Increase Check Size and Speed of Service

Kiosks invite menu browsing, so guests order more. Self-order avoids long lines and streamlines service for a low-stress guest experience.

Key Xenial kiosk features

  • Sleek, modern touchscreen hardware that’s both good looking and hard working: self-standing, wall or counter mount, portrait or landscape.
  • An engaging, easy-to-use ordering interface, customized for your brand and menu. Leading enterprise brands rely on our 30+ years of user interface design experience.
  • A range of options and peripherals such as Printer, Scanner, PIN Pad/Payment Device, Camera, and WiFi.

Deploy kiosks in the way that makes sense for your brand. Xenial offers

  • Hardware (indoor and outdoor kiosks)
  • Software

Using different vendors? Our Software Development Kit can enable your kiosks and POS to share data.

Restaurants that use Xenial Kiosk:


POS Software

Serve guests and manage the business. Our cloud POS is as intuitive as it is powerful.

Online, Mobile Ordering & Delivery Integration

Supercharge sales by offering multiple ways to order. With Xenial, it’s all integrated.

Why Kiosks

Discover self-order kiosk trends and tips from leading restaurant brands.

Avoid waste and save even more on food costs.

Xenial Chef turns your crew into profit heroes