitchen crew into a profit powerhouse.

Like an orchestra conductor, Xenial Chef tells your kitchen crew how to meet current demand—based on historical sales data, product on hand and what’s selling now.

Key Benefits:
  • Prepare the right quantities for current demand and be ready for anticipated sales volume.
  • Streamline labor in the kitchen.
  • Improve quality; Chef monitors your connected holding pans, broilers and fryers.
  • Increase speed of service.

Enterprise-ready Features:
  • Works with standard kitchen timing bar equipment.
  • Remote configuration and back office control of every store.
  • Set up menus, day parts and equipment by store.
  • Remote reporting.
  • Works with Xenial Encounter POS.

Restaurants that use Xenial Chef


POS Software

Serve guests and manage the business. Our cloud POS is as intuitive as it is powerful.

Online, Mobile Ordering & Delivery Integration

Supercharge sales by offering multiple ways to order. With Xenial, it’s all integrated.

Back Office with Enterprise Reporting

Run a more profitable restaurant.

Wow your drive-thru customers.

Supercharge sales, speed up service, and boost accuracy with Xenial drive-thru solutions.