Create a Kitchen Station

To create a kitchen station:

Xenial Portal Data Management Kitchen Settings

  1. Select Kitchen Stations.

  2. Select the site to set up, then choose Select (if applicable).

  3. Select Create Kitchen Station.

  4. Define the settings for the kitchen station. See Kitchen Station Settings.

Kitchen Station Settings

The following describes the Kitchen Station editor settings.



Station Name

Type a name for the kitchen station.

Kitchen Screen(s)

In the Kitchen Screen(s) section, select the kitchen screen(s) to display at the kitchen station.

Configure a fullscreen or split screen kitchen station. A split screen displays one screen (feed) in the top half of the screen and another screen (feed) in the bottom half.



Enable Split Screen

Select this option to configure a split screen.

  • From the Top dropdown menu, select the screen (feed) to display in the top half of the display.

  • From the Bottom dropdown menu, select the screen (feed) to display in the bottom half of the display.

Full Screen

From the dropdown menu, select the screen (feed) to display at this fullscreen station.

Add Kitchen Screen

Add a new kitchen screen to the dropdown menus.

  • In the Name field, type a name for the kitchen screen.

  • From the Screen Type dropdown menu, select the type of screen you are adding: Basic or Order Ready.


  • An Order Ready display is positioned in the customer waiting area enabling the customer to see the status of their order. See Create an Order Ready Display for more information.

  • Kitchen screens (feeds) are configured using the Kitchen Screen Settings editor. See Define Kitchen Screen Settings for more information.