Excite Their Senses, Boost Your Sales.

Digital Menu Boards are shown to influence guest choices and sales.

Leading enterprise brands trust Xenial Menu Boards at more than 64,000 locations worldwide.

Indoor Digital Menu Board key benefits include:

  • Passively upsell and steer guests to profitable menu items: 42% of guests are influenced by digital menu boards.
  • Boost check size: guests influenced by DMBs spend 20% more per order!
  • Avoid printing and expedited shipping costs: One of our customers saved more than $1 Million!

Reasons to love Xenial DMBs:

  • Integrated with POS and easy to manage: control all your menu boards from one intuitive interface.
  • Rapid return on investment: 9 to 12 months is typical.
  • Low cost: Xenial DMBs have the lowest 5-year total cost of ownership on the market.
  • Sizes and orientations to suit your locations and your budget.
  • Flexible: can be used for pre-sell, menu, order confirmation, and order status.

Restaurants that use Xenial Indoor Digital Menu Boards

“We selected Xenial based on its past successes partnering with well-known brands including Biscuitville, Bojangles and Taco Bell.”

- Billy Sewell, President of Platinum Corral, a multi-unit Golden Corral franchisee


Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

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Online, Mobile Ordering & Delivery Integration

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