Gift and Stored Value

How do you manage a gifting program to both gain new customers and extend your reach to existing customers?

Xenial Gift and Stored Value allows you to attract both new and existing customers.

Gift cards are given for a variety of reasons – birthdays, holidays, thank you – which are all opportunities that your brand is being shared with potential new customers or serving as a reminder to your existing customers

For frequent customer transactions, consider a Stored Value wallet. Stored Value lets customers load value, spend and repeat. You save money on payment processing and have a deeper and more loyal relationship with your customer.

Xenial provides options for a complete gifting program to allow your customers to engage with you the way they want. Customers who want to break from plastic can send and receive virtual cards and store them on their phones. Some of your customers still want to have something physical to send and receive or use in-store.

Xenial is a full-service provider with partnerships with preferred card production companies offering printing, inventory management and fulfillment services that meet our high standards for price, quality and service. This allows us to cater to your specific needs.

Offer a comprehensive gifting program.

In-store, online, mobile and third-party distribution options

Detailed reporting for program management

Omni-channel distribution to expand your reach

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