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Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Products Product List

From the Appearance page of the Product List editor, configure the appearance of the product on the Ordering application menus, including:

Menu Display Options

Define a menu caption for a product that order takers can easily understand and fits the constraints of minimum button sizes.

  1. From the Appearance page, locate the Menu Display Options section.

  2. In the Menu Caption field, type the menu caption for the product.

    • This caption is displayed on the product’s menu button on the Ordering application.

    • If this field is left blank, the formal name defined for the product is displayed on the menu button.

Product Images

To select a product image to display on the Ordering application menu:

  1. From the Appearance page, locate the Product Images section.

  2. From the left of Image Type, select the square.

    • The listed image types are created with the Image Sets editor.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. In the Description field, type a name or description of the image.

  5. From the Image Source field, select the source of the image:




    Specify the network or Internet URL for the image.

    In the Address field, type the URL for the image file.

    Upload Image

    Upload an image to the cloud.

    Select Choose File to locate and select the image file.

    The product image is displayed in the Preview section. Select the image to zoom in.


    Xenial is not responsible for any copyright violations.

  6. From the lower-right, select Done.