Dutch Bros Coffee expands nationwide, boosting efficiency and drive-thru speed with Xenial Cloud POS.

Discover how Xenial helped the 400+ location chain streamline service, reporting, and operations, while keeping guests at the center of its mission.

"Xenial POS really enables us to move lines quicker..."

- Brendon Gilbert, Systems Architect,
  Dutch Bros Coffee

Golden Corral franchise increases cash flow generation by 45 to 50%, with drive-thru service times 60 seconds faster than many QSRs.

Discover the company’s unprecedented approach to expanding off-premises service, while preparing for the future.

"Xenial’s responsiveness speaks volumes about their service-first mindset and execution."

- Billy Sewell, President, Platinum Corral,
  a Golden Corral Franchisee

Fast-growing multi-unit Wendy’s franchisee boosts profits, relying on Xenial Back Office.

Find out how accurate data and systematic reinforcement of best practices keep everyone on track to bigger profits.

"Xenial Back Office is the singular powerful tool that empowers our managers, their crews, and their stores to perform at their best."

- Wendy’s Franchise Owner Glen Brandeburg, President,
  Stonewall Road Restaurant Group

Multi-unit franchisee lowers food cost and improves inventory control by consolidating on Xenial Back Office.

Discover how accurate, detailed insights led to better food cost control and Xenial’s superior high-touch implementation team provided ‘white glove’ rollout.

"Xenial Back Office provides very accurate data, which helps us cut down on our food costs."

- Manual Granger,
  Operations Coordinator/ IT Manager / Maintenance Supervisor,
  Premier Kings, Inc.

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