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Site Hierarchies

Xenial Cloud Portal Settings and Tools Site Hierarchies

Use Site Hierarchies to define a hierarchical relationship between sites in the company and facilitate Sites management. User permissions to view reports and edit site settings are based on the respective level of the site in the hierarchy.

Create a Site Hierarchy

Site hierarchies are available for selection from the Hierarchy dropdown on the Sites list and the Site Selector, which are used with Data Management editors.

To create a site hierarchy:

  1. From the Site Hierarchies homepage, select Create Hierarchy.

  2. In the Hierarchy Name field, type a name for the hierarchy.

  3. Follow these steps to add a level to the hierarchy:

    • Select Add Level.

    • In the Level Name field, type a name for the hierarchy level.

    • From the Parent dropdown, select the parent level. To add the level to the top of the hierarchy, select None.

    • Select Save.

  4. Follow these steps to add sites to the hierarchy level:

    • To the right of the hierarchy level name, select the vertical ellipsis

    • From the dropdown, select Manually Add Sites

    • From the Site Selector window, select the sites to add to the hierarchy level. Only sites not already assigned to a hierarchy level are listed.

    • Select Select [#] Sites.

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 to add additional hierarchy levels.

  6. Once the site hierarchy is complete, select Save.


Select and drag hierarchy levels to reorganize the hierarchy as needed.