Seeing is Believing: Your Guide to Leveraging Video on Digital Displays

Eating is a sensory-rich experience, and digital menu boards help engage the senses. When it comes to balancing static and video content, what’s the right mix?

April 07, 2021
3 Ways Restaurant Digital Menu Boards Are Better Than Static Menu Boards

With the transition to digital menu boards within many leading quick service and fast casual brands, the industry is reaching a turning point for mass adoption.

March 29, 2021
Change Series: The Important and Evolving Role of Digital Menu Boards

With quick-service guest experiences changing so rapidly, technology plays an increasingly important role. Check out our perspectives on the evolving role of digital signage.

March 22, 2021
Multi-Unit Golden Corral Franchise Boosts Sales Powered by Digital Menu Boards

In the midst of unprecedented challenges for dine-in restaurants worldwide prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Golden Corral Buffet + Grill franchise Platinum Corral has a new lease on success.

September 30, 2020