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Every day your enterprise business climbs to growing success; uphill and facing challenges. You need a technology partner helping you provide great experiences, lift your brand and generate more profits every single day. Xenial is the cloud growth platform for enterprise businesses in restaurant and food service, front-of-house, middle-of-house, back-of-house and beyond-the-house. Xenial is the customer engagement platform for businesses in restaurant, food service, retail, parking and automotive services.

As a full-service, global provider of solutions for food ordering, digital menus, drive-thru management, kitchen management, inventory, labor and scheduling, analytics, reporting, gift cards, loyalty programs, email campaigns, customer intelligence and social reputation management- Xenial technologies power 19 of the QSR top 40 brands across 62 countries in over 51,000 physical stores.

Extensive solutions, global reach, exceptional support. Xenial.

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