Menu List Settings

The following describes the settings in the Menu List section of the Kitchen Screens editor. These settings are related to the Advanced Functions menu of the kitchen screen.



Adv. Functions

Enable the Advanced Functions menu, which includes:

  • Reassign Station - Assign the kitchen station to another employee.

  • Refresh Configuration - Update the application with the latest Data Management configuration changes.

Recall Last

Include the Recall Last function, which recalls the last order bumped from the screen.

Recall Screen

Include the Recall Screen function, which displays a list of recalled orders.


Include the Recipes function, which enables the kitchen staff to view the recipes of order items

Font Display Size

Enable the kitchen staff to configure the font size of kitchen tickets.

When enabled, a Font Display Size option is available from the Expanded Functionality Menu of the kitchen screen.

Forecaster Pane

Include the option to open the Production Forecast Pane.

About the Production Forecast Pane

In store environments where products must be prepped ahead of customer demand, the kitchen staff can view production forecast data, eliminating the need to print and post reports from other systems.

The production forecast data (or build-to numbers) informs the kitchen staff how much of each product needs to be prepared for a specific period of time in order to meet the forecasted customer demand.

Scheme Change

Include the Scheme Change function, which is used to change the current kitchen scheme.


Include the option to open the Notifications menu.

About the Notifications Menu

The Notifications menu contains event messages generated by XKM or delivered to XKM from an external system, such as the Ordering application.

The notifications alert the kitchen staff of events or situations that require their attention, such as "Printer is offline" or "Large group arrived".

Ingredients Pane

Include the option to open the Ingredient Summary Pane.

About the Ingredient Summary Pane

The Ingredient Summary Pane displays aggregated quantities of order item ingredients. The kitchen staff can refer to the Ingredient Summary Pane to quickly determine the order item ingredients to prepare in order to fulfill the orders routed to their station.

The ingredient quantities are automatically updated as orders are bumped and new orders are added.