Managed Services

Xenial Managed Services takes care of the headaches of vetting and dealing with multiple vendors.

Choosing services that provide the highest level of quality for the best price and making sure that they all integrate together for a seamless customer experience can seem like a fulltime job. Oh, wait–it is.

Xenial has already vetted providers to ensure that you’ll get quality products and services and negotiated for the lowest possible pricing. You can choose the services that fit your needs and our team will integrate them with your business.

Whether you have your own design agency or are looking for full-scale design services, Xenial can produce cards, carriers or any other creative packaging to create brand awareness opportunities.

Once produced, Xenial will set up a fulfilment and delivery service for your materials. You can set a threshold for auto-replenishment or set up a schedule for regular delivery. We will work with you to ensure that your locations always have the inventory they need.

Our omni-channel distribution approach allows you to increase your brand exposure by thousands of locations and millions of consumers.
Plus, you don’t have to use Xenial customer engagement solutions to take advantage of our managed services. We work well with others.

Choose services to fit your business needs

Card, carrier and packaging design and production

Auto or scheduled fulfillment and delivery options

Omni-channel distribution to expand your reach

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