Customer Intelligence

How much do you really know about your customers? You know that your customers expect that you understand them and their wants, but how do you get that information?

Directly asking who they are, where they live, if they have kids and their spending habits may cause undesirable reactions, and may even lose you a customer.

Xenial Customer Intelligence provides actionable insights into your customers to better target campaigns and messaging... without the awkward questions.

Customer Intelligence uses credit card data to show the amount that an average customer spends on businesses like yours and not only determines how much of that is spent at your business, but how much they’re spending at your competitor.

You can target marketing efforts with socio-economic demographics, such as gender, age, income, children, and education. Customer Intelligence takes this data to highlight interests and spending motivation for the largest segments of your customer base. Reach provides postal code mapping so you can target campaigns or use that data for determining a location for expansion.

Market smarter with targeted customer insights.

Socio-economic demographics for better messaging

Postal codes for physical marketing

Share-of-wallet for comparison

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