Xenial RTI Back Office

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510.55 | Xenial RTI Back Office

Implementation Date: December 10, 2021

Common Functions

  • Context-sensitive help provides instructions for each field on a form and helpful things to know.

Time Card Entries

  • Updated naming convention from “Punch Processing” to “Time Card Entries”.

  • Time Card Entries is now available in the new cloud-based user interface. Manage Time Punches, Other Pay and Tips.

  • Updated security options to provide more flexibility around locking down edits to Time Card Entries.

510.50 | Xenial RTI Back Office

Implementation Date: July 19, 2021

Welcome to the inaugural release of the NEW Xenial RTI Back Office!

Common Functions

  • Streamlined with new, improved, cloud-based user interface

  • Updated menus and task lists

Food Module

  • Revamped Inventory Counts functionality, including validation and parameters

  • Improvements to Purchases interface, including flexible approval capabilities, as well as sales tax and shipping field inventory items

  • Improvements to Orders interface, including vendor item information, Calculate Orders, and Order Guides

  • Projections Search improvements


  • Improved Report Types list and reporting drill-through functionality