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Order States

Xenial Suite Catering order states are as follows:

Order State



  • Edit orders—order state changes from Committed to Open.

  • Committed orders are pushed to POS—if order contains a refund, review refunded items on POS.

  • Orders with an order state of Closed cannot change to an order state of Committed.


  • Only orders with a balance of 0 can be closed.

  • Closed orders can be selected and closed again.

  • If an order that is closed has unpaid invoices, invoice records will be generated and displayed 4-Dot MenuSuite CateringInvoiceUnpaid InvoiceUnpaid Invoice List.

  • After an order is closed, Order Receipt and Invoice Receipt emails will not be sent. If you want to send Order Receipt and Invoice Receipt emails, select closed orders and then use the Actions dropdown to select Send Order Receipt Email.