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Manage Site Hierarchies

The Portal [Product Tab] Admin Options Manage Site Hierarchies

Use Manage Hierarchies to define how sites are sorted in respect to each other when comparing and ranking site statistics, such as speed of service times.


Any adjustments to site hierarchies also affect the hierarchy structure for Menu Maintenance and Digital Menu Boards.

To add a new hierarchy group:

  1. From the preferred browser, navigate to The Portal.

  2. From the product tabs listed across the top of the page, select the appropriate product.

  3. From the menu list on the left, select Admin Options.

  4. From the options listed in the center of the page, select Manage Hierarchies.

  5. Select + Add Sub-group.

  6. In the New Group Name field, type a name for the group.

  7. Select Add Group.

To add a site to the hierarchy group:

  1. Select + Add Restaurant.

  2. From the Choose a Restaurant dropdown, select the site.

  3. Select Add.

  4. Once each site is assigned to the appropriate hierarchy group, select Save Changes.

To preview a hierarchy group:

  1. Above the Manage Restaurant Hierarchy heading, select Try it!.

  2. Use the + and - buttons to expand and collapse groups to confirm proper site assignment.

  3. Select Try it! again to close the preview window.

  4. Select Back to return to the main menu.