Truly No-touch Payments:
Sanitary, Secure, Fast

Other “contactless” payment solutions really aren’t. The guest still must dip or swipe their payment card, and tap, touch, or sign.

Xenial Touchless Payments are different.

Xenial Touchless Payments: The Smartphone-easy way to pay:

Scan a QR code at the point of order

Access check details via mobile website

Pay using Apple Pay, Google Wallet, gift card, or by entering card number

The order is marked as ‘paid’ in the POS

Restaurants that use Xenial Touchless Payments:

Payments Solution that Your Guests and Crew Will Love

Two-way integration

with multiple POS solutions.

Safer for everyone:

Guests, crew, managers.

Payment processor provider agnostic:

We won’t lock you in.

Unified gateway to multiple processors:

Save on fees.

Add payments to the mix

and it’s a full meal deal. We offer optional full-service payments solutions through our parent company Global Payments.


Everything you need to serve guests and manage the business-with the simplicity of the cloud.


Serve up great experiences with a side of peace of mind.

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