View Terminal Status at Xenial Sites

Xenial Portal Sites

To view the online/offline status of one or more terminals at a Xenial site:

  1. From the Sites homepage, locate the site.

  2. Reference the Status column, which indicates the online/offline status of the terminals at the site. The Status column contains one of the following indicators:



    red terminal indicator signifies errors

    Some site terminals have errors. The total number of errors is displayed.

    green, online and error-free terminal indicator

    No site terminals have errors and at least one terminal is online.

    grey offline terminal indicator

    All site terminals are offline.

  3. Select the status text to view additional details about the terminals. A popup window displays a list of expandable items for each terminal at the site.

  4. Select the arrow to the left of a terminal to view additional status details.



    Terminal Time Status

    Displays an error when the time on the terminal is incorrect (compared with Amazon NTP server).

    Business Date Status

    Displays the expected business date (based on the EOD time and the One Day Ahead Of System Date setting for the site). The status indicates if the current business date on the terminal corresponds to the expected business date.

    The One Day Ahead of System Date setting is defined in the General section of the Company and Site Preferences editors in Data Management.

    Time Zone Status

    Indicates if the time zone on the terminal corresponds to the time zone set up for the site.


    • Additional details are not available for terminals with an Offline status.

    • If a terminal is offline AND it is deleted from Data Management, "Pending deletion" is displayed beneath the terminal name.

    • If a terminal is offline AND it is unmapped from the site, "Pending removal" is displayed beneath the terminal name.