Define Tax Settings

Xenial Portal Data Management Ordering Settings Settings Preferences Set company defaults

To define default tax setting values for the company:

  1. Open the Tax section.

  2. Open the Rounding Method section.

  3. From the Rounding Method dropdown, select the desired value.

    • Up - Round up tax values to the specified number of decimal places.

    • Down - Round down tax values to the specified number of decimal places.

    • Nearest - Round tax values to the nearest whole number.

  4. To add collective rounding tax groups, select Add.

  5. From the Select Tax Rates for Collective Rounding window, select the tax rates to include in the tax group.

    • Select the tax rate from the Available column.

    • Select the right arrow to move the selected tax rate to the Included column.

    • Select the double-right arrow to move ALL tax rates to the Included column.

    • Select the left arrow to move a selected tax rate back to the Available column.

    • Select the double left-arrow to move ALL tax rates back to the Available column.

  6. Open the Print Options section.

  7. Enable the Print Tax Detail toggle to print the name of each tax rate that is applied to an order on a separate line on the customer receipt. This feature only applies to "Fixed Rate" taxes. "Fixed Amount" taxes are not affected.

    • Enable the Include Tax Rate toggle to print the applied tax rate next to the tax rate name.

  8. Enable the Print Tax Message toggle to print a message on customer receipts about the taxes applied to an order.

    • In the Tax Message field, type the message.


  • The number of decimal places to use is defined using the Money Precision field on the General section of the Company Preferences editor.

  • The tax rates available on the Select Tax Rates for Collective Rounding window are defined using the Tax Rates editor.

  • For more information, see About Tax Rates for Collective Rounding.

About Tax Rates for Collective Rounding

The following provides an example of order item tax rates that are rounded collectively with other tax rates.

Consider four tax rates (6.25%, 2.75%, 1.25%, and 0.25%) where the first rate (6.25%) is configured to round independently, while the other three are rounded collectively. If an item priced at $1.99 is added to an order, the tax rates are calculated as follows:

Tax Rate


Unrounded Total

Rounded Tax


6.25% (0.0625) x $1.99



Tax Rate


Unrounded Total

Unrounded Sum

Rounded Tax (Down)

Rounded Tax (Up)


2.75% (0.0275) x $1.99






1.25% (0.0125) x $1.99






0.25% (0.0025) x $1.99