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Reports provides reports in various categories. Generate reports on-demand or on a defined schedule.

Generate Report

Nextep Portal Reports

To generate a report:

  1. From the Navigate dropdown, select Reports.

  2. From the report list, select the report.

  3. From the pane on the right, select the Parameters tab.

  4. Define the following:



    Start Date

    First date of date range to include on the report.

    Start Time

    Start of time range to include on the report.

    End Time

    End of time range to include on the report.

    Revenue Center

    From the dropdown, select the applicable revenue center.


    Select this option to include detailed information on the report.

    If this option is not selected, summarized information is provided on the report.

  5. Select the desired option:

    • Run Once - Generate the report one time immediately. Save and/or print the generated report from the web browser.

    • Schedule - Schedule a time to generate the report.

    • Email - Email the report to specified recipients.