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Product Tax Group

To create a product tax group:

  1. From the Xenial Cloud Portal, select Data Management.

  2. From the Ordering Settings menu, select Taxes.

  3. From the Taxes menu, select Product Tax Groups.

  4. From the Tax Group List homepage, select New Tax Group.

  5. From the General section, define general settings about the tax group.

  6. From the Tax Rates section, view the tax rates associated with the product tax group.

  7. From the upper-right of the screen, select Save.


From the General section of the Product Tax Groups editor, define general settings for a tax group:




Type a name for the tax group.

Tax Code

Type a code for the tax group.


Select the checkbox if the tax group is available for use at the site(s).

Tax Rates

From the Tax Rates section of the Product Tax Groups editor, view the list of associated tax rates.


To associate tax groups with tax rates, see Tax Groups.