More than POS, Xenial is a complete, connected cloud platform for enterprise restaurants.

We’ve transformed POS into a downloadable, cloud-powered app that can run on lots of different hardware. The perfect combo of flexibility, simplicity, and enterprise control for one low monthly fee.

Raise your expectations of what a POS can be.

Xenial Cloud POS gives you unlimited devices, unlimited channels, and unbridled success. Here are just a few key features:
  • Counter, drive-thru, line-busting, curbside, delivery, and more: your choice of channels in one connected platform.
  • Hardware and OS agnostic: Windows, iOS, Android.
  • Ensure order accuracy at high volumes thanks to a modern interface and off-the-charts ease of use.
  • Easy to learn; quick download and set-up; automatic zero-touch updates.

Restaurants that use Xenial POS

When your technology transformation needs to be a journey rather than a jump, our ‘Cloud brains’ approach means we can help you migrate a little or a lot of the systems you rely on, whenever it makes sense for you.

Xenial Encounter POS

Powering some of the biggest international QSR brands, Xenial Encounter offers cloud-hybrid ordering software bundled with powerful, fast, rugged, and reliable hardware. It is sold as a hardware and software bundle with a SaaS option.
  • Built for speed: fast ordering, fast manager functions
  • Global roll-out support proven in thousands of locations
  • Omnichannel and future-ready, thanks to open API and software architecture
  • Rugged, for years of reliable use in harsh quick service environments
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Sold as a hardware and software bundle with a SaaS option, Xenial IRIS delivers conversational ordering ease of use, helping thousands of Quick Serve and Fast Casual locations raise the bar on accuracy and speed of service.
  • Unprecedented ease of use; we pioneered conversational ordering with IRIS
  • Fully customizable for your brand’s menu
  • Sleek yet rugged touch screen terminals look great and stand up to heavy use
  • Omnichannel integrations for today; future-ready for tomorrow
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POS Hardware

Choose from options are as versatile as your menu: Portable tablets, rugged terminals, your choice of operating systems.

Xenial Omnichannel

Purpose-built for restaurants and designed to fit your budget and needs. See Xenial Online Ordering.

Kiosk Hardware

Increase self-order speed, accuracy, and check size.

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