Infographic: Touchless Payments

Touchless payments offer a way to reassure guests and give them ordering and payment options they feel safe with.

August 20, 2020
Infographic: Creating a Socially Safe Restaurant Experience

How can brands address guest and government concerns related to personal space and contact with surfaces, while offering experiences that are as normal and familiar as possible?

July 09, 2020
Leading Restaurant Brands Continue to Benefit from Cutting-edge AI and Automation

Modern technologies continue to enable modern experiences and improve profits for enterprise restaurant chains.

February 19, 2020
How to Keep the Human Touch in Your Restaurant Amid Technology Transformation

Gaining technology doesn’t have to mean losing your brand’s personal touch.

January 08, 2020
A Strategy for Migrating to Cloud POS for Enterprise Restaurants

Discover proven tactics from our in-house expert based on Xenial helping enterprise restaurant brands transition to the cloud.

December 04, 2019
Economics of Cloud for Restaurants

The economics of the cloud are such that real value is possible.

November 21, 2019