How is my business doing compared to my competitors? You know that if you had access to information about competitor performance, you’d be able to make smarter decisions for your business.

Getting that data can be challenging though, right? Your sales team may provide some competitive information, but you’re not sure of the source or recency. You may purchase online reports, but is the data specific to your industry or area?

Xenial Benchmark offers a better way to get competitor information.

Benchmark employs customer transaction data within your industry to analyze your performance against your competitors. Using credit card data, it shows how you stack up against competitors local to your business community on a monthly basis. But, sometimes it’s not only about this month, which is why Benchmark offers trend indicators and six-month views, so you can see how you’re performing over time.

How your competitors are doing right now never has to be a question again with Benchmark. Understanding how your business is performing against your competitors gives you the power to make business decisions with confidence.

Now there’s a way to accurately compare your business to competitors.

This month’s data vs long-term trends

Data specific to your industry and location

Actual credit card data that you can trust

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