Footer Field Settings

The following describes the settings in the Footer Fields section of the Kitchen Screen Settings editor.



Show Item Count

Display the total number of order items.

Show Pickup Date

Display the date/time or day part when the customer will pick up their order.

When enabled, the Countdown Timer toggle appears. Enable this toggle to display a countdown timer that indicates the amount of time (MM:SS) that is left until the order's defined Pickup Time.

The countdown timer enables the kitchen staff to determine at a glance how much time they have to prepare the order.


See also Order Warning After in the Basic Configuration section of the Kitchen Screens editor.

Reference Original Order

Display a visual indicator for orders that were combined or split at the Ordering application.

The indicator includes the original order number.


See also the following related settings in the Display section of the General Kitchen Settings editor:

  • Display Combined Orders Method

  • Display Split Orders Method

Show Order Total

Display the order total (dollar amount due).