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Duplicate Order

Xenial Cloud Portal 4-Dot Menu Suite Catering Orders Order List

To copy an order:

  1. Navigate to the Suite Catering Orders area.

  2. From the Order Number column, directly select the order.

    • Alternatively, select the checkbox next to each order, if selecting multiple orders.

  3. From the Actions dropdown, select Duplicate.

    • The Duplicate option is hidden when selecting multiple orders.

    • Orders that have no ADO items cannot be copied.

    • If the selected order contains invalid items, an error message is displayed, indicating that there are invalid items and asking you whether to continue. If you select Yes, the selected order is copied but invalid items are removed from the order; if you select Cancel, the Duplicate Order popup is closed.

  4. From the Duplicate Order popup, use the Account, Authorized User, Suite Class, Suite, and Event dropdowns to select the desired account, authorized user, suite class, suite, and event.

    • If selecting a temporary guest account, complete the First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone (Business), Phone (Home) and Phone (Mobile) fields.

  5. From the lower-right of the Duplicate Order popup, select Confirm to save the settings.

    • Alternatively, from the lower-left of the Duplicate Order popup, select Cancel to abandon the settings.

    • For details about which information will be duplicated and which will not, see Duplicated Order Information.

    • If an order has been created for the selected account, suite, and event, the Order Already Exists popup appears. In the popup, select Cancel, Edit Existing Order, or Create New Order based on site conditions.