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Workflows is a tool that guides site managers through a list of tasks that are required to close a site and finalize business day operations.

The system administrator defines the following items for a workflow:

  • The tasks included in a workflow.

  • The sequence in which the tasks are listed.

To open and complete the tasks in a workflow:

  1. From the upper-left of the screen, select the hamburger icon hamburger_menu_icon.

  2. From the System Navigation menu, select Functions.

  3. From the Workflows column of the Functions screen, select Close Business Date.

    • If the Workflows column is not visible, scroll horizontally to the right.

  4. From the Close Business Date screen, perform the listed tasks.

    • Once a task is complete, the next task opens automatically.

    • If no action is required for a given task, the task is automatically skipped.

    The following describes each task:




    All drawers and cash pulls that have not been added to a deposit are listed.

    From the Action column, select View to view details about a listed item.

    From the upper-right, select Add Deposit to add the items to a deposit.


    All open and uncounted drawers are listed. Select a drawer from this list to close and count the drawer.

    From the Action column, select Close to close the respective drawer.

    From the Action column, select Count to count the respective drawer.

    Employee Shifts

    Review the employee shift information. All employee shifts are listed with the respective employee name, clock in/out time, and total break duration.

    To remove all employees from the list who are clocked out, enable the Hide Clocked Out Employees toggle.

    If the employee shift information is accurate, select Reviewed and Agreed.


    All orders that meet the conditions and filters defined for the specified order lane.


    All terminals are listed with their respective status and business date.

    To close the business date, all terminals must be online and have a valid business date. Any terminals with issues that need addressed are identified.


    • From the lower-right of the Close Business Date screen, select Skip Step to skip the current task.

    • From the task list on the left, select Edit to resume the respective task.

  5. From the lower-left of the Close Business Date screen, select Finish Process to complete the workflow.

    The application displays a prompt if any problems still exist with the tasks in the workflow. To close the business date without resolving the listed problems, select Force Close from this prompt.