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Suite Item Sales Report Details

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Reports SUITE CATERING Suite Item Sales

The Suite Item Sales Report displays:

List Header


Product ID

ID of the product

Item Name

Name of the product

Minor Category

Minor category of the product


Quantity of the product

Data source: Online Ordering (XOO)

Item Price

Price of the product


Discount of the product

Inc Tax

A tax amount that is already included in the total price of a product

Exc Tax

A tax amount that is not included in the listed price of a product

Net Total

Total price of products, excluding discount and tax

Gross Total

Total price of products – Discount + Tax


Suite Item Sales Report:

  • Presents bundles, their child bundles, and items together at the same level.

  • Exclusively includes data related to Closed orders.

  • Includes associated items.

  • Hides the Suite, Account, Major Category, and Sales GL Accounts columns by default.

  • Displays the quantities of refund items as negative.