Create a Gift Card Service Provider

To create a gift card service provider:

  1. From the Xenial Portal, select Data Management.

  2. From the Ordering Settings menu, select Settings.

  3. Select Gift Provider Profiles.

  4. Select New Gift Service.

  5. From the Provider dropdown on the General page, select the gift card service provider.

  6. Define the settings for the selected provider. The following table describes the settings. Some settings may not be applicable to the selected provider.



    Profile Name

    Type a name to identify the service provider profile.


    Type the backend URL for the service provider.

    This URL is used to validate a BIN range.

    Backup URL

    Type the backup backend URL for the service provider.

    Merchant ID

    Type the merchant ID of the service provider.

    Store Code

    Type the merchant store code of the service provider.

    The store code must be unique for each site in the company.


    Set the Active toggle to Active if the service provider is available for use at the site.


    Type the username used to access the processor services.


    Type the password used to access the processor services.

    Wallet Code

    Type the wallet code for gift card transactions.

Define BIN Ranges for a Gift Card Service Provider

Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Settings Gift Provider Profiles

A bank identification number (BIN) is the first 4-6 numbers of a credit card account number. The BIN identifies the bank that issued the card. The BIN ranges are used to determine the validity of a credit card and to honor specific attributes.

To define BIN ranges for the gift card service provider:

  1. Select the BIN Ranges page of the gift card service provider record.

  2. Select +Add BIN Range and complete the following fields. Press Tab on the keyboard to advance to the next field.

    • Range Start - Type the smallest number in the BIN range. The first BIN range must start with 0 (zero).

    • Range End - Type the largest number in the BIN range.

    • Length - Type the number of digits that define a valid card number.

    • PIN - Use the Yes/No toggle to indicate if the BIN range requires a PIN.

  3. Repeat step 2 to add additional BIN ranges, if necessary.

  4. Select and drag the control to the left of the listed BIN ranges to sort them from highest to lowest priority.


See also Define Liability Item Settings for additional gift card configuration settings.