Site Preferences

Use the Site Preferences editor to define unique Ordering application settings for specific sites. The settings defined for specific sites override the default company settings.

To define site-specific settings:

  1. From the Xenial Portal, select Data Management.

  2. From the Ordering Settings menu, select Settings.

  3. Select Preferences.

  4. Select Edit site preferences.

  5. From the Site Selector, select the site(s) to update, and then select Select Sites. Select up to 500 sites for this operation.

  6. In each section of the editor, set the settings for the selected sites.

  7. To apply the updated settings to the sites, select Apply.


To define default application settings for the company, please see Company Preferences.

Revert to Default Ordering Application Settings

Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Settings Preferences Edit site preferences

To revert the Ordering application settings that are defined for selected sites back to the default company settings:

  1. Select Use Company Defaults.

  2. When prompted to confirm the operation, select OK.

Define Payment Settings

Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Settings Preferences Set company defaults

To define payment settings:

  1. Open the Payments section.

  2. In the Max SAF Amount field, type the maximum currency amount allowed for Store and Forward (SAF) offline transaction processing.

  3. Signature Capture Threshold - This setting has been deprecated for POS version 2.1 and higher.

    • Signature Capture Threshold Amount

  4. In the Max SAF Transactions field, type the maximum number of pending Store and Forward (SAF) offline transactions to allow at a time.