Case Study: Multi-location Franchisee Consolidates on a Single Modern Back Office Solution for Better Food and Inventory Cost Control

Premier Kings chose Xenial Back Office for its ease of use, accuracy of data, and responsiveness of the implementation team.

Premier Kings, Inc. owns and operates close to 200 franchise locations from the Burger King and Popeyes brands. The company sought a back office solution that would suit its needs better than its existing back office solution. The company chose Xenial Back Office (formerly RTIconnect), rolling it out to all of its 166 Burger King locations and 23 Popeyes restaurants. Ease of use, accuracy of data, and responsiveness of the implementation team are the top reasons that Premier Kings and its management team like working with Xenial Back Office and the Xenial team. Key benefits include: 

  • Accurate, detailed insights lead to better food cost control
  • Managers gain actionable insights from high-level summary reports that provide one-click access to detail
  • Superior high-touch implementation team provided ‘white-glove’ rollout planning and support

Detailed Reporting

“The reports are detailed and easy to read,” says Manual Granger, Operations Coordinator/IT Manager/Maintenance Supervisor, Premier Kings, Inc. “A robust amount of reports allow us to drill down on the numbers we are looking for.”

Lower Food Costs, Accurate Inventory Costs

“Xenial Back Office provides very accurate data, which helps us cut down on our food costs,” says Granger. “Another plus is having correct inventory cost."

Ease of Use

“We’re very happy we made the change,” says Granger. “Xenial Back Office is simple to use. We no longer have to continuously map the prices of inventory items.”

High-Touch, Responsive Implementation Team

“Overall, we have been very pleased with Xenial Back Office and the support provided to us throughout the process,” says Granger.

Company Overview

Premier Kings owns and operates almost 200 restaurants from well-known enterprise QSR brands Burger King and Popeyes.

Ready to Start Running More Profitable Restaurants?

Xenial Back Office (formerly RTIconnect) helps enterprise restaurants cut the fat out of food and labor costs,  unleash up-to-the-minute insights, and supersize profits. Bottom line? Restaurants that run Xenial Back Office run better.

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